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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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1   Naomi   Carson   Protagonist. Photographer. aka: Naomi Bowes/Nome.
    Thomas David   Bowes   Naomi and Mason's father.
    Ashley   Murdoch   Former student at West Virginia U. aka: Ashley McLean.
        Wayne   Pine Meadows deputy.
2   Lettie   Blachard   Woman deputy at Pine Meadows.
        Hollin   Female doctor at Pine Meadows.
    Joe   Franks, Sr.   Sheriff at Pine Meadows.
    Susan   Bowes   Naomi and Mason's mother.
    Mason   Carson   Naomi's younger brother. FBI agent.aka: Mason Bowes.
    Seth   Carson   Naomi and Mason's uncle. In investments.
    Harrison   Dobbs   Seth's partner. Chef. aka: Harry.
3       Osgood   Doctor. Naomi's therapist.
    Simon   Vance   Author.
4   Anson   Chaffins   Naomi's high school date.aka: Mike Rhoder.
    Angela   Rossini   Detective in New York.
5   Mark   Ryder   Dated Naomi in high school.
6   Kevin   Banner   Sunrise Cove contractor. Jenny's husband.
    Molly       Kevin's dog.
    Tyler   Banner   Jenny and Kevin's 6-year old son.
    Jenny   Banner   Kevin's wife. Worked at Krista's store.
    Mandy   Banner   Jenny and Kevin's 4-year old daughter. aka: Maddy.
    Xander   Keaton   Owner of Keaton's Garage. Tyler's godfather.
8   Marla   Roth   A victim.
    Tag       Naomi's dog.
9   Alice   Patton   Veterinarian at Sunrise Cove.
    Pete       Mechanic working for Xander.
    Cecil       Owner of Sunrise Cove furniture store.
10   Macie   Addams   Carpenter working for Kevin.
13   Loo       Female. Bartender and part owner of Loo's.
    Daren   Peters, Jr.   Marla's ex-husband. aka: Chip.
    Maxie   Upton   Waitress at Rinaldo's.
15   Sam   Winston   Sunrise Cove Chief of Police.
16   Lelo       Plays bass for Wreckers Band. Xander's friend.
    Dave       Wreckers Band drummer.
    Trilby       Plays keyboard for the Wreckers Band.
    Ky       Wreckers Band lead guitarist.
19   Krista       Jenny's boss.
21   Donna   Lanier   Waitress at Rinaldo's. Loo's best friend since high school.
22   Frank   Peters   Chip's uncle. Donna's friend and occasional date.
    Darren   Peters, Sr.   Chip's father. Part owner of Sea to Sea Tours.
    Rupert   Mosley   Marla's ex-boyfriend. Abusive.
26   Eliza   Anderson   A victim.
    Hanna       Naomi's former classmate.
29   Karen   Fisher   Part-time waitress and prostitute. A victim.