Characters - Alphabetical
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HannahFischerThe leader of VEI.
ArchieGoodwinLucy's son.
DianaGoodwinLucy's mother-in-law. Deceased.
EdieGoodwinLucy's 2-year-old son.
HarrietGoodwinLucy's daughter.
LillianGoodwinDiana's mother-in-law.
LucyGoodwinOllie's wife. Diana's daughter-in-law.
OliverGoodwinLucy's husband. Aka: Ollie.
TomGoodwinDiana's husband. Ollie and Nettie's father.
AmeliaGreenanJeffrey's wife.
JeffreyGreenanTom's friend.
Dr.HumbertThe Orchard House's obstetrician.
AbdulJavidThe man that Lucy interviewed.
KerryMathisThe woman who dropped Harriet home.
Dr.PaisleyDiana's doctor.
Dr.SheldonDiana's doctor.
RoySullivanThe man who was struck by lightning 7 times.
Aarash Ghezala and Hakem's son.
Ahmed A detective. Jones's associate.
Amina One of Diana's friends.
Antoinette Ollie's sister. Diana's daughter. Aka: Nettie.
Arthur A senior police officer.
Arthur(2) A gardener at Orchard House.
Aziza Ghezala's sister.
Bella Eamon's new girlfriend.
Christopher The father of Pammy's baby. A doctor.
Cindy Meredith's new wife.
Claire Lucy's matron of honor.
Cynthia Diana's friend.
Danielle Lucy's friend who hates her mother-in-law.
Dave Nettie and Ollie's uncle.
David Diana's ex-lover.
Eamon Ollie's business partner.
Emily Lucy's friend who hates her mother-in-law.
Frank Eamon's father.
Gerard Diana's lawyer.
Ghezala The woman that Diana helped with giving birth.
Gwen Ollie's step-aunt.
Hakem Ghezala's partner. An Engineer who works for Tom.
Ida Diana's acquaintance.
Ingrid Harriet's primary nurse.
Jan Diana's friend.
Jane Lucy's friend who hates her mother-in-law.
Jemima Sophie's daughter.
Jones The Sr. Detective who interviewed Ollie.
Josephine One of the girls at Orchard House.
Joy Lucy's mother. Deceased.
Julia Eamon's wife.
Kathy Diana's friend.
Kena Lucy's friend who hates her mother-in-law.
Laurel Diana's colleague at Orchard House.
Lisa Nettie's friend.
Liz Diana's friend.
Lydia Eamon's mother.
Marg Sara's mother-in-law.
Maria Lucy's former family housekeeper.
Mary Ida's niece.
Mary Laurel's roommate.
Meredith A cousin of Diana's father
Michael Cynthia's boyfriend.
Millie Claire's daughter.
Norma Diana's acquaintance.
Pamela The youngest girl at Orchard House. Diana's roommate. Aka: Pammy.
Patrick Nettie's husband.
Pearl The Funeral Director.
Perkins Arthur's partner.
Perkins A Police Constable.
Peter Lucy's father.
Rachel Lucy's friend.
Remy Rachel's friend.
Rhonda Lucy's assistant.
Richard Meredith's former husband.
Ron Eamon's colleague.
Rose Nettie and Ollie's aunt.
Sara Lucy's only friend who loves her mother-in-law.
Sasha Lucy's friend who hates her mother-in-law.
Sherry Gerard's receptionist.
Simon A police officer who informed the Goodwin family about Diana's death.
Sophie Lucy's cousin.
Stella Simon's partner.
Walter Diana's father.