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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part One
 Henry VIIIThe King.
 Anne BoleynQueen of England.
 FrancisBryanA nimble courtier.
 Kingston The constable, gambler. Eliza's brother.
 ThomasWyattA diplomat. Cromwell's friend.
 ThomasBoleynAnne's father. Earl of Wiltshire.
 LordLisleThe governor. King's uncle.
 NicolasCarewA prominent courtier.
 ElizaCarewNicolas's wife. Francis Bryan's sister.
 ThomasCromwellLord Cromwell. The Secretary to the King. Aka: Lord Privy Seal.
 EustacheChapuysThe imperial ambassador.
 CharlesBrandonDuke of Suffolk.
 GeorgeBoleynAnne's brother. Deceased. Aka: Viscount Rochford.
 MarySheltonAnne Boleyn's cousin.
 WilliamBreretonThe gentlemen in King's circle.
 GregoryCromwellThomas's son.
 Henry FitzroyThe Duke of Richmond. The King's illegitimate son.
 JohnSheltonThe King's governor.
 KatherineHowardHenry's fifth wife.
 BessDarrellLady-in-waiting to Katharine of Aragon. Wyatt's mistress.
 RichardCromwellThomas's nephew.
 Martin A goaler.
 JaneSeymourThe King's wife.
 Henry NorrisThe Chief of the King's privy chambers.
 DickPurserThomas Cromwell's keeper.
 Christophe Thomas Cromwell's servant.
 RafeSadlerThomas Cromwell's chief clerk.
 HelenSadlerRafe's wife.
 LadyMaryThe King's daughter by Katharine of Aragon.
 Elizabeth The King's daughter to Anne Boleyn.
 William The physician.
 ThomasWriothesleyThe Prince of Decipherers.
 StephenGardinerBishop of Winchester. Ambassador to France.
 FrancisWestonThe gentlemen in King's circle.
 MarkSmeatonA flute player.
 MercyPriorThomas Cromwell's mother-in-law.
 ThomasAveryThomas Cromwell's household accountant.
 Mathew A servant.
 KingEdwardThe former King.
 MargaretDouglasThe King's niece.
 WalterCromerThe physician.
 HansHolbeinThe painter.
 Sexton A jester.
 RichardRicheSpeaker of the House of Commons. Chancellor of the court of augmentations.
 ThomasAudleyThe lord chancellor.
 ThomasCranmerThe archbishop of Canterbury.
 Anne StanhopeEdward Seymour's wife.
 HughLatimerThe Bishop of Worcester.
 CuthbertTunstallThe Bishop of Durham.
 ThomasHowardDuke of Norfolk.
 Henry HowardThomas's son. The Earl of Surrey.
 TomTruthThomas's half brother.
 CharlesBrandonDuke of Suffolk.
 Henry WyattThomas Wyatt's father.
 WilliamFitzwilliamCromwell's treasurer.
 JaneRochfordGeorge Boleyn's widow.
 Anne SheltonJohn's wife. Anne Boleyn's aunt.
 LadyBryanEliza Carew and Francis Bryan's mother.
 MargaretPoleCountess of Salisbury.
 LordMontagueMargaret Pole's eldest son.
 ReginaldPoleOne of Margaret's sons.
 GeofreeyPoleOne of Margaret's sons.
 ConstancePoleGeoffrey's wife.
 JeanDe DintevilleA French envoy.
 HumphreyMonmouthThe London merchant. Cromwell's friend.
 RobertPackintonMerchant and member of the parliament.
 StephenVaughanAn Antwerp merchant.
   Part Two
 HenryCourtenayMarquis of Exeter.
 GertrudeCourtenayMarquis of Exeter's wife.
 EdwardSeymourLady Margery's son.
 MargaretVernonGregory's tutor.
 FrancesMurfynRichard's wife.
 Bastings The barge master.
 ElizabethZoucheThe abbess.
 BessieBlountThe King's mistress. Henry's mother. Aka: Elizabeth Blount.
 AntoineDe CastelnauBishop of Tarbes. French ambassador.
 LouisDe PerreauThe French Ambassador.
   Part Three
 HonorLisleLord Lisle's wife.
 Jenneke Thomas Cromwell's daughter.
 Anna The King's 4th wife. Duke Wilhelm of Cleve's sister.
 JohnHuseeThe Lisle's man of business.
 EdwardBonnerAmbassador to France.
 MaryMounteagleThe lady-in-waiting.
 Diego HurtadoDe MendozaAn envoy from the emperor.
 Anne BassettOne of Honor's daughters from her first marriage.
 EdmundWalsinghamKingston's deputy.
   Part Four
 JohnLambertThe burned priest.
 WilliamKingstonConstable of the tower. Councilor to the king.
 JohnBaleA renegade monk and playwright.
   Part Five
 JohnChambersThe physician.
 ThomasSeymourThe brother of the late Queen.
 HenryBouchierEarl of Essex.
 DorotheaClanceyThe illegitimate child of the cardinal.
 CharlesDe MarillacA French Ambassador.
 Hochsteden One of Anne's envoys.
 Olisleger One of Anne's envoys.
 Harst One of Anne's envoys.
   Part Six
 Elizabeth Edward Seymour's sister.
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