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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   The Arrest
1JonathanRitzA man who saw a dead body.
 RalphAndersonA police detective at Flint City police.
 Dave Jonathan's beagle.
 SandyRitzJonathan's wife.
 TroyRamageA twenty-year-veteran.
 JackHoskinsRalph's colleague.
 WilliamSamuelsThe flint county district attorney.
 TomYatesA police officer.
 FrankPetersonThe Victim.
 BetsyRigginsRalph's colleague.
3ArleneStanhopeFrank's neighbor.
 OliverPetersonFrank's brother. Aka: Ollie.
4Terence JohnMaitlandBaseball coach. Suspect Frank's murder. Aka: Terry, Coach T.
 TrevorMichaelsA baseball player.
5GavinFrickTerry's assistant coach.
 BaibirPatelA baseball player.
 MarcyMaitlandTerry's wife.
 SarahMaitlandTerry's daughter.
 GraceMaitlandTerry's daughter.
 DerekAndersonRalph's son.
6JuneMorrisFrancine's daughter. Frank's schoolmate.
 FrancineMorrisJune's mother.
 Helen June's friend.
 NormMorrisFrancine's husband. June's father.
 JeannetteAndersonRalph's wife. Aka: Jeannie.
7HowardGoldTerry's lawyer. Aka: Howie.
 BarryHoulihanA baseball coach.
 Lukesh PatelA baseball coach. Baibir's father.
8CarltonScrowcroftA railroad maintenance guy.
 RileyFranklinCarlton's friend.
9JamieMattinglyMaitland's neighbor.
 Mr.CarterA judge.
11PopWarnerBest known as a football league for kids.
 Elaine GoldHowie's wife.
12GeorgeCzernyOne of the witnesses on Frank's murder.
 RonaldWilberforceA police officer. Ralph's assistant.
13BarbaraNearingA woman in Cap City who reported her car was stolen.
14WillowRainwaterOne of the witnesses on Frank's murder. The cab driver.
 ClintonEllenquistWillow's cab dispatcher.
 YunelSabloA detective lieutenant.
16ClaudeBoltonOne of the witnesses in Frank's murder.
 CarlaJeppesonClaude's lover. Aka: Pixie Dreamboat.
 TonyRossClaude's friend.
18RodneyGellerFlint City chief of police.
 RichardDoolinA Flint County sheriff.
 AveryRudolphA captain of state police post 7.
 MichaelCampVogel's security director.
19FredPetersonFrank's father.
 ArlenePetersonFrank's mother.
20EdwardBoganThe doctor who's done the autopsy of Frank.
 HoraceConnollyFrank's family doctor.
 EverettRoundhillThe English teacher at Flint High School.
 BillieQuadeEnglish teacher at Flint High School.
 DebbieGrantEnglish teacher at Flint High School.
 HarlanCobenAn American writer.
 AlecPelleyA retired state police detective. Howie Gold's friend.
22FelicityAckermanThe Flint County chief medical examiner.
1TomMattinglyJamie's husband.
 Maureen Sarah's best friend.
2SandyMcGillA police detective dispatcher.
3FatherBrixtonThe priest at St. Anthony's.
 JuneGibsonPeterson's next-door neighbor.
8DeborahGrantOne of the teacher in Flint High School.
 CarlJellisonThe owner of the white van.
11MerlinCassidyThe kid who stole the van. Aka: Merl.
 Dave Merl's uncle
12JosephineMcDermottThe emcee of the President's tri-state of the teachers of English.
15LoretteLevelleThe clerk at the newsstand that Terry visited.
20OfficerKeeneTerry's jail guard.
   The Arraignment
1DickDoolinThe county's sheriff.
 VernonGilstrapThe assistant district attorney.
   FCDC - Flint County Department of Corrections.
 Mitchell One of Terry's jail guards.
8StephanieGouldChief Geller's assistant.
13EdwardGoldHowie's brother.
 AndrewGoldHowie's father.
14DougieElfmanA boy who found the killer's clothes.
 ClarkElfmanDougie's father.
16Mr.GreerA teacher.
 MistyTrentonMr. Greer's student.
17PeterMaitlandTerry's father.
 MelindaMaitlandTerry's mother.
19MariePelleyAlec's wife.
8BillHodgesAlec's former workmate.
 OliverMaddenA man who stole an airplane.
 DwightCrammOwner of an airplane that Oliver stole.
 HollyGibneyPrivate detective Alec hired. Co-owner Finders Keepers.
 PeterHuntleyBill's partner.
1JeromeRobinsonHolly's friend.
 Dr.StonefieldHolly's doctor.
2MaryHollisterCo-owner of Tommy and Tupence restaurant.
4Heath JamesHolmesThe suspect at Amber and Jolene Howard's murder case.
6AmberHowardHeath's victim. Deceased.
 JoleneHowardHeath's victim. Deceased.
 IsabelleJaynesPete Huntley's new partner.
7CandyWilsonHeath's former co-worker.
8CamMelinskyA janitor.
 PennyPrudhommeCandy's best friend amongst the nursing staff.
11The OutsiderThe mysterious killer. Aka: Tat-man.
9JohnZellmanOwner of the Gentleman Club. Claude's boss.
 Lovie AnnBoltonClaude's mother.
 HoraceKinneyA captain at Texas Highway Patrol.
11OwenSipeA police officer.
   Macy Tells Gimbells
5ChandraPatelLukesh's wife Baibir's mother.
 BillDarwinThe captain of Dayton Police Department.
 GeorgeHighsmithA Trotwood police detective.
10Mr.DonelliOwner of a funeral house.
16  Finders Keepers - A skip-tracing firm that Holly co-owned.
6WilliamCowperAn Anatomist.
7JudgeMartinezFlinty City. Has ulcer.
   Bienvenidos A Tejas
4AugustinSabloHolly's old acquaintance.
9RogerBoltonClaude's uncle.
10ChiefAhigaThe former Navajo chieftain. Aka: Thomas Higgins.