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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Kamunting, Malaya, May 1931
 Ren A Chinese houseboy.
2  Ipoh, Malaya Wednesday, June 3rd
 ShinLeeJi Lin's stepbrother.
 LouiseBrooksAmerican film actress.
 Louise A dancer.
 Mrs.LimOwner of a dancing school.
 RudolphValentinoAn Italian actor.
 Hui Louise's friend.
 JiLinReal name of Louise.
3  Batu Gajah Wednesday, June 3rd
 John AlexanderMacFarlaneA doctor. Ren's former master.
 Auntie Kwan Dr. MacFarlane's housekeeper.
 Yi Ren's twin brother.
 WilliamActonA surgeon. Dr. MacFarlane's friend.
4  Ipoh Friday, June 5th
 BeakyThamA dressmaker.
 Chan YewCheungA salesman.
5  Batu Gajah Wednesday, June 3rd
 AhLongDr. William Acton's cook.
6  Falim Saturday, June 6th
 Foo NyitTseThe tin tycoon.
 AhKumA girl who worked for Shin's father.
 Ming Shin's best friend.
 RobertChiuMing's friend.
 Emily One of Robert's sisters.
 Mary One of Robert's sisters.
 Eunice One of Robert's sisters.
7  Batu Gajah Friday, June 5th
 Harun The Malay driver.
8  Falim Sunday, June 7th
 AhYokeChan Yew Cheung's wife.
 Mr.WongAn optometrist.
 Mr.KhooOne of May Flower's customers.
 NirmanSinghOne of May Flower's customers.
9  Batu Gajah Friday, June 5th
 Iris Dr. William Acton's fiancĂ©.
 Ambika William Acton's girl.
 HenryThomsonThe manager of the rubber plantation.
 LydiaThomsonHenry's daughter.
 JagjitSinghA police officer in Malaya.
 LyttonRawlingsA pathologist also acting as coroner.
10  Ipoh Sunday, June 7th
 Rose One of Louise's friends.
 Pearl One of Louise's friends.
 Y. K.WongChan Yew Cheung's friend.
11  Batu Gajah Saturday, June 6th
 Reynolds One of the members of the tiger hunters.
 Price One of the members of the tiger hunters.
12  Ipoh Friday, June 12th
 Dolly Mrs. Tham's dog.
 Mr.ThamMrs. Tham's husband.
13  Batu Gajah Monday, June 8th
 Leslie A doctor. Dr. Acton's friend.
 PakIdrisA blind Malay fisherman.
15  Batu Gajah Saturday, June 13th
 NandaniWijedasaWilliam's patient.
 Matron A senior hospital staff.
16  Batu Gajah District Hospital Saturday, June 13th
 KohBengShin's acquaintance.
 FongLanShin's girlfriend.
 Dr.MertonDr. Rawling's predecessor.
17  Batu Gajah Saturday, June 13th
 PakIbrahimA local hunter.
 Farrell William's acquaintance.
18  Batu Gajah District Hospital Saturday, June 13th
 Wong YunKiongReal name of Y. K. Wong.
20  Batu Gajah District Hospital Sunday, June 14th
 PeiLingA nurse.
22  Ipoh Monday, June 15th
 Queen Victoria Former Queen of the United Kingdom.
24  Falim Tuesday, June 16th
 Auntie Wong Ji Lin's neighbor.
26  Batu Gajah Saturday, June 20th
 Mrs.BanksOne of William's guests.
27  Batu Gajah Saturday, June 20th
 Anne Hui's acquaintance.
 Kiong The bouncer.
28  Batu Gajah Saturday, June 20th
 AhSengA part-time waiter.
39  Batu Gajah Saturday, June 27th
 Mr.GraftonLydia's fiancĂ©.
42  Taiping Saturday, June 27th
 Dr.WatsonJi Lin's acquaintance.
 AhHingOne of Ji Lin's admirers.
 SengHuatOne of Ji Lin's admirers.
45  Batu Gajah Monday, June 29th
 Dr.ChinRen's doctor.