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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Nicholas Hoel
 David HenryThoreauAn essayist, poet and philosopher, and abolitionist in Concord.
 JorgenHoelA new arrival in Prospect Hill in Brooklyn.
 ViPowysJorgen Hoel's wife.
 JohnHoelJorgen and Vi's eldest son.
 CarlHoelJohn's elder son.
 FrankHoel Sr.John's younger son. A farmer.
 FrankHoel Jr.Frank Sr.'s son. A photohrapher.
 EricHoelFrank Jr.'s son.
 NicholasHoelFrank's great great grandson.
   Mimmi Ma
 MaSih HsuinAn electrical engineer. Aka: Winston Ma.
 MaShouyingSih Hsuin's father. A master calligrapher.
 CharlotteTarleton-MaSih Hsuin's wife.
 MimmiMaSih Hsuin and Charlotte's daughter. Douglas's lover.
 AmeliaMaMimmi's sister.
 Tarleton Mimmi's grandfather.
 CarmenMaMimmi's sister.
   Adam Appich
 AdamAppichA boy who had a maple tree.
 JeanAppichAdam's sister.
 LeighAppichAdam's sister.
 EmmettAppichAdam's sister.
 CharlesAppichAdam's brother.
 LeonardAppichAdam's father.
 R.M.RabinowskiHead of the Department of Psychology Fortuna College.
   Ray Brinkman and Dorothy Cazaly
 RayBrinkmanA junior intellectual property lawyer.
 DorothyCazalyRay's wife. A stenographer. Aka: Dory.
   Douglas Pavlicek
 DouglasPavlicekA technical sergeant.
 JohnWayneThe prison guard.
 Chief PlentyCoupsThe Belgian draft horse.
   Neelay Mehta
 NeelayMehtaA Teacher.
 BabulMehtaNeelay's father.
 RituMehtaNeelay's mother.
 Ms.GilpinNeelay's teacher.
   Patricia Westford
 PatriciaWestfordA Scientist. Aka: Patty.
 BillWestfordPatty's father.
 HenryFallowsA researcher in Dreier Research Station. A senior scientist.
 Jason Henry's colleague.
 DennisWardThe Dreier Research Station manager.
 Eden Patty's colleague.
   Olivia Vandergriff
 OliviaVandergriffThe protagonist of the story. A girl that Nick met.
 Davy Olivia's husband.
 BritannicaManThe director of R&D.
 The Q.CGuyA man who wants Mimmi's job.
 Dum Douglas's takers.
 Dee Douglas's takers.
 Gena Neelay's caregiver.
 Moses An older man that Nick and Olivia met.
 HenryHansonThe junk bond king.
 AnneFrankA German diarist.
 Chris The Interviewer of Neelay.
 RubinRabinowskiAdam's professor.
 MiekeVan DijkAdam's professor.
 Watchman Nick and Olivia's co-camper.
 Maidenhair Nick and Olivia's co-camper.
 Loki Nick and Olivia's guide.
   Yggdrasil - The world tree.
 Rupal Neelay's caregiver.
 Sparks Loki's colleague.
 Alan Dory's lover.
 SheriffSandersA policeman in Oregon.
 BrendanSmithA human resource agent.
 Garreth Mimmi's colleague.
 Spinoza Douglas's friend.
 Mulberry Adam's friend. A camper.
 Marten A marathoner.
 Mr.ShiangThe head of Four Arts Gallery.
 Carlos The mobile care.
 Reba The mobile care.
 Elizeu The tour guide of the campers.
 Rogerio The interpreter.
 ElvisAntonioOne of the tour guides of the campers.
 StephanieN.Mimmi's visitor.
 Rasha Mimmi's student. An honor student.
 Robinson Mimmi's student. An honor student.
 Boehm Mimmi's student. An honor student.
 LoisAppichAdam's wife.
 David Adam's interrogator.
The Overstory suggested by Gail Froyen and Tom Anderson