Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part I
1HedwigKeiler-MandlA stage actress. Protagonist and Narrator. Aka: Hedy Lamarr.
 Josef A stage actor who played the role of Emperor Franz.
 HansJarayA stage actress who played the role of Empress Elizabeth.
 AdolfHitlerThe Leader of the Nazi Party. Mr. Mandl's client.
   Theatre an der wien - A theatre where Hedy works.
2FriedrichMandlHedy's husband. The richest man in Vienna. Aka: Fritz.
 ElseLubbigA veteran dresser in Theatre an der wien.
 EvaMayA young German actress who commits suicide.
3JosefHoffmanThe architect of Hotel Imperial.
4  The Creditanstalt Bankverein - Prominent bank in Vienna.
 Franz V. HochstettenAn Aristocratic ritter. One of Hedy's suitors.
 AribertMogHedy's co-actor. Hedy's suitor.
 GertrudeKieslerHedy's mother. Aka: Trude.
 EmilKieslerHedy's father.
 EngelbertDollfussA federal chancellor in Austria.
 BenitoMussoliniPrime Minister of Italy. Mr. Mandl's associate. Aka: II Duce.
 FranciscoFrancoA former caudillo of Spain. A military dictator of Spain.
   Heimwehr- A paramilitary organization.
 Ernst RudigerStarhembergHead of Heimwehr. Mr. Mandl's friend and business colleague.
6WolfAlbach-RettyOne of Hedy's former admirers.
 BlucherVon WahlstaffOne of Hedy's former admirers.
8Mrs.SteinOne of Hedy's neighbors.
10Gustav The Prince of Denmark.
 Albrecht The Prince of Bavaria.
 Nicholas The Prince of Greece.
 Kurt V. SchuschniggA political leader. The new Austrian Chancellor.
 MaxReinhardtHedy's theatre mentor.
11NicoloMontelloOne of the proprietors of Hotel Excelsior.
13Ada The pretty parlormaid.
14  Schutzbund - The military arm of social democratic party.
 OttoBaeurThe Jewish leader of Schutzbund.
15EmilFeyVice Chancellor of Austria.
16  Catholic Patriotic Front - Party who took control of government.
17OdonVon HorvathA renowned writer.
 FranzWerfelA renowned writer.
 MadameSchiaparelliA famous designer.
 SigmundFreudA celebrated psychologist.
 GustavMachatyDirector won best director award in Venice Film Festival.
18Ferdinand V. StarhembergPrince Ernst's brother. Hedy's lover.
 HellmuthWalterA German engineer. A Nazi torpedo expert.
 Dr.DevittA doctor who lives in Dobling. Emil's doctor.
20Scheneider The most senior servant of Mr. Mandl and Hedy.
22Auguste The youngest servant of Hedy whom she trusts.
25Laura Hedy's new maid.
   Part II
26MargaretMayerThe head of MGM studio. Louis's wife.
 LouisMayerThe head and founder of MGM studio. Margaret's husband.
 BarbaraLa MarrA silent film star who died of heroin.
 RobertRitchieAn MGM talent scout.
 BennyThauMr. Mayer's assistant head.
 HowardStricklingMr. Mayer's press representative.
27IlonaMasseyA Hungrian actress. Hedy's roommate.
 ReinholdSchunzelThe MGM director.
 CharlesBoyerA French actor. Hedy's leading man.
28Susie Hedy's makeup artist.
 JohnCromwellHedy's director in her first movie with MGM.
 IreneGibbonsA costume designer in Theatre an der wien.
 JamesWong HoweA cinematographer at MGM.
29OttoPremingerA famous director.
 WalterWangerA film producer.
 ReggierGardinerAn actor that Hedy dated.
30PresidentRooseveltThe current U.S. President.
31GeneMarkeyA screenwriter. Hedy's new husband.
 JoanBennettAn actress. Gene's wife.
32Donner Gene and Hedy's great dane.
 ApoloniaNunezMexican civil magistrate.
 GustavoPadres Jr.Mexican consul. One of Hedy and Gene's wedding witnesses.
 RaulMateusPolice department head. Hedy and Gene's wedding witness.
 JimmyAlvarezManager local tavern. Hedy and Gene's wedding witness.
33PeterLorreHedy's actor friend.
 JosephSchildkrautHedy's co-actor.
 CeciliaRazovskyThe chair of the advisory committee to the secretary of labor.
 FrancesPerkinsA woman who works on the topic of legislation reform.
 KateRosenheimThe head of Germany's department of Children's emigration.
34ArthurHornblow Jr.Hedy and Gene's close friend.
 MyrnaLoyHedy and Gene's close friend.
 James LamarrMarkeyHedy and Gene's adoptive son. Aka: Jamesie.
 Mrs.BurtonJamesie's nanny.
36RobinGaynor-AdrianGilbert's son.
 GilbertAdrianRobin's father. Hedy's friend. Aka: Adrian.
 JaneyGaynorAn actress. Adrian's wife.
 GeorgeAntheilA well-known composer. Hedy's instrument co-inventor.
39BoskiAntheilGeorge's wife.
 JohnHowardAn actor Hedy dated.
 JockWhitneyA playboy Hedy dated.
 HowardHughesA business tycoon Hedy dated.
40KingVidorOne of Hedy's film directors.
 LawrenceLangnerA council member who supports Hedy and George's invention.
 SamuelMcKeownA Caltech professor.
   Lyon & Lyon - A patent law firm.
 CharlesKetteringThe head of the National Inventor's Council.
41VictorFlemingOne of Hedy's film directors.
 GeorgeMontgomeryHedy's new boyfriend.
 SpencerTracyHedy's co-actor.
 JohnGarfieldHedy's co-actor.
42WilliamPowellHedy's co-star.
 Blanche Hedy's housekeeper.
43WilliamBullittGeorge's source. A journalist and a diplomat.
 SummerWellesSecretary of the state. President Roosevelt's favorite.
 L.BLentChief Engineer of the National Inventor's Council.
 ColonelSmithAssistant to the chief procurement officer of the Navy.
 Mr.RobsonOne of L.B. Lent's workers.
44EddieRhodesA young sailor Hedy kissed in front of her audience.
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