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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   These Short Dark Days
 Jim  Annie's husband who commits suicide / Sally's father.
 Annie  Sally's mother / Jim's wife.
 Sister St. Saviour A nursing nun for the sick and poor.
 OfficerO'neil A police officer.
 Sister Miriam Sister St. Saviour's co-nun.
    Little Nursing Sister - The convent.
 Mrs.Gertler Owner of the apartment where Annie stays.
 Dr.Hannigan A doctor who examined Annie.
 Sister Lucy Sister St. Saviour's co-nun.
 Sister Jeanne The young nun in "Little Nursing Sister".
 Mr.Sheen A funeral owner.
 Sister Illuminita The laundress at "Little Nursing Sister".
 Mr.Hennesy A man who knows all the motormen / Sister Lucy's friend.
 Sally  Annie's daughter.
    And Then
 ElizabethBreen-Tierney Annie's new friend / Patrick Tierney's mother. aka: Liz, Lizzie.
 MichaelTierney Elizabeth Tierney's husband / Patrick Tierney's father.
 Mrs.Odette The convent's cook.
 Mr.Costello The Milkman.
    The Ninth Hour
 Mary PatShea Sister Illuminita's childhood friend.
 Sister Eugenia A nun in "Little Nursing Sister".
 Mrs.Costello Mr. Costello's one-legged wife.
 AuntRose Aunt of Michael Tierney / Took care of the Red Whelans.
 Patrick  Michael Tierney's father / Aunt Rose's maiden brother.
    The Convent Child
 Mrs.McShane President of Ladies Auxiliary / An elegant and imperious woman.
 Sister Dymphna A nun in "Little Nursing Sister".
 TomTierney Elizabeth and Michael Tierney's son.
 MatildaTierney Elizabeth and Michael Tierney's daughter.
 PatrickTierney Elizabeth and Michael Tierney's son.
 Sister Augustina A new nun at the convent.
 Sister Joseph Mary A nun who keeps the library at the convent.
 FatherDamien A priest to the lepers who first invited the nuns to the molokai.
    Sister Lucy
 Mrs.Gremeli Sister Lucy's friend.
 Loretta  A little girl who was not studying.
 Charlie  A handsome boy.
 Mr.Bannister The old veteran / bachelor.
 JeanneJugan Founder of the Little Sister of the Poor.
 Sister Aquina Tomboy nun / New in the convent.
 Grace  Annie's daughter / Sally's step-sister.