Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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    Part 1
 William OslerA Canadian Physician.
 Ivy McKenzieA Physician who wrote about Parkinsonian Syndrome.
    Deficit - Neurology's favorite word.
 Sigmund FreudAustrian Neurologist.
 Alexander R. LuriaFather of Modern Neuropyschologist.
 Roman LuriaAlexander Romanovich Luria's father.
 Aleksei LeontievA Psychologist.
 Pyotr AnokhinA Biologist.
 Richard BernsteinA Physician.
 Richard GregoryBritish Psychologist.
 Joseph BabinskiA French-Polish Neurologist.
 Kurt GoldsteinA Neurologist.
 John H. JacksonAn English Neurologist / A man who does research on Epilepsy.
1Dr. PMusic teacher and singer who has visual agnosia problem.
 Dr. Oliver SacksNarrator and Author.
 Mrs. P Dr. P's wife.
 Donald MacraeThe author who wrote about a unique case of brain damage in 1956.
 Ellie TrolleDonald Macrae's co-author.
2Luis BunuelA Filmmaker.
 Jimmie GA patient with the most devastating Korsakov's Syndrome.
 Korsakov  A man who has a theory about memory loss.
 Dr. M HomonoffDoctor worked at amnesia ward at Boston Veterans Hospital.
 Bel  Alexander Luria's patient whose amnesia had retroactively eradicated ten years.
 Kur  Alexander Luria's patient who has no memory of the present.
    TGA- Transient Global Amnesia.
 Dr. John HodgesMan who made remarkable videotape of patients during TGA.
 Dr. Leon ProstassDr. Oliver Sacks's colleague.
 Stephen RA patient with Korsakov's Syndrome who has severe seizures.
3Ludwig WittgensteinA philosopher of the mind.
 Sherrington  Discovered the sixth sense.
 Jonathan MillerMan who produced the T.V. series "The Body in the Question".
 Christina  Computer Programmer. Dr. Sacks's patient with polyneuritis.
 Mr. Macgregor 1Dr. Sacks's patient who's unable to employ balance organs.
 Silas Weir MitchellA great American neurologist.
 George DedlowSilas Weir Mitchell's patient who has a strange case of illness.
 Dr H.H SchaumburgA doctor who first described the syndrome of Christina's case.
4Dr. Michael Kre-merEnglish Neurologist / A man who does research on Epilepsy.
5Madeleine JA blind woman with cerebral palsy who can't feel her hand.
 Roy CampbellSouth African Poet and Satirist.
 Johann W. Von GoetheA German poet.
 Helen KellerAn American author.
 Simon KDr. Oliver Sack's patient.
6Henry HeadMan who introduced term "Phantoms" in neurological terms.
 Dr. Jonathan ColeDr. Oliver Sack's former student.
7Mr. MacGregor 2A neurologist at St. Dunstan.
 Purdon MartinThe Author of "Basal Ganglia and Posture".
8Mrs. SAn intellegent woman who suffered a massive stroke.
 Marsel MesulamA man who edited the principles of behavioral neurology.
9Friedrich NeitzscheA German philosopher.
 Emily DA patient with tonal agnosia.
    Part 2
10Gilles De La TouretteA pupil of Charcot who described the astonishing syndrome.
 Jean-Martin CharcotA Medical Doctor / Gilles De La Tourette's former teacher.
 Ray  A man with Tourette's Syndrome.
11Natasha KA woman with Cupid Disease.
 Ehrlich  A man who developed "Tabes Dorsalis".
12William ThompsonDr. Oliver Sacks's friend who has Korsakov's psychosis.
 Bob ThompsonWilliam Thompson's brother.
13Mrs. BA former research chemist who has a joking disease.
15Mrs. O'CA deaf woman who has musical epilepsy that refused the treatment / Dr. Oliver Sacks's patient.
 Mrs. O'MWoman who has the same problem as Mrs. O'C.
 Wilder PenfieldDiscovered the musical epilepsy.
 Dr. Dajue WangNeurologist suggested the secret of Shostakovich to Mrs. O'M.
 Shostakovich  A man who has musical epilepsy / A Composer.
17Bhagawhandi PA 19yr old Indian girl who has a malignant brain tumor.
18Stephen DA medical student who dreamt that he was a dog.
19Donald  Man who killed girl under influence of Phenycyclidine (PCP).
20Hildegard Von BingenA German saint.
21Rebecca  Dr. Oliver Sacks's patient who's good in music.
22Martin ADr. Oliver Sacks's patient with brain problem.
 Harriet GDavid Viscott's patient has similar brain problem with Martin.
 David ViscottDr. Oliver Sacks's colleague.
23Jose  Michael's twin. A retarded fellow whose good in numbers.
 Michael  Jose's twin / A retarded fellow whose good in numbers.
 Herbert OakleyProfessor of Music.
 Zacharias DaseA German mathematician.
 Liosha LuriaYura's twin / Alexander Luria's daughter.
 Yura LuriaLiosha Luria's twin / Alexander Luria's daughter.
 Thomas BrowneAn English polymath.
 Richard WollheimA British philosopher.
 Leibniz  Makes a tantalizing analogy between numbers and music.
 Ernst TochA Composer.
 Lawrence WelschlerErnst Toch's grandson.
 Jedidah BuxtonAn english mental calculator.
 Bertrand RussellA british philosopher.
 Israel Rosen-fieldAuthor of Non-Fiction book.
 Ella ParkDavid Park's child / A talented drawer.
 David ParkElla Park's father.
 Kurt GodelAmerican-Austrian Logician.
24Jose  Dr. Oliver Sacks's patient who was severely retarded.
 Dr. RapinThe doctor who diagnosed Jose.
 Erving GoffmanAn American Canadian Sociologist.
 William JamesAn American Philosopher.