Characters - Alphabetical
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Dr.BountienHead of gynecology.
PhumphanBouromOne of Phan's aliases.
Madame DaengFormer freedom fighter. Siri's wife.
YingDaliFormer boxing champion. One of Buaphan's men.
Dr.DavoneSiri's friend.
Mrs.FahOne of the strays in Siri's house.
Mr.GeungSiri's lab assistant.
JudgeHaengHead of the justice department.
Mr.InthanetPuppet master. One of the strays in Siri's house.
LadyKosobThe rice goddess.
YehMingSiri's shaman name.
Mrs.NoyCivilai's wife.
Dr. SiriPaibounMedical examiner.
MaigretPhosyPolice inspector. Dtui's husband.
Dr.PornsawanOne of the members of the Lao Patriotic Women's Association.
ThongphanRatsakounOne of Phan's aliases.
BaSeeOld stamps and coins vendor.
SergentSihotPhosy's subordinate.
Bhiku DavidTickooRajid's father.
KumdeeVilavongOne of the students in Chiang Mai University.
Miss VongSiri's neighbour.
Athit One of the baby twins awaiting for collection.
Bao The twins mother.
Bom Boy from the village.
Boonhee Ngam's father.
Boua Siri's late wife.
Bounlert Incharge of agriculture.
Bpoo Fortune teller.
Buaphan Census section head.
Chia Bao's sister.
Civilai Siri's bestfriend.
Dtui Siri's lab nurse.
Gary Oum's Australian lover.
Gongjai One of the inactive prostitutes.
Jun One of the baby twins awaiting for collection.
Kham  Phosy's old boss.
Khamphan One of Phan's aliases.
Koomki Worked for the Department of Housing Allocation.
Kummai Director of the Census Department.
Lia Pao's granddaughter.
Malee Dtui's baby.
Manivone Receptionist at the Ministry of Justice.
Mee One of Mrs. Fah's children.
Mongaew Ngam's mother.
Nali Gary and Oum's child.
Ngam One of Phan's victims.
Noo Renegade monk.
Nounou One of Mrs. Fah's children.
Nouphet One of Buaphan's men.
Oudi Police sergeant.
Oum Chemistry tacher.
Pao Blind Hmong beggar.
Phan Serial killer.
Phat Vietnamese adviser.
Rajid Insane homeless Indian. Aka: Jogendranath.
Saloop Siri's dog.
Surachai Committee member.
Tham Police investigator.
Tong One of the inactive prostitutes.
Wei Phan's soon to be wife.