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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1  Romie Leslie Hall - A prison hall in Staneville.
 Conan Romy Hall's friend in prison. Aka: Bobby London.
 Laura LippRomy Hall's seatmate in the bus / Co-prisoner of Romy Hall.
 JimmyThe BeardBouncer at The Mars Room.
   The Mars Room - A bar where Romy Hall is a stripper.
 Dart Night manager at The Mars Room.
 KurtKennedyMars Room's customer. Stalker of Hall. Aka: Creep Kennedy.
 Bill A drug addict friend of Romy Hall.
 SammyFernandezCo-prisoner of Romy Hall.
 SusanAtkinsA prisoner at CIW.
 Leslie Van HoutenA convict at CIW.
 JimmyDarlingAn art teacher / Romy Hall's fiancee.
 Jackson Romy Hall's son
 CarolDodaThe old famous stripper.
 Bob Rich friend of Romy Hall's mother.
 Ajax Janitor at The Mars Room / Former boyfriend of Romy Hall.
 Mr. BlueCollarFilm-making company owner.
 Eddy Romy Hall's acquaintance.
 Jones Romy Hall's acquaintance.
 D'artagnan The Mars Room's night manager.
 Eva Romy Hall's childhood friend / A troubled child who beats Tyra.
2Tyra Romy Hall's childhood friend / A girl who lives in a foster home.
 Russ A man who runs the foster home for girls.
 Anton LaveyOwner of the house where people worshipped satan.
 TheScummerzManan who lives in a big apartment selling purple microdots.
 Leatherman A man who always wears full leather outfit.
 Liverman A man who looks like a liver / A traumatic korean war veteran.
 Helen An alcoholic evening manager in a grocery store.
 LagunaHondaA boy who ordered valium from Romy Hall.
4GordonHauserA GED teacher in prison hall.
   NCWF - Northern California Women's Facility.
 Alex Gordon Hauser's friend / Patriot.
 Simone A teacher in a community college / Gordon Hauser's girlfriend.
5Mr.JohnsonFirst defendant next to Romy Hall in the courtroom.
 RomyHallProtagonist. aka: Vanessa.
 ClemenceSolarRomy Hall's neighbor / Kurt Kennedy's witness.
 Mr.CoronadoRomy Hall's witness.
7Medea  A woman who killed her husband.
 LieutenantJonesRomy Hall's intake counselor.
 Henry A man who was obsessed with Eva.
9Beaver Guy who dumped wood in Gordon Hauser's driveway.
11BettyLa FranceSammy Fernandez's friend / Doc's girlfriend.
 Doc Police detective. Hall's co-prisoner. Aka: Richard L. Richards.
 McKinnley A police sergeant. aka: Big Daddy.
 Smokey YunickA man who cheated in all of his nascar innovations.
 Angel MarieJanickiA lifer who almost escaped at Staneville.
 Chester Conan's prison friend.
 SugeKnightAn American producer.
 CandyPenaA prisoner who was being executed on death row.
   CPS - Child Protective Services.
 Maldonado Sammy Fernandez's first sugar daddy.
 Keath A prisoner pen-pal of Sammy Fernandez.
 Rodney Old ex-boyfriend of Sammy Fernandez.
 Mortimer A woman who sued the prison.
 GretchenBakerRommy Hall's mother.
   Part 2
12  CDCR - California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.
 JohhnyCashA famous singer.
 Vic Doc's foster dad / A man who abused his doc.
 Floyd Doc's uncle / Lloyd's brother.
 Lloyd Doc's uncle / Floyd's brother.
13Lyndon B.JohnsonThe famous President.
14RoyRogersA man who has a museum of his fishing lures.
 Teardrop A prisoner with a teardrop tattoo / Romy Hall's cellmate.
 ButtonSanchezPrisoner who has baby. Hall's cellmate. Aka: Flora M. Sanchez.
 TheNorseNew bench partner of Romy Hall.
 Reebok A black prisoner / Romy Hall's cellmate.
 DeanConteThe sad kid from Romy Hall's junior high school.
 MagicTomThe gay porn star.
 GeronimaCamposAn old woman in a prison cell.
15Jose Doc's former partner.
18Noodles A girl who had tried to pin the roommate's death on her.
 Victor The plumber / A guy who likes Romy Hall.
 ConradSolarRomy Hall's neighbor in Los Angeles.
21PorterWagonerVic's favorite artist.
 SerinitySmithDoc's prison cell neighbor.
 Stringbean A singer who wore pants belted at the thigh.
 HankWilliamsA malnourished guy.
 RubyOwensA man who was burned up in a trailer fire / Doc's victim.
 Shawn Serenity's cousin.
22Sleepy A prisoner who gave Sammy Fernandez a picture before she goes out in jail.
 SergeantRintlerA jailwarden at Staneville.
   Part 3
23Nixon The U.S president.
 TammyWynetteA singer who sang to President Nixon.
 GrandpaJonesStringbean's bestfriend.
24Raskolnikov A man who killed the pawnbroker.
 Jimmy S. Francisco Teacher at art insititute. Random man in search of Gordon.
26LindyBelsenA famous prisoner in Staneville.
 BoCrawfordA convict who escaped in County Jail Martinez.
 VenaHubbardA woman who worked from jail's laundry facility.
 J.DJossBo Crawford's crew partner.
   Part IV
29Angelique A Stripper at The Mars Room / Kurt Kennedy's friend.