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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProLuke Leo's grandson. Natalie's son.
 Jared Leo's grandson. Natalie's son.
 Greg Leo's son-in-law. Natalie's husband.
 Dolly IdaBlumNathan's sister. Aka: Leisa, Doleczki.
   Part One
1AlfredWetzlerRudolf's colleague. A camp escapee.
 RudolfVrbaA camp escapee.
2PeterStraussBill Donovan's chief and OSS operation officer.
 FrankRooseveltThe current U.S. President.
 BillDonovanRoosevelt's chief spymaster. Aka: The Big Man.
 HenryStimsonRoosevelt's secretary of war.
 RobertMorgenthauRoosevelt's treasury secretary.
3AlfredMendlAn electromagnetic physicist. The One Man.
 MartrMendlAlfred's wife.
 LucyMendlAlfred's daughter.
4MartinFrankeThe gruppen fuehrer.
 EleneZeitmanA 12-year-old Jew.
7RicardoOlivaA man from the International Refugee Committee.
 Mr.CorreaAn archbishop.
 Alexander KatznerThe man from Jewish World Congress.
8RobertOppenheimerA physicist.
 LeslieGrovesOppenheimer's military overseer.
9NathanBlumAn intelligence lieutenant in D.C. The U.S. spy.
10LeisaBlumNathan's sister.
 Epstein Blum's friend.
 Morgenstern The rabbi.
 Jakob Nathan's friend who was taken by Gestapo.
 IsidorBlumNathan's father.
13RabbieLeitnerNathan's instructor.
 Chaim Nathan's friend.
   Part Two
15Mrs. ZelworwiczMendl's associate.
 Ostrow An ex bookkeeper. Mendl's acquaintance.
 Ullie A baker from Warsaw.
 Vacek Mendl's kapo.
 Scharf A German officer.
 Nieholtz The camp captain.
17Markov Mendl's co-slaves.
 LeoWolciekThe young boy that Mendl befriended in camp.
18Langer A Nazi corporal.
 KurtAckermannThe Lagerkommandant.
19Hedda Ackermann's maid.
20GretaAckermannKurt's wife.
 NielsBohrThe most respected physicist.
 RichardFeynmanBohr's colleague and friend.
 HanBetheBohr's colleague and friend.
 EnricoFermiBohr's colleague and friend.
25Kendry A British military officer.
 Riggs A British military officer.
 Radjekowski A British military officer.
26Schubert A musician.
28Verstoeder Martin Franke's aide.
30JosefWrarinskiNathan's driver.
 Anja Nathan's niece.
31GeneralGraebnerFranke's colleague.
   Part Three
 Hoss The SS colonel.
 Himmler The Reichsfuhrer.
39Zichenko Nathan's kapo.
40Fromm Ackermann's aide.
42Richter One of the guards.
43Goring The Reichmarshall.
45Muller The blockfuhrer.
46Fuerst One of the camp's guards.
47Katja Strauss's contact.
48Shetman One of the prisoners who helped Nathan Blum.
   Part Four
50Macak The foreman.
 Pavel The foreman. Aka: The Bear.
54Levin The head of camp repair team.
 Rozen One of the prisoners.
58KarlWrarinskiJosef's son.
 NicolasWrarinskiJosef's son.
60HansFrankeMartin's brother.
 ErnstFrankeMartin's brother.
61Panish Mendl's blockfuhrer.
66Scharf A sergeant major.
74Janusz The partisan leader.
76Natalie Leo's daughter.
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