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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProJody  An archaeology student from the University of Florida.
 ProfessorCarmine Jody's professor.
 JohnHardy Retired carpet salesman. Maintained website. Aka: Big John.
 ElwoodCurtis The Nickel Boy who lived in New York. Protagonist. Aka: El.
    Part One.
1MartinLuther King The reverend. Aka: Dr. King.
 HarrietJohnson Elwood's grandmother.
 YolandaKing Martin Luther's daughter.
 Mr.Parker The hotel manager at the Richmond Hotel. Elwood's employer.
 Barney  The cook. Elwood's co-worker.
 Cory  The busboy. Elwood's co-worker.
 Pete  One of the new dishwashers. Elwood's co-worker.
 Len  The gray-haired waiter. Elwood's co-worker.
2Mr.Marconi The proprietor of the tobacco shop. Elwood's employer.
 Vincent  Mr. Marconi's long-time stock boy.
 Mrs.Thomas One of the people from Elwood's block.
 EvelynCurtis Harriet's daughter. Elwood's mother.
 Larry  The boy who grabbed the candies at Mr. Marconi's shop.
 Willie  Larry's friend.
 PercyCurtis Elwood's father.
3Mr.Hill Elwood's history teacher.
 ThomasJackson A confederate general during the American Civil War.
 Marie-Jean  Thomas's girlfriend.
 Anne  Elwood's classmate.
 MontyJohnson Harriet's husband
 MarlonBrando The sheriff.
 BillTuddy A basketball varsity player from Lincoln High.
 AlvinTate A basketball varsity player from Lincoln High.
 CameronParker The son of Richmond's manager.
 PeterCoombs Harriet's neighbor.
 Rodney  A boy that Elwood met.
    Part Two.
4MaynardSpencer The police superintendent who sent Elwood to Nickel Campus.
 Franklin Bill Elwood's colleague at Nickel Campus.
 Mr.Loomis The man who processed the boys at Nickel Campus.
 Blakeley  The boy who's in charge at Elwood's dormitory.
 Mr.Goodall One of the teachers at Nickel Campus.
 Desmond  Elwood's dorm mate.
 Pat  Elwood's dorm mate.
5JackTurner Elwood's close friend at Nickel Campus.
 Griff  The bully boy at Nickel Campus.
 Lonnie  Griff's friend.
 Jamie  Elwood's leader at Nickel Campus.
 Carter  One of the house black men at Nickel Campus.
 Birdy  The Cleveland's student captain at Nickel Campus.
 Corey  The boy who was bullied at Nickel Campus.
 BlackMike Lonnie's partner.
 Phil  One of the white housemen.
6Eark  One of the housemen at Nickel Campus.
7Mr.Andrews A young lawyer from Atlanta.
 Dr.Cooke One of the doctors at Nickel.
 Wilma  A nurse at Nickel Campus.
 TrevorNickel The person Nickel Campus is named after.
 SonnyListon The boxer.
 CassiusClay Sonny's opponent.
8Harper  A boy who worked in community service.
 Smitty  An older boy from Roosevelt dormitory.
 Lucille  Harper's aunt.
 DirectorHardee The Nickel Campus director.
 Mrs.Davis Conrad's wife.
 ConradDavis Mrs. Davis's husband. The fire chief.
 Mr.Garfield A friend of the Everett's. Turner's former employer.
 Lou  Turner's former co-worker.
9TerryBurns Boy sent to Nickel for strangling neighbor's chicken. Aka: Doc.
 AxelParks The former boxing champ at Nickel.
 MaxDavid The Mississippian-colored coach.
 Dr.Campbell The Nickel Campus's psychologist.
 Cherry  Griff's sparing mate.
 CharlesGrayson The banker. A long time Nickel supporter.
 BigChet The white boxing contender.
 Pettibone  Griff's boxing opponent.
 Wilson  One of the boxers at Nickel.
10MissBaker A young teacher at Nickel.
 Ellie  Jaimie's mother.
 Duggin  Elwood's classmate.
 Wainwright  Elwood's classmate.
 Mr.Tolliver A businessman.
 Mavis  Turner's aunt.
 ClarenceTurner Turner's father.
 Ishmael  Mavis's boyfriend.
 Eleanor  A pharmacy owner.
 Hennepin  A man who replaced Earl as a housemen.
11SidneyPoitier A convict chained to Tony Curtis who ran to the swamp.
 TonyCurtis Sidney's co-prisoner.
 Denise  A girl that Larry likes.
12ClaytonSmith One of Nickel's famous escapees.
 FreddieRich The housemaster of Roosevelt during Clayton's time at Nickel.
 BellSmith Clayton's sister.
 Mr.Simmons A retired Mayor.
 Mr.Lewis Clayton's old landlord.
 Burt  One of the students from Cleveland.
 ChickiePete Elwood's old friend at Nickel.
14EdwardChilds A former county supervisor.
 BertramChilds Edward's father.
 TerranceCrowe A man who's in charge of the boys in Nickel.
 JackieGleason One of the housemen at Nickel Campus.
 JFK  Gleason's colleague.
 Mayberry  Gleason's colleague.
 Faubus  The Governor.
 Mr.Gladwell Managed the planting and harvesting at Nickel Campus.
15Yvette  Elwood's secretary.
 MillieCurtis Elwood's wife.
 JackCoker Elwood's predecessor.
 Lester  One of the students from Cleveland.
 Tom  Elwood's friend.