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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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Pro   Leo   Plumb   Former editor and founder of SpeakEasy magazine.
    Victoria   Plumb   Leo's wife. Formerly Victoria Gross publicist.
    Beatrice   Plumb   Leo's sister. aka: Bea/Madam X. Writer.
    Matilda   Rodriquez   Aspiring singer. 19 years old.
    Fernando       Matilda's cousin.
1   Melody       Leo's youngest sister.
    Jack   Plumb   Leo's younger brother. Owns antique shop in West Village.
    Nora       Melody's 16 year old daughter.
    Louisa       Nora's twin sister.
    Walter       Melody's husband.
    Walker   Bennett   Jack's partner and legal husband. A lawyer.
    Garrie       Owner of Murphy's bar. Friend of Tucker.
    Tucker   McMillan   Professor. Had affair with Beatrice. aka: Tuck.
    Paul   Underwood   Beatrice's boss. Owner Paper Fibres literary magazine.
    Stephanie   Palmer   Beatrice's former agent and Leo's ex-girlfriend.
    Rico       Friend of Leo. Drug dealer.
2   Leonard   Plumb, Sr.   Father of Leo, Jack, Beatrice and Melody. Deceased.
    George   Plumb   Leonard's second cousin. Lawyer.
    Francie       Mother of Leo, Jack, Beatrice and Melody.
4   Harold       Francie's second husband.
6   Cravat       Leo's nickname for one of Stephanie's ex-boyfriends.
    Will   Peck   Stephanie's ex-boyfriend. Firefighter. Tommy's friend.
    Nathan   Chowdhury   Leo's former business partner.
    Howie       Stephanie's uncle.
8   Gordon   FitzGerald   Content Editor at SpeakEasy.
9   Celia   Baxter   Stephanie's closest friend from college.
    Lena   Novak   Writer.
10   Arthur       Jack's friend. Worked for Internet Mortgage Lender.
    Tommy   O'Toole   Security guard. Stephanie's neighbor. Ex-firefighter.
    Frank   Sinatra   Tommy's dog.
11   Maggie       Tommy's daughter.
    Ronnie   O'Toole   Tommy's wife. Deceased.
    Salvatore   Martin   Retired EMS.
12   Jen   Malcolm   Owns consignment store. Sons go to Melody's twins school.
13   Simone       African American girl. Junior in high school.
14   Vinnie   Massaro   aka: Robocop.
    Amy       Vinnie's ex-fiancĂ©e.
    Vito   Massaro   Vinnie's father. Owns pizza place and grocery store.
    Justin       Vinnie's friend.
16   Harry       Beatrice's downstairs neighbor. Widower.
    Conor   Bellingham   Handsome and popular in high school.
17   Robert       Jack's friend.
    Bruce       Acquaintance of Jack.
19   Jane   Hamilton   Her child goes to same school as Melody's twins.
    Vivienne   Rubin   Realtor.
20   Lucas       Boy who lives across the street from Melody.
    Simon       Simone's uncle. Her mother's brother.
21   Cheryl       Human Capital Consultant.
    Pilar       Stephanie's assistant.
    Gideon       New employee.
23   Peter   Rothstein   CFO in Nathan's organization.
    Ari   Rothstein   Peter's brother. Deceased.
24   Will       Tommy's friend from the fire department.
    Val       Tommy's daughter.
    Ron       Maggie's youngest son. Named after Ronnie.
26   Michael       Friend  of Jack and Walker who died in 9-11.
    Andrew       Friend  of Jack and Walker who died in 9-11.
    David       Friend  of Jack and Walker who died in 9-11.
29   Kristen       Met Leo in a theater in Tribeca.
31   Kate       One of Melody's friends from sixth grade.
    Beth       One of Melody's friends from sixth grade.
    Leah       One of Melody's friends from sixth grade.
    Gertie       Aunt of Leo, Jack, Beatrice and Melody.
40   Olivia   Russell   Journalist. Stephanie's client.
Epi   Lillian P.   Palmer   Stephanie and Leo's daughter. aka: Lila.