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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Juliette   Gervaise   The Nightingale.
    Julien       The Nightingale's father.
2   Vianne   Mauraic   A Teacher. Antoine's wife. Sofie's mother.
    Sofie       Vianne's daughter.
    Antoine   Mauriac   Vianne's husband.
    Isabelle   Rossignol   Vianne's younger sister.
    Monsieur   La Choa   Owned a saladerie.
    Madame   Clonet   Hat shop's owner.
3   Rachel   De Champlain   Vianne's best friend.
    Ariel   De Champlain   Rachel's son. aka: Daniel Antoine Mauriac.
    Marc   De Champlain   Rachel's husband.
    Monsieur   Qiullian   Gave Vianne a flower every morning.
    Bebe       Sofie's stuff.
4   Madame   Dufour   Isabelle's teacher.
    Madame   Allard   Head mistress.
    Tomas       The guy who brought Isabelle to the train.
    Christophe       Isabelle's friend.
5   Monsieur   Humbert   Butcher shop owner.
    Patricia       Humbert's wife.
    Madame   Doom   Always locked Isabelle's room.
    Gaetan   Dubois   Isabelle's loved one. aka: Gaet.
7   Fuilles   Fournier   The butcher's son.
    Francois       Vianne's student.
    Claire       Francois's classmate.
    Sarah       Rachel's daughter. Sofie's best friend.
    Helene   Ruelle   The Baker's wife.
    Sabine       A little girl who suffered from hunger.
8   Charles   De Gaulle   Head of the French Army. A General.
            Sturmbannfuhrer - Nazi rank equivalent to Major.
        Weld   Gestapo member.
    Hauptmann   Beck   Captain who billeted at Vianne's home.
9   Wilhelm       Beck's son.
    Gisela       Beck's daughter.
10   Claire   Moreau   Billeted house.
    Didier       Opened the door for Isabelle.
    Henri   Navarre   The man who ran the hotel in town.
11   Madame   Fournier   Butcher's wife.
12   Clark   Gable   Isasbelle's guy.
    Paul   Jeauelere   French police officer.
    Marie-   Therese   Mother Superior.
    Monsieur   Penoir   Former postmaster.
    Judge   Braias   The judge who had been replaced.
    Alain   Deschamp   Bicycle owner.
15   Madame   Leclerc   Nosy old woman.
16   Monsieur   Levy   Patron of Isabelle's father's bookshop. aka: Paul Levy.
    Anouk       Isabelle's contact.
    Mon   Dieu   A woman who moved like a viper in the reeds.
17   Monsieur   Paretsky   Old man who taught a lifetime ago.
    Monsieur   Deparde   Chef and owner of the bistro.
    Jackes       Deparde's son.
    Gigi       Deparde's daughter.
    Torrance   MacLeish   RAF pilot. aka: Torry.
18   Micheline   Babineau   Isabelle's mother's friend.
19   Eliane       Woman in the hotel who helped the airmen.
    Eduardo       An old man who helped the airmen escape.
    Teddy       An airman.
    Alice       Teddy's wife.
    Almadora       The woman who helped take the airmen to the consulate.
20   Ian   Trufford   Isabelle's contact. Code name: Tuesday.
    Father   Joseph   Kindly old priest.
    Ed   Perkins   Captain who helped the downed airmen get home.
21   Issac   Sternholtz   Clog maker.
    Ruth   Friedman   The girl who helped Isabelle hide.
    Madame   Vizniak   Emile's wife. aka: Lily.
    Anton       Lily's son.
    Helene       Lily's daughter.
22   Hilda       Captain Beck's wife.
23       Von Richter   Vindicated and cruel. Billeted at Vianne's house after Beck.
25   Keith   Johnson   A Lieutenant who was shot dead.
    Madame   Dumas   Woman who tread Isabelle badly.
27   Laurence   Olivier   Name given by Gaetan to the guard.
29   Yvette       Lady who asked the lieutenant to give food to Vianne.
    Jean G.   Ruelle   Helene's son given to Vianne. aka: Emile Duvall.
    Agatha       A young nun.
30   Sarah       First-rate hostess (in Pau).
31   Felicia       Girl with a tatoo.
32   Simone   de Beauvoir   A woman who writes furiously.
    Claudine       Vianne's student.
    Major   Foley   Followed the instruction perfectly.
    Sargeant   Smythe   With Major Foley.
    Tom   Down   Major from Chicago.
33   Rittmeister   Schmidt   Commandant of the Gestapo.
36   Ravensbruck       Dangerous officer.
37   Monsieur   Montand   Red Cross worker.
    Nathaniel   Lerner   OSE worker.
    Phillip   Horowitz   OSE worker.
39   Julien       Vivianne's son.
    Isabelle       Gaetan's daughter.