Characters - Alphabetical
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RhosdyAbadhaLead actor in an Egyptian movie.
MilesAikenAmerican basketball player.
KarimaAit-YaacoubMaryam's friend.
Rifaatal-AssadYounger brother of the former President of Syria.
VictorAlcalaJeremy's high school classmate.
SvetlanaAlexievichBelarusian investigative journalist.
JonathanAtkinsMember of the wrestling team.
Anderson BakerOwner of the bowling alley.
Mrs.BarronA Biology teacher.
MaxBloemhofNora's boyfriend.
MaryamBouzianeNora's mother.
LeeBriggsStacey's brother.
StaceyBriggsOne of A.J.'s classmates.
BeckettBurqueNora's date.
George W.Bush43rd U.S. President.
GraceChinOne of A.J.'s client.
JacquesChiracFormer President of France.
MadieClarkeJeremy's crush.
Patsy ClineAmerican singer.
BillClinton42nd U.S. President.
EricaColemanA detective.
ClaudiaCorbettA talk show host.
BrittanyCutlerOne of Nora's classmates.
Aida GuerraouiDarwishZaid's twin sister.
TareqDarwishSalma's husband.
Zaid GuerraouiDarwishOne of Salma's children.
MilesDavisAmerican jazz trumpeter.
MichaelDouglasAmerican actor.
AntoninDvorakCzech composer.
Mr.FathiA religion teacher.
BryanFierroOne of Jeremy Gorecki's buddies.
Mrs.FlemingOne who made the children's costumes.
Sgt.FletcherA police officer.
DavidFordOne of the sponsors of the musician's festival.
Thomas J.FrazierAssistant District Attorney.
FrankGheryAmerican-Canadian architect.
NeilGilbertOne of A.J.'s classmates.
JeremyGoreckiA sheriff's deputy.
MarkGoreckiJeremy's father.
DrissGuerraouiNora's father.
Mrs.HamiltonSalma's teacher.
Mrs.HammadiMarjam's acquaintance.
SameerHanimNora's date.
MartyHoltzA restaurant manager.
JoshHommeAmerican singer-songwriter.
Zora NealeHurstonAmerican author.
SaddamHusseinFormer president of Iraq.
Dr.JaberIraq's minister.
MarciJamisonJeremy's acquaintance.
Mr.JohnsonA wrestling coach.
DocJonesA physician.
John PaulJonesNaval commander in the American Revolutionary War.
TahiraKhanOne of the publicists at the festival.
DavidLettermanAmerican television host.
 LomeliOne of the police officers.
BradMehdauAmerican jazz pianist.
Mr.MelendezDriss' acquaintance.
Elena AcevesMendezMarisela's daughter.
FrankMillerAmerican comic book writer.
Mr.MitchellOne who organized the trip for the jazz band.
AlanMooreAn English writer.
HosniMubarakFormer President of Egypt.
SonyaMukherjeeNora's classmate.
Sgt.MurphyOne who worked at Crime Lab.
BeatriceNewlandDriss' girl friend.
Mr.NguyenDriss' acquaintance.
Mrs.NielsonNora's teacher.
JimNovacekA complainant.
DollyPartonAmerican singer-songwriter.
 PerezSanger's companion.
CarolinePerryMr. Baker's attorney.
Ronald Reagan40th U.S. President.
 RodriguezFierro's acquaintance.
BettySandersA cashier.
 SangerJeremy's companion.
MargaritaSemprevivoBeckett's girl friend. Aka: Rita.
JimStarlinAmerican comics writer.
 StrattonOne of the police officers.
BillSwensonFormer owner of the restaurant.
GeriTurnerBass player.
MarkTwainAmerican writer.
Sgt.VascoJeremy's boss.
 VillegasOne of the police officers.
Mrs.WinslowA piano teacher.
Adriana One of the members of the therapeutic group.
Alonso Efrain's cousin.
Anderson Jr. Anderson Baker's son. Aka: A.J.
Andrea Nora's friend.
Andrew Nora's neighbor.
Anissa One of Nora's friends.
Annette A.J.'s wife.
Annie One of A.J.'s collies.
Araceli Marisela's neighbor.
Ashley Jeremy's sister.
Aura One of Jeremy's aunt.
Aurora One of the three fairies.
Badawi A sniper.
Bowden Unemployed plumber.
Brahim Driss' friend.
Brandon Murphy's son.
Casey One of the customers at the shooting gun parlor.
Cheney Member of the therapeutic group.
Claire Margo's partner.
Daniel Marisela's son.
Dexter 1 Johnnie's replacement.
Dexter 2 Rossi's replacement.
Dough One of the members of the therapeutic group.
Efrain A carpet cleaner.
Elise One of Nora's friends.
Enrique Efrain's companion.
Ernesto Marisela's first husband.
Estella One of Jeremy's aunt.
Evelyn Max Bloemhof's wife.
Fran A dispatcher.
Frank A police officer.
Gabriel An archangel in the Abrahamic religions.
Gordon One of A.J.'s collies.
Greg Anderson's porter.
Haydar A noncommissioned officer.
Hec Jeremy's friend.
Helen Mr. Baker's wife.
Henderson Member of the jazz band.
Ian Evelyn's son.
Isabella Evelyn's daughter.
Jamie Member of rhe band.
Jessica Nora's acquaintance.
Joe A delivery guy.
Johnnie A police officer.
Jose A cook.
Lena Nora's acquaintance.
Lily Member of the band.
Liz David Ford's wife.
Lorenzo Member of the jazz band.
Loyal One of A.J.'s mother's dog.
Manuel Member of the band.
Margo Nora's roommate.
Marisela Efrain's wife.
Mary Fierro's ex-wife.
Maurice Owner of a jewelry store.
Miles Coleman's son.
Moses A prophet.
Muhammad A prophet.
Nora A musician. Aka: Nor-eini.
Paul Jeremy's uncle.
Peanut Jack Russel terrier.
Prudence Former owner of the restaurant.
Qasim A little boy in the church who collected donations.
Rafi A restaurant employee.
Ray Coleman's husband.
Renata Rafi's crush.
Ron Efrain's boss.
Rossi A facilitator.
Royal One of A.J.'s mother's dog.
Rumsfeld Member of the therapeutic group.
Salma Nora's sister.
Sam Brandon's friend.
Samantha Fierro's date.
Sharon An employee.
Tommy Ashley's husband.
Veronica A waitress.