Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part One
1  The Manuscript October 12, 1912
 ThomasClifford1st Baron Clifford of Chudleigh.
 NanWattsAgatha Miller's dear friend.
 IrvingBerlinAmerican composer.
 ReggieLucyAgatha Miller's fiancĂ©.
2  Day One After The Disappearance Saturday, December 4, 1926
 SamJamesArchie's friend.
 MadgeJamesSam's wife.
 ArchibaldChristieAviator in Britain. aka: Archie.
 NancyNeeleMadge James' friend.
 CharlotteFisherChristie family's governess and secretary.
 ConstableRobertsA police officer.
3  The Manuscript October 12, 1912
 ArthurGriffithsAn Irish writer, newspaper editor and politician.
 AgathaMillerA writer.
5  The Manuscript October 19, 1912
 MaxMellorAgatha's friend.
 Monty One of Agatha's siblings.
 MargaretMillerOne of Agatha's siblings.
 Jane A housemaid.
 Mary A cook.
 CharlesFursterA pianist.
 WilliamHemsleyA schoolmaster from Clinton College. Archie's stepfather.
6  Day One After The Disappearance Saturday, December 4, 1926
  KenwardThe chief constable.
 Rosalind Archie and Agatha's daughter.
7  The Manuscript November 19, 1912
 James Madge Miller's son. aka: Jack.
 JamesWattsMadge Miller's husband. aka: Jimmy.
 Arthur ConanDoyleScottish physician and author.
 Anna KatharineGreenAmerican poet and novelist.
 GastonLerouxFrench journalist and author of detective fiction.
9  The Manuscript December 31, 1912
 WilfredPirieOne of Agatha's suitors.
 BoltonFletcherOne of Agatha's suitors.
11  The Manuscript January 1913 - November 1914
 PegHemsleyArchie's mother.
 Marne One of the wounded soldiers.
 Antwerp One of the wounded soldiers.
12  Day One After The Disappearance Saturday, December 4, 1926
 King John The youngest son of King Henry II of England.
13  The Manuscript December 23-24, 1914
 Auntie-Granni Agatha's grandmother.
 YvonneBushAgatha's old friend.
 AgathaChristieThe married name of Agatha Miller.
15  The Manuscript October 14, 1916
 Granny-B Auntie-Grannies' younger sister.
 EileenMorrisAgatha's old friend.
 Lucy Jane's replacement as maid.
16  Day Two After the Disappearance Sunday, December 5, 1926
 Lilly A housemaid.
 CharlesGoddardThe head of the Berkshire Constabulary.
17  The Manuscript October 18, 1916
 ArthurHastingsA soldier.
 HerculePoirotA Belgian refugee.
18  Day Three After The Disappearance Monday, December 6, 1926
 CampbellChristieArchie's brother.
19  The Manuscript February 2, 1919
 Mrs.WoodsThe building's caretaker.
20  Day Three After The Disappearance Monday, December 6, 1926
 WilliamPerkinsArchie's solicitor.
 CommanderReynoldsScotland Yard's commander.
21  The Manuscript August 1, 1919 - January 1920
  PembertonA nurse.
 JessieSwannelRosalind's nanny.
 JohnLaneAmerican writer and historian.
24  Day Four After The Disappearance Tuesday, December 7, 1926
 JimBarnesA reporter.
 RalphBrownAn English writer.
 Mrs.KitchingsAn employee of Little London.
 Mr.FuettA railway porter.
25  The Manuscript February 15, 1922
 Mrs.HiamMrs. Belcher's closest friend.
 MajorBelcherThe assistant general manager of the 1924 Empire Exhibition.
 Mrs.BelcherMajor Belcher's wife.
26  Day Five After The Disappearance Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1926
 SebastianEarlArchie's co-worker.
 CliveBaillieuArchie's boss.
27  The Manuscript May 20, 1923
 Mr.BatesMajor Belcher's secretary.
 AnneBeddingfeldA woman who makes sacrifices for the man she loves.
 Cuckoo Rosalind's new nurse.
 EdmundCorkOne of Agatha Christie's literary agents.
35  The Manuscript August 3-5, 1926
 Peter Agatha's dog.
36  Day Eight After The Disappearance Saturday, December ii, 1926
 William J.HicksA solicitor.
 Stevens A young policeman.
 HoraceLeafA psychic.
40  Day Eight After The Disappearance Dec.11 through Dec.12, 1926
 DorothySayersEnglish crime writer and poet.
 Robert The son of Archie's gardener.
42  Day Ten After The Disappearance Monday, Dexxcember 13, 1926
 Theseus The mythical king and founder-hero of Athens.
 Adriadne A Cretan princess in Greek mythology.
 King Minos The King of Crete.
   Part Two
44  Tuesday, December 14, 1926
 Mrs.RobsonOne of Agatha's acquaintances.
 Mr.WollesleyOne of Agatha's acquaintances.
 Rose A waitress.
45  Tuesday, December 14, 1926
 Mrs.NeeleThe name used by Agatha while staying at Harrogate Hydro.
The Mystery of Mrs. Christie suggested by Judith Morrissey