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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pro   Ernest   Hemmingway   A famous writer. aka: Nesto.
    John H. N.   Hemmingway   Hadley's son. aka: Bumby.
    Madame   Chautard   The landlady.
    Picasso       One who always had the same route.
    Don   Stewart   Beatrice's husband.
1   Kate   Smith   A journalist. Hadley's best friend.
    Kenly       Kate's brother.
2   Nora   Bayes   A beautiful singer.
    Fonnie       Elizabeth's older sister.
    Roland       Fonnie's husband.
    Elizabeth   Richardson   Bumby's mother. aka: Hadley.
3   Carl   Edgar   A guy who proposed to Hadley.
    Bill       Kenly's brother.
    Brummy       Played ragtime tune.
    Henry   James   A writer.
    Sherwood   Anderson   Famous writer in Chicago.
    Harrison   Williams   Piano teacher.
4   James   Richardson   Hadley's father.
    Martha       Richardson's family cook.
    Florence       Hadley's mother.
    Jamie       Hadley's older brother.
    Dorothea       Hadley's sister who married too young.
    Dudley       Dorothea's husband.
    Mike       The handyman.
    Mary       Florence's sister.
    Mrs.   Curran   Richardson's neighbor.
5   Alice   Hunt   Hadley's friend.
6   Bertha   Doon   Hadley's boardmate.
    Ruth   Bradfield   Hadley's roommate.
    Dick   Pierce   Brother of a good friend.
    Pere   Rowland   A pleasantly rumpled boy.
    Dr.   Hemmingway   Ernest's father. aka: Ed.
    Olive   Thomas   Starred in The Flapper.
    Leticia   Parker   Hadley's friend.
    Jim   Gable   Nesto's Red Cross buddy.
    Agnes       Nesto's ex-girlfriend.
8   Grace       Ernest's mother.
    Marcelline       Ernest's older sister.
    Ursula       Marcelline's sister.
    Sunny