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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Hugo   Marston   Head of security, U.S. Paris Embassy.
    Tom   Green   Hugo's hard drinking friend.
    Dimitroios       Apartment building concierge.
    Claudia   de Roussillon   Hugo's close lady friend.
    Paul   Rogers   Director, American Library.
    Sarah   Gregory   Rogers fiancée.
    Merlyn       Hugo's friend.
2   Nicole   Anisse   Librarian at the American Library.
    Isabelle   Severin   Movie star in the 40's.
            Bouquiniste - booksellers along the Seine River in Paris.
    Max       Bookseller friend of Hugo. Now deceased.
3   Nicole   Anisse   Librarian at the American Library.
    Michael   Harmuth   American Library employee.
    Camille   Lerens   Paris police lieuteant.
    David   Sprengelmeyer   Medical examiner.
    Meike   Stuedemann   Senior medical technician.
    Charles   Allée   Medical technician.
    Michelle   Juneau   Rogers assistant.
4           Bises - a kiss on the cheek.
    Alain   Benoit   Sarah and Paul's friend.
6   Laurent   Tilly   Library worker.
    Jorge   Tacqo   Library volunteer.
    Claire   Rogers   Paul Roger's mother. Paul was adopted.
7   Emma       Hugo's secretary.
    Maureen   Barcinski   Cultural Affairs attaché.
11   Janelle   Cason   Retirement home receptionist.
18   Paul   James   Scottish policeman.
26   Genevieue   Hillier   Female police person in Dieppe.
    Georges   Bazin   Dieppe detective.
28   Audrey   Chapuis   Police officer.