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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   September 1953
1  Turtle Mountain Jewel Bearing Plant
 ThomasWazhashkA night watchman at Jewel Bearing Plant.
 Fee Thomas' daughter.
2  Lard on Bread
 PatriceParanteauWorked at Jewel Bearing Plant. aka: Pixie.
 BuckyDuvallePokey's friend.
 Pokey Patrice's brother.
 DorisLauderValentine's friend.
 ValentineBluePatrice's best friend.
 WalterVoldPatrice's boss. Aka: Grasshopper.
 Anne One of Patrice's co-workers.
 Jay One of Patrice's co-workers.
 JoyceAsiginakOne of Patrice's co-workers.
 Vera Patrice's sister.
3  The Watcher
 Archie One of Thomas' sons.
 Ray Thomas' daughter.
 Lawrence Thomas' eldest son.
 Milton R.YoungAmerican politician.
 BobCoryA newspaper columnist.
 Rose Thomas' wife.
 LaBatte The evening janitor.
 Roderick Thomas' friend.
4  The Skin Tent
 Zhaanat Patrice's mother.
 EmilyDickensonAmerican poet.
5  Three Men
 MosesMontroseThomas' acquaintance.
 EddyMinkOne of Moses' acquaintances.
 JimDuvalleOne of Moses' acquaintances.
 Leola Jim's wife.
 Mary Moses' wife.
 Juggie BlueA caretaker/cook.
 Archille Thomas' friend.
 Noko Rose's mother.
6  The Boxing Coach
 LloydBarnesA math teacher. Aka: Hay Stack.
 WoodMountainLloyd Barnes' brightest student.
 Gene Barnes' uncle.
 KidRappatoeA boxer.
 Severine BoydA boxer.
 ReynoldJarvisAn English teacher.
 Ajijaak One of Barnes's most promising kid boxers.
 RevardStone BoyOne of the boxers.
 CalbertSt. PierreOne of the boxers.
 DiceyAsiginakOne of the boxers.
 GarnetFoxOne of the boxers.
 CaseAlleryOne of the boxers.
 WadeWazhashkA promising boxer.
 EzzardCharlesA boxer.
 Tosk The superintendent.
7  Noko
 Sharlo Thomas' daughter.
 JoeWobleszynskiA boxer.
8  Water Earth
 Gerald Zhaanat's cousin.
 Betty PyePatrice's co-worker.
 Genevieve Betty's cousin.
 Falon Thomas' brother.
9  Juggie's Boy
 TekTolversonA boxer.
 RobertValleA boxer.
 SamBellA boxer.
 HowardOld ManA boxer.
 Adolfa Archille's acquaintance.
10  Valentine's Days
 Deanna Curly Jay's sister.
 Bernadette BlueDeanna's friend. Aka: Bernie.
 FatherHartiganA priest.
11  Pukkons
 Biboon Thomas' father.
 Smoker Thomas's dog.
13  The Iron
 Martin Wade's friend.
16  A Bill
 MartinCrossThomas' old friend.
 Arthur V. WatkinsRepublican U.S. Senator.
20  Flags
 Julia Thomas's mother. Aka: Awan.
21  Log Jam 26
 Bitty Patrice's acquaintance.
 Earl A car driver. Aka: Freckle Face.
 HildaKranzA lady who do the underwater tricks.
 JackMalloyEarl's friend.
 Dinky One of Jack's friends.
 Billy One of Jack's friends.
 W. W.PankOwner of the Log Jam 26.
23  The Old Muskrat
 LouisPipestoneThomas' acquaintance.
 Millie AnnCloudLouis Pipestone's daughter.
24  The Waterjack
 DorisBarnesThe name used by Patrice Paranteau.
25  Left Hook
 Grace Louis Pipestone's daughter.
26  Louis Pipestone
 TitusGiizisLouis Pipestone's friend.
 Cash Out One of Louis' horses.
 Gringo Louis' top horse.
 Picasso One of Louis' horses.
