Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  A Conversation About Rain
 NoraSeedAn Olympian, a rock star, a music teacher.
 Mrs.ElmThe librarian.
   Nineteen Years Later
2  The Man at the Door
 Ash A surgeon.
 Voltaire Nora's cat. aka: Volts.
3  String Theory
 Neil The boss of a musical equipment shop.
 Confucius A Chinese philosopher and politician.
 FleetwoodMacA British-American rock band.
 BobDylanAmerican singer-songwriter.
 DanLordNora's fiancé.
 Joe Nora's brother.
 TupacShakurAmerican rapper.
 Ravi Joe's best friend.
5  Doors
 Ella The original member of the band.
 Kerry Ann Nora's schoolmate.
 Mr.BlandfordNora's trainer.
 IsabelHirshNora's former best friend. aka: Izzy.
 Jake Nora's acquaintance.
6  How to be a Black Hole
 RyanBaileyAmerican actor comedian.
 Henry DavidThoreauA philosopher.
 Mr.BanerjeeNora's neighbor.
7  Antimatter
 Doreen Nora's acquaintance.
 LeoThompsonDoreen's son.
13  Regret Overload
 Peter PaulRubensFlemish artist and diplomat.
 Tintoretto Italian painter of the Renaissance school.
 BertrandRussellBritish philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer.
15  The Three Horseshoes
 Socrates Greek philosopher from Athens.
 A.J. The cook.
 Erin Nora's acquaintance.
 Lewis Joe's boyfriend.
 Henri T.LautrecFrench painter.
 ThomasHobbesEnglish philosopher.
19  Fire
 Charlotte A Ceilidh band flautist.
 Jared One of Nora's acquaintances.
 Jojo One of Nora's acquaintances.
 ChrisDaleA driver.
22  The Successful Life
 PriyaNavuluriOne of Nora's acquaintances.
 RoryLongfordOne of Nora's acquaintances.
 JPBlytheOne of Nora's acquaintances.
 GinaLordDan's wife.
 NadiaVankoYegor Vanko's mother.
 YegorVankoUkrainian male swimmer.
 Sally A dog.
 ScottRichardsAmerican Olympic medal-winning diver.
 AmandaSandsA ghost writer.
23  Peppermint Tea
 Kai One of Nora's new acquaintances.
 Natalie One of Nora's new acquaintances.
 Eli One of Nora's new acquaintances.
 Ewan Joe's partner.
 LaoTzuAn ancient Chinese philosopher and poet.
 Jean-PaulSartreFrench philosopher, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, biographer.
 MarcusAureliusEmperor of Ancient Rome.
24  The Tree That is Our Life
 SylviaPlathAmerican poet, novelist and short story writer.
26  Svalbard
 IngridSkirbekkProfessor of Geo-science International Polar Research Institute.
27  Hugo Lefevre
 Hugo Nora's new acquaintance.
28  Walking in Circles
 Rune Nora's acquaintance.
 Peter The field leader.
 RogerDunbarA professor of management and organizational analysis.
32  Permafrost
 LorenzoConteNora's maternal grandfather.
 JeanShrimptonEnglish model and actress.
 MarianneFaithfullBritish singer, songwriter and actress.
 PatriciaBrownLorenzo's wife.
 Donna Nora's mother.
 Geoff Nora's father.
33  One Night in Longyearbyen
 DavidHumeScottish philosopher, economist, and historian.
35  Life and Death and the Quantum Wave Function
 Philippe Hugo's uncle.
 DominiqueBissetA Professor at Montpellier University.
 ErwinSchrödingerAustrian physicist.
 AlbertCamusFrench philosopher, author, and journalist.
38  Fame
 Imani A female band mate.
40  Wild and Free
 Cleopatra Last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt.
 FrédéricChopinPolish composer and pianist.
 BillieEilishAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Joanna Nora's manager.
41  Ryan Bailey
 Plato 1 Ancient Greek philosopher.
 MartinHeideggerGerman philosopher.
 JimmyFallonAmerican comedian, actor, TV host, singer, writer, and producer.
 IsaacNewtonEnglish mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and author.
 OscarNiemeyerBrazilian architect.
42  A Silver Tray of Honey Cakes
 Francisco One of Nora's fans.
 Marcelo A podcaster.
 Maya One of Joanna's acquaintances.
 Harley One of Joanna's acquaintances.
43  The Podcast of Revelations
 ImmanuelKantGerman philosopher.
 FrankOceanAmerican singer, songwriter, record producer.
 TameImpalaAustralian psychedelic rock group.
 Carpenters American vocal duo.
47  Someone Else's Dream
 RobertFrostAmerican poet.
 Aristotle Ancient Greek philosopher.
48  A Gentle Life
 Pauline A woman working at dog shelter.
 ArthurSchopenhauerGerman philosopher.
49  Why Want Another Universe If This One Has Dogs
 Suzanne Dylan's older sister.
  Leonard Cohen Canadian poet and singer-songwriter.
51  Last Chance Saloon
 Pedro A Chihuahua.
 TerenceThorntonOwner of the vineyard.
 Janine Terence's wife.
52  Buena Vista Vineyard
 Eduardo Nora Martinez's husband.
 Alejandro Nora and Eduardo's son.
53  The Many Lives of Nora Seed
 Gabriela Nora's friend.
 Henry Nora's teenage son.
 EmilyDickinsonAmerican poet.
 Rumi Persian poet.
 Becky Nora's friend.
56  The Game
 Molly Nora's daughter. aka: Mol.
 Jaya Molly's aunt.
 Sal Molly's grandmother.
 Plato 2 Molly's dog.
57  The Perfect Life
 HannahArendtGerman-American philosopher and political theorist.
 JuliaKristevaBulgarian-French philosopher, psychoanalyst & academic.
 JudithButlerAmerican philosopher and gender theorist.
 ChimamandaNgozi AdichieA Nigerian writer.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
 Ralph WaldoEmersonAmerican philosopher, essayist, and poet.
 RachelCarsonAmerican marine biologist and conservationist.
 JoanMiróSpanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist.
58  A Spiritual Quest for a Deeper Connection with the Universe
 Adam Nora's neighbor.
59  Hammersmith
 Alicia One of the owners of Buena Vista Vineyard.
60  Tricycle
 LaraBryanNora's friend. aka: Mo.
 Aldous Lara's son.
61  No Longer Here
 Dhavak Mr. Banerjee's son.
63  A New Way of Seeing
 JohnHowardA philanthropist and early English prison reformer.