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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  New York City 1919
 LillianCarterAn artists' model. aka: Lilly.
 WalterWatkinsLillian's landlord.
 EileenWatkinsWalter's wife.
 Angelica Lillian Parker's stage name.
 Mr.RossiAn artist.
 Kitty Lillian's mother.
 Lukeman An artist.
 IdaStrausA titanic victim.
 IsidorStrausIda's husband. a Titanic victim.
 Mrs.BrownWatkin's neighbor.
2  New York City 1966
 VeronicaWeberA fashion model.
 BarnabyStoneA photographer.
 Polly Veronica's twin sister.
 Trish Veronica's mother.
 Thomas R.PynchonAmerican novelist noted for his dense and complex novels.
 FlanneryO'ConnorAmerican novelist, short story writer.
 Tangerine One of the models.
 Sabrina Veronica's agent.
 Steve One of the PAs.
 Gigi One of the models.
 Donny Veronica's uncle.
 ArturoVidalChilean professional footballer.
 JoshuaLawrenceAn archivist for the Frick's collection.
 Henry ClayFrickA steel magnate who love art.
 Helen Henry Frick's daughter.
 AdelaideFrickHenry Frick's wife.
3  1919
 IsidoreKontiAn artist.
 MabelNormandAmerican silent film actress, screenwriter, director, and producer.
 James M.FlaggAmerican artist, comics artist and illustrator.
 CharlieChaplinEnglish comic actor and filmmaker.
 AlanBroderickA film producer.
 MaryPickfordCanadian-American stage and screen actress and producer.
 LillianGishAmerican actress, director, and screenwriter.
 Mrs.AstorOne who belongs to a wealthy families.
 SherryFryAn artist.
4Pierre-AugusteRenoirFrench painter and sculptor.
 MissWinnieMiss Helen's mother's private secretary.
 Fudgie Miss Helen's dog.
 Jean-HonoréFragonardFrench painter and printmaker.
 Louis XV King of France from 1 September 1715 until his death in 1774.
 J. P.MorganA global leader in financial services.
 DanielFarthingtonA sculptor.
 Kearns The butler.
 ArcherGrahamAn organist.
6  1919
 Bertha Miss Helen's lady's maid.
 JaneAustenEnglish novelist.
 VictorHugoFrench poet, novelist, politic and dramatist.
 GeorgeEliotEnglish novelist, essayist, poet and journalist.
 Edgar AllanPoeAmerican writer and literary critic.
 ThomasHastingsAmerican architect.
 MarieAntoinetteLast Queen of France prior to the French Revolution.
 ChildsFrickMiss Helen's older brother.
 Dixie Childs' wife.
 George F.HandelGerman, later British Baroque composer.
7J. M. W.TurnerEnglish painter and draftsman.
 JohannesVermeerDutch artist.
 PaoloVeroneseItalian painter of the Renaissance.
 RichardDanforthMiss Helen's suitor.
 DouglasFairbanksAmerican actor, screenwriter, director, and producer.
 MarthaFrickMiss Helen's older sister.
 Anthonyvan DyckFlemish Baroque artist.
 Gertrude V.WhitneyA wel-known patron of the arts and skilled artist.
 KarlBitterA sculptor.
8  1966
 GeorgeWashingtonFounding Father who served as the 1st president of the U.S.
 Tommy A securiy guard.
 ThomasMoreEnglish statesman, lawyer and philosopher.
 St. Jerome A Christian priest, confessor, theologian, and historian.
 ThomasCromwellEnglish statesman and chief minister to King Henry VIII.
9  1919
 Johann S.BachGerman composer.
 Charlie One of Miss Helen's dog.
 Cyranode BergeracFrench novelist and dramatist.
 EdgarDegasFrench artist famous for his pastel drawings and oil paintings.
 PabloPicassoSpanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, and theatre designer.
10ThomasGainsboroughEnglish portrait and landscape painter draughtsman, and printmaker.
 JohnHoppnerBritish painter.
 SergeiRachmaninoffRussian composer, pianist, and conductor.
11  1966
 GeorgeRomneyEnglish painter.
 Dame EmmaHamiltonEnglish maid, model, dancer, actress. Known as Lady Hamilton.
 AmyLyonsAustralian media personality and influencer active in China.
 HoratioNelsonBritish Royal Navy Admiral. Known as Lors Nelson.
 Rembrandt Dutch painter and printmaker.
 JoshuaJohnsonAmerican journalist.
 Vincentvan GoghDutch post-impressionist painter.
12  1919
 Wrigley Miss Helen's puppy.
 Roddy Bertha's boyfriend.
 Charles B.LearA professional baseball pitcher. Known as King Lear.
14  1966
 BillTraylorAfrican American artist and sharecropper.
 JohnCharlesWelsh association football player.
 JamesJoyceIrish novelist and poet.
16ThomasLawrenceEnglish portrait painter and second pres. of the Royal Academy.
 Dr.PartridgeMr. Frick's physician.
 DomenikosTheotokópoulosGreek artist, painter, sculptor and architect. Known as El Greco.
 ÉdouardManetFrench painter.
 Mr.SmithMr. Frick's lawyer.
17  1966
 Sam A security guard.
18  1919
 Mr.DeWittA private detective.
19RobertWittMiss Helen's acquaintance.
 TizianoVecelliItalian painter of the Renaissance. Known as Titian.
 SandroBotticelliItalian painter.
21Anna Archer and Lillian's daughter.
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