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Remy Hale
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ProEmperor Louis King of the Franks.
 Pope Clement VII Former Pope. Ruler of the Papal States.
 Frederick II King of Sicily, Germany, Italy and Holy Roman Emperor.
 John XXII Head of the Catholic Church. Former Pope.
 Michael of Cesena Italian theologian.
 Marsilius of Padua Italian scholar. He was an important 14th century political figure.
 John of Jandun French philosopher.
 William of Baskerville Franciscan friar.
 RogerBaconEnglish philosopher.
 Remigio of Varagine The cellarer of the monastery.
 Adso An old man living in a German monastery.
 Brunellus Abbotts favorite horse.
 Alanus de Insulis French theologian.
 Isidore of Seville Spanish historian.
 JeanBuridanFrench philosopher.
 HonoriusAugustodunensis12th century Christian theologian.
 GuillaumeDurandFrench journalist.
 Adelmo of Otranto A monk who is the library's manuscript scholar.
 Aristotle Greek philosopher.
 Ubertino of Casale Leader of Franciscan spirituals.
 Salvatore of Montferrat Assistant of Remigio of Varagine.
 DanteAlighiereItalian poet, prose writer, literary theorist, moral philosopher.
 Saint Francis of Assissi An Italian Catholic friar, deacon, mystic and preacher.
 Joachim of Fiore Italian Christian theologian.
 ThomasAquinasItalian philosopher.
 Bonaventure of Bagnoregio Italian philosopher.
 Gerard of Borgo Italian friar.
 Raymond de Gaufredi Minister general of the Franciscan.
 AngelusClarenusFounder and leader of one of the groups of Fraticelli.
 PierreOlieuPreached the prophesies of Joachim.
 Peter of Murrone Ruler of the Papal States for five months.
 GiovanneCollonaRoman Catholic cardinal during the Avignon papacy.
 GiambattistaOrsiniItalian Roman Catholic cardinal and served as papal legate.
 Boniface VIII Former Pope. Ruler of the Papal States.
 Angela of Foligno Italian Franciscan tertiary known as mystic from her writings.
 Bonagratia of Bergamo Franciscan layman of the 14th century.
 William of Ockham English philosopher.
 Clare of Montefalco Augustinian nun and abbess.
 Margaret of Castello Italian professed member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic.
 Bentivenga of Gubbio Member of the Apostles before he became a friar.
 FraDolcinoSecond leader of the Dulcinian reformist movement.
 Agnes of Rome A virgin martyr, venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.
 MichaelPsellusByzantine writer.
 Benedict XI Former Pope. Head of the Catholic Church.
 Severinus of Sankt In charge of the infirmary where he worked as the abbey herbalist.
 Venantius of Salvemec Translator who worked in the scriptorium.
 Berengar of Arundel Assistant librarian.
 Malachi of Hildesheism The librarian in the abbey.
 Benno of Uppsala Scandinavian monk. Assistant librarian after Berengar's death.
 Aymaro of Alessandria A gossipy, sneering monk.
 Patrick of Clonmacnois One of the monks.
 Rabano of Toledo One of the monks.
 Magnus of Iona One of the monks.
 Waldo of Hereford One of the monks.
 Roger of Hereford A medieval astronomer, astrologer, alchemist and mathematician.
 RobertusAngelicus12th century Arabist and theologian.
 RabanusMaurusFrankish Benedictine monk.
 Jorge de Burgos An elderly blind monk.
 Alinardo of Grottaferrata An oldest monk.
 Hugh of Saint Victor Leading theologian and writer on mystical theology.
 Nicholas of Morimondo Master glazier of the abbey.
 Salvinus of the Armati Italian inventor credited with the development of eyeglasses.
 AlbertusMagnusGerman Catholic Dominican friar, philosopher and bishop.
 Saint Pachomius Founder of Christian coenobitic monasticism.
 JohnChrysostomServed as archbishop of Constantinople.
 PetrusCantorFrench theologian.
 Ambrose Roman composer.
 Saint Lawence One of the seven deacons of the city of Rome, Italy.
 William of Moerbeke Translator of philosophical and scientific texts from Greek to Latin.
 Pacificus of Tivoli a monk who knows a pagan poet very well.
 Peter of Sant' Albano Served as cardinal of Albano.
 Apuleius Latin-language prose writer.
 Tyconius African Donatist writer.
 Pliny the Younger A lawyer, author, and magistrate of Ancient Rome.
 Synesius Greek bishop of Ptolemaist in ancient Libya.
 AeliusSpartianusOne of the supposed authors of Historian Augusta.
 Emperor Hadrian Roman emperor.
 DecimusAusoniusRoman poet and teacher of rhetoric from Burdigala in Aquitaine.
 Paulinus of Nola Roman poet, writer, and senator
 Clement of Alessandria Christian theologian and philosopher.
 SulpiciusSeverusChristian writer and native of Aquitania.
 Saint Ephrem Prominent Christian theologian and writer.
 Hildebert French ecclesiastic, hagiographer and theologian.
 John of Salisbury English author, philosopher, educationalist and bishop of Chartres.
 PeterAbelardFrench philosopher, theologian, teacher and poet.
 Saint Maurus The first disciple of Saint Benedict of Nursia.
 Joseph benCaiaphasJewish highest priest.
 Sylvester II French scholar served as the Bishop of Rome.
 PubliusStatiusRoman poet of the 1st century AD.
 MarcusLucanusRoman poet. Known in English as Lucan.
 Saint Andrew Apostle of Jesus.
 Saint Benedict Founder of the Benedictine monastery at Monte Cassino.
 GherardoSegarelliFounder of the Apostolic Brethren.
 ArnaldAmalaricusBishop of Citeaux.
 Constantine the Great Made Christianity the main religion in Rome.
 Beatus of Liebana A monk, theologian and geographer.
 AbubakrAhmadGeneral Secretary of the all India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama.
 AlhazenHasanMuslim Arab mathematician, astronomer of the Islamic Golden Age.
 Adelard of Bath 12th century English natural philosopher.
 PaoloZoppoA hermit who lived in the forest of Reith.
 Peter of Hermit A priest of Amiens and a key figure during the People's Crusade.
 Mark of Cornwall King of Kernow in the early 6th century.
 WalterMapA medieval writer. A courier of King Henry II of England.
 BernardGuiA Dominican friar, Bishop of Lodeve and papal inquisitor.
 Bertrand delPogettoFrench papal diplomat and cardinal.
 Pierre de Maricourt 13th century French scholar conducted experiments on magnetism.
 Pope Gregory X Former head of the catholic Church.
 Bishop Obizzo A bishop of Parma.
 Heloise A French nun, philosopher, writer, scholar and abbess.
 Saint Dominic Castilian Catholic priest and founder of the Dominican Order.
 Pope Clement V Former head of the Catholic Church.
 LouisSavoryA writer.
 Philip IV of France King of France from 1285 to1314.
 Bartholomew One of the twelve apostles of Jesus.
 Saint Hildegard German Benedictine abbess, writer, philosopher and polymath.
 Augustine of Hippo A theologian, philosopher and bishop of Hippo.
 King Lysimachus Macedonian general and successor of Alexander the Great.
 Vincent of Beauvais A Dominican friar at the Cistercian monastery.
 Robert the Wise King of Naples.
 GenghisKhanFounder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.
 Master Jerome Bishop of Kaffa.
 Aldhelm Bishop of Sherborne, writer and scholar of Latin poetry.
 Virgil of Toulouse A rhetorician.
 Saint Columba Irish abbot and missionary evangelist.
 Saint Brendan One of the early Irish monastic saints.
 Basil of Ancyra A Christian priest in Ancyra, Galatia during the 4th century.
 Stephen of Bourbon A preacher of the Dominican Order.
 JacquesFournierFormer head of the Catholic Church. Aka: Pope Benedict XII.
 Geoffrey of Carcassonne The inquisitor.
 BernardDelicieuxA Spiritual Franciscan friar.
 Hugh of New Castle Franciscan theologian.
 WilliamAlnwickAn English Catholic clergyman.
 Jean d'AnneauxDoctor of theology in Paris.
 GiovanniDalbenaAn inquisitor of Narbonne.
 Nicholas of Flue The patron saint of Switzerland.
 WilliamBlocA bachelor.
 Thomas of Bologna One of the provincial ministers .
 Simone of Touraine One of the provincial ministers.
 Pope Nicholas II Former head of the Catholic Church. aka: Gerard of Burgundy.
 Melchizedek The King of Salem and priest of El Elyon.
 Trajan Roman emperor.
 AyyubAl-RuhawiA 9th century Arab physician.
 Pope Sylvester I Former bishop of Rome.
 Cyprian Bishop of Carthage and a notable Christian writer.
 Pierrede ArrablayFrench theologian, cardinal and advocate of church reform.
 Queen Helena The mother of Roman emperor Constantine the Great.
 Saint Anne The mother of Mary and the maternal grandmother of Jesus.
 Saint Matthew One of the twelve apostles of Jesus.
 Saint John de Evangelist The name traditionally given to the author of the Gospel of John.
 Peter in Rome One of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.
 Saint Adalbert Bohemian missionary and Christian saint.
 Saint Stephen A deacon in the early church at Jerusalem.
 HeliusEobanusGerman Latin poet.
 Saint Joseph In the canonical gospels, he was the legal father of Jesus.
 Saint Jerome A Latin priest, confessor, theologian and historian.
 Solomon King of Israel.
 Margaret of Trent The companion of Fra Dolcino of Novara.
 Pope John VIII Former bishop of Rome.
 Charles the Bald The 9th century King of West Francia, King of Italy.
 Artemidorus A professional diviner who lived in the 2nd century AD.
 Robert of Bobbio Former librarian.
 James the Great One of the twelve apostles of Jesus.
 Pope Innocent III Former head of the Catholic Church.
 Bruno of Cologne Founder of the Carthusian Order.
 Boethius Roman senator, consul, magister officiorum and philosopher.
 Diotisalvi of Florence Probable architect of the circular Romanesque baptistery at Pisa.
 Pope Nicholas V Former head of the Catholic Church.
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