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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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Pro   Chip Carter   Gaines   An entrepreneur. Co-owner of Magnolia Homes.
    Joanna   Gaines   Chip's wife and co-owner Magnolia Homes. aka: Jo/JoJo.
    Katie   Neff   Works for television production company.
    Molly       Jo's friend.
    Patrick   Jager   Production company's development head.
1   John       Chip's roommate. Former business partner. aka: Hot John.
    Dan   Rather   American journalist.
    Mary Kay       Jo's youngest sister. aka: Mikey.
    Sarah       One of Mikey's roommates.
    Katiegh       One of Mikey's roommates.
    Melesio       Chip's best friend.
2   Eric       Chip's friend.
    Ricky       A lawyer. Uncle of his college friend.
    James       Homeless guy in Waco.
    Billy   holder   A Jeweller.
3   Shiner       Chip's dog.
    David (1)       Mikey's husband.
    J. B.       Chip's grandfather.
4   Maebelle       Owner of property Chip wants to buy.
6   Byron   Weathersbee   Chip's friend and one of his mentors.
    Carla       Byron's wife.
    Whiner       One of the Gaines's dogs.
    Maggie       One of the Gaines's dogs.
    Blue       One of the Gaines's dogs.
    Drake       Chip and Jo's son.
    Alfonzo       Man who used to work for Chip.
7   Jessica       Jo's friend from college.
    Ella Rose       Chip and Jo's daughter.
    Teresa       Jo's oldest sister.
9   Shannon       Chip's older sister.
    Devon       Chip's childhood friend.
10   David (2)       Chip's mentor. aka: Uncle David.
    Carroll   Fitzgerald   A banker.
11   Cedric       A homeless man.
13   Peggy       Chip's client.
    Dale   Williams   A lawyer. Peggy's son.
14   Shorty       Chip's employee.
    Jose       Chip's employee.
    Kara   Tippetts   Woman dying of cancer. Fan of Fixer Upper.