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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1IsabelleLacosteOne of Gamache's most experienced officers.
 ArmandGamacheThe Chief Inspector. Protagonist.
 MyrnaLandersA bookstore owner. Clara's best friend.
 Sarah Friend and neighbor.
 Billy WilliamsArmand's neighbor.
 Jean-GuyBeauvoirOne of Gamache's officers. Armand's son-in-law.
 AbigailRobinsonA professor and statistician. Aka: Abby.
 Reine MarieGamacheArmand's wife.
 DebbieSchneider.Abby's assistant.
2RuthZardoGamache's friend. A poet.
 EricViauThe building's caretaker.
 Florence Armand's granddaughter.
 Zora Armand's granddaughter.
 DanielGamacheArmand's son.
 Henri The Gamache's dog.
 ClaraMorrowThe artist. Myrna's best friend.
 Rosa Ruth's duck.
 AnnieBeauvoirArmand's daughter. Jean-Guy's wife.
 Idola Annie's daughter.
 JulianOf NorwichGamache's favorite author.
3Fred One of Gamache's dogs.
 StephenHorowitzGamache's godfather.
 Gloria Gamache's horse.
 Gracie One of Gamache's dogs.
4ColleteRobergeThe chancellor. Gamache's friend.
 Jean-PaulRobergeCollette's husband.
7EdouardTardifA gunman.
8Olivier Gamache's neighbor and friend. A bistro owner.
 Gabri Olivier's co-owner.
 HaniyaDaoudA human rights advocate.
9HonoreBeauvoirJean-Guy and Annie's son.
 RoslynGamacheDaniel's wife. Florence and Zora's mother.
11OttoPascalThe school's President.
14PaulRobinsonAbby's father.
15MaitreLacombeTardif's lawyer.
16MarcGilbertGamache's friend. A spa owner.
 Mr.BeliveauThe grocer.
 DominiqueGilbertMarc's brother.
 VincentGilbertA doctor. Marc and Dominique's father. Aka: The Asshole Saint.
20SharonHarrisThe head of the crime laboratory unit.
22JacquesBrodeurThe boy who found the dead body.
23Wolsey The cardinal.
24Honore (2) GamacheArmand's father.
 Zora (2)GamacheArmand's grandmother.
25AlphonseTardifEdouard's brother.
 SusanHortonReine's client.
 EnidHortonSusan's mother.
26JamesHortonSusan's brother.
 Maria Abby's sister. Deceased.
29MaryHague-YearlThe head of Osler library.
30WilliamOslerThe library owner.
 SimonTardifEdouard's son.
 FeliciteTardifEdouard's daughter.
31EwenCameronThe President of the American Psychiatric Association.
 RudolfHessA Nazi member.
33PeterMorrowClara's husband.
37KathleenRobinsonAbby's mother.
38BarryFilmoreA police sergeant.
39Henry DavidThoreauAn American naturalist.
40TylerVigenCollete's alias.
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