Characters - Alphabetical
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FrancisBaconA statesman, philosopher, and master of the English tongue.
Irene TempleBaileyAmerican novelist and short story writer.
Mrs.BarrowOne of the church's ladies.
GeorgiaBrownEnglish singer and actress.
Mrs.BuxtonOne of the church's ladies.
Richard E.ByrdU.S. naval officer, pioneer aviator, and polar explorer.
BenCarpenterWon the contest conducted by Mr. Kolb.
EzzerClarkA preacher.
ChristopherColumbusAn Italian explorer and navigator.
CalvinCoolidge30th President of the United States.
MissCoppidgeAn English teacher.
Mr.CorcoranA farmer.
BrotherCottrellSoames' family's acquaintance.
Venusde MiloAn ancient Greek statue.
CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
TheodoreDreiserAmerican novelist and journalist of the naturalist school.
ClabberDumpsonA minion.
AmantineDupinFrench novelist, memoirist, and journalist. aka: George Sand.
JohnnyFaustMatthew's friend.
RichardFieldsAmerican musician. aka: Dimples.
BenjaminFranklinOne of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
SigmundFreudAustrian neurologist and the founding father of psychoanalysis.
GretaGarboSwedish-American actress.
MissGeorgeAn English teacher.
HugoGrancourtCallie's grandfather.
Mrs.GunnMr. Henshaw's customer.
MissHagarCallie's friend.
WalterHenshawA grocery owner. aka: Walt.
SerenaHicksOne of the church's ladies.
EdwardInwoodOne of Matthew's students. aka: Ed.
DelmoreJewelDelmora's mother.
JohnKeatsEnglish romantic poet.
OmarKhayyamPersian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet.
Mr.KolbConducted a class in the Palmer Method.
JakeLathamMatthew's acquaintance.
SinclairLewisAmerican novelist, short-story writer, and playwright.
CharlesLindberghAmerican aviator, military officer, author, inventor, and activist.
H. L.MenckenAmerican journalist and writer.
BrotherMoselyA preacher.
Mr.MotherwellA professor.
Caroline AmeliaNationAn American activist. aka: Carry.
CharlotteNewhouseOne of Matthew's students.
PhoebeOechenMatthew's acquaintance.
Mr.OlinA farmer.
Mrs.OlinMr. Olin's wife and became Jessica's good friend.
CarolPakorneyLeonie's best friend.
PontiusPilateThe fifth governor of the Roman province of Judaea.
AlexanderPoeAn author.
MarcoPoloVenetian merchant and adventurer.
EzraPoundAmerican poet and critic.
TomPurdyA boy who was raised at Ozark farm.
Pierre-AugusteRenoirA painter.
ScottRichards A television news reporter, photographer, producer and anchor.
GarneyRoblesA local carpenter and member of the school board.
BertrandRussellBritish philosopher and logician.
Mrs.SellsOne of the church's ladies.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
Callie G.SoamesMatthew's wife.
GabrielSoamesMatthew's grandfather.
MatthewSoamesA school teacher.
Emma L.Squier A writer and actress.
AlfredTennysonBritish poet.
HenryVan DykeA famous short story writer, poet, and essayist.
AliceWandlingOne of Matthew's students.
GeorgeWashington1st President of the United States.
EdithWhartonAmerican novelist, short story writer, and designer.
Aaron Matthew's brother.
Bertie Jessica's aunt.
Billy Ed's acquaintance.
Blossom A Jersey cow. aka: Blossie.
Bobby Ruthie's cousin.
Cass Ophelia's mother.
Creighton Jessica's second husband.
Delmora One of Matthew's students.
Fanny Jake's wife.
Genevieve Leonie's friend.
Helen One of Matthew's students.
Jessica One of Mathew and Callie's daughters.
Jo Soames' aunt.
Kenneth A basketball coach. aka: Kenny.
Leonie One of Mathew and Callie's daughters.
Lil Ed's sister.
Lindy Matthew's acquaintance.
Marvin Jessica's admirer.
Mary Jo The youngest daughter of Matthew and Callie.
Mathy Elizabeth The third daughter of Matthew and Callie.
Maude A horse.
Mitch Hugo's eldest son.
Ophelia Callie's cousin. aka: Phelie
Orville A farmer.
Peter Mathy's son.
Pharaoh Matthew's mule.
Ralph Ophelia's husband.
Ralphie Ralph and Ophelia's son.
Roy Mrs. Gunn's husband.
Ruthie Mathy's friend.
Soames Leonie's son.
Sukie An old cow.
Thaddeus One of Callie's half-brothers. aka: Thad.
Virg Johnny's acquaintance.
Wesley One of Callie's half-brothers.