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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1 Molly Gray The maid at Regency Grand Hotel. Protagonist.
Flora Molly's grandmother. Aka: Gran.
Alexander Snow The hotel manager.
Mr. Preston The Regency Grand's doorman.
Charles Black The dead guest.
Giselle Black Mr. Black's 2nd wife. Aka: Sandy Cayman.
2 Mary Preston Mr. Preston's wife. Deceased.
Cheryl Green Molly's supervisor.
Sunshine Molly's co-maid.
Sunitha Molly's co-maid.
Juan Manuel Morales Molly's colleague. The dishwasher.
Rodney Stiles One of Molly's workmates. The head bartender.
Wilbur Brown Molly's ex-boyfriend.
Mr. Chen Mr. Chen's wife.
Victoria Black Charles's daughter.
3 Detective Stark The detective in charge of Mr. Black's case.
6 Mr. Rosso Molly's landlord.
Mrs. Black The first Mrs. Black.
Mr. Coldwell Flora's friend.
16 Charlotte Preston Mr. Preston's daughter. Molly's lawyer.
18 Judge Wight The judge on Mr. Black's case.
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