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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1LaurentLepageThe boy that was killed.
 Harvest A mongrel dog.
2IsabelleLacosteThe chief inspector.
 ArmandGamacheA retired superintendent at the Sureté.
 Reine-Marie Armand Gamache's wife.
 Annie Reine-Marie's daughter.
 Jean-GuyBeauvoirAnnie's husband.
 ClementBeliveauAn old grocer.
 Myrna A bookstore owner.
 Olivier A bistro owner.
 ThereseBrunelThe chief superintendent.
 Gabri Olivier's partner.
 AntoinetteLemaitreThe artistic director of the Knolton Playhouse.
 BrianFitzpartickAntoinette's partner.
 ClaraMorrowA painter.
 Peter Clara's husband.
 PabloPicassoA Spanish painter.
 RuthZardoGabri's neighbor.
 AlanLepageLaurent's father. Aka: Al.
 Evelyn Laurent's mother. Aka: Evie.
 DavidBeckhamAn English former professional footballer.
 MarkWahlbergAn American actor.
 JohnFlemingAmerican literary critic.
 MicheleTremblayA French-Canadian novelist and playwright.
 TennesseeWilliamsAn American playwright.
 GeorgeClooneyAn American actor.
 NeilYoungAn American-Canadian singer-songwriter.
3Henri Gamache's German shepherd.
 Rosa Ruth's duck.
 Daniel Armand's son.
 LeonardCohenCanadian singer-songwriter.
 WayneGretzkyIce hockey player.
4AnnieFrankA German-Dutch diarist.
 JeffreyDahmerAmerican serial killer.
 RichardWagnerA German composer.
5Diogenes A Greek philosopher.
 GuillaumeCoutureAntoinette's uncle.
 Clouseau A French policeman who is always making stupid mistakes.
8TheodoreSeussAn American children's author. Aka: Ted.
 AgentFavreauA Sureté agent.
 AgentBrassardAgent Favreau's colleague.
 PeteSeegerAn American folk singer.
9Sarah A bake shop owner.
10GeneralLangelierCommander at CFB Valcatier.
 MichaelRosenblattA physicist.
12GeraldBullA Canadian engineer.
 Percy ByssheShelleyAn English romantic poet.
 BorisYeltsinFormer Russian President.
 MikhailGorbachevFormer President of the Soviet Union.
 SaddamHusseinServed as the fifth President of Iraq.
13MaryFraserWorked at Canadian Security Intelligent Service.
 SeanDelormeMary Fraser's colleague.
15Katharine HepburnAn American actress.
 SpencerTracyAn American actor.
 DonMcLeanAn American singer-songwriter.
18Lester B.PearsonFormer Prime Minister of Canada.
19GillesSandonOne who worked in the woods.
 BillyWilliamsOne who worked in the woods.
 King Arthur A legendary British leader.
22JimmyCarter39th U.S. President.
23SharonHarrisThe coroner.
 MadameProulxAntoinette's neighbor.
24MadameArsenaultA third grade teacher.
 MaryPoppinsAn angelic nanny.
 YvetteNicholGamache's former colleague in the Sureté.
25AdamCohenA young investigator.
28WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright.
29Florence Armand's granddaughter.
 Zora Florence's sister.
30FrederickLawsonReal name of Al Lepage.
32GastonDevereauMary Fraser's acquaintance.
33Anglo Guillaume Couture's acquaintance.
 JaneNealRuth's closest friend.
35Gandalf A protagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien's novel.
38Ned Jean-Guy's uncle.
40JosephMcCarthyFormer American senator.