29  Woodland Beauty
 Suze The baby sitter.
31  The Missionaries
 Ernath One of the missionaries.
 Vernon One of the missionaries.
 JosephSmith Jr.American religious leader and founder of Mormonism.
33  The Temple Beggar
 EverettBlueThe real name of Wood Mountain
34  Wild Rooster
 Nancy Moses' cousin.
 George Nancy's husband.
35  Arthur V. Watkins
 IsaacJacobsThe one who baptized Arthur V. Watkins.
 Arthur V. Watkins Sr.Arthur V.Watkin's Jr.'s father.
 AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President.
 Chester A.Arthur21st U.S. President
36  Cool Fine
 Gwiiwizens Vera's son.
38  Metal Blinds
 JohnHailAn attorney.
 JohnCooperThe area director.
 GaryHolmesA lawyer.
 JohnSummerOne of Thomas acquaintances.
 Giizis One of Thomas' acquaintances.
 ClothildeFleuryOne of Thomas' acquaintances.
 AngusWatchOne of Thomas acquaintances.
 BuggyMorrisseyOne of Thomas' acquaintances.
 Anakward One of Thomas' acquaintances.
 PogoParanteauPatrice's father.
39  X = ?
 ChristopherColumbusItalian explorer and navigator.
 Dwight D.Eisenhower34th U.S. President.
40  Twin Dreams
 RockyGrazianoAmerican-Italian professional boxer.
 TonyZaleAmerican boxer.
 Jersey Joe WalcottAmerican professional boxer.
 Sugar RayRobinsonAmerican professional boxer.
 ArchieMooreAmerican professional boxer.
41  The Star Powwow
 MiltonYoungAmerican politician.
 ArnoldZeffThe leader of the local chapter of the American Legion.
43  Homecoming
 Mrs.EdgesA home economics teacher.
 JimmyForrestAmerican musician.
46  Thwack
 BillHaleyAmerican musician.
55  Boxing for Sovereignty
  BenFernanceThe referee.
 MelvinLauderRevard's opponent.
 JohnSkinnerA fighter from St. Michael.
 TekTolversonSkinner's opponent.
 JakeLaMottaA boxer.
 LaurentDauthuilleA French fighter.
56  The Promotion
 Omar NelsonBradleySenior officer of the United States Army.
 Norbert Betty Pye's boy friend. Aka: Norbie.
57  Edith, Psychic Dog
 HarryRoyA retired army medic.
 Edith Harry's smart dog.
 KittyWellsAmerican singer.
64  Two Months
 SlimWhitmanAmerican musical artist.
 DaisyChainA horse.
 FrancisBoydOne of laBatte's acquaintances.
 LiliaSnowOne of LaBatte's acquaintances.
 JuniorBizhikiOne of LaBatte's acquaintances.
 GordonFleuryOne of LaBatte's acquaintances.
67  Elnath and Vernon
 MildaHansonOwner of a farmhouse.
 DeanPaveA bishop.
68  Night Bird
 MyronFeltBuckey's friend.
69  U.S.I.S.
 JohnnieRayAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Lemon Juggie's half brother.
 CaryGrantEnglish-born American actor.
70  The Runner
 BurtonBellA bakery owner.
72  The Spirit Duplicator
  McCumberOne who was assigned to count the Indians.
73  Prayer for 1954
 WilliamLangerNorth Dakota's senator. Aka: Wild Bill.
77  The Lamanites
 JoeGarryThe President of the National Congress of American Indians.
79  The Committee
 Ruth M.BronzonThe Exec. Sec. of the National Congress of American Indians.
83  Termination of Federal Contracts and Promises Made with Certain
    Tribes of Indians
 H. RexLeeAssociate commissioner of Indian Affairs.
84  The Way Home
 LolitaLebronPuerto Rican nationalist who was convicted of attempted murder.
92  The Bear Skull in the Tree Was Painted Red and Faced East
 ThomasArchilleThe name given to Vera's son.
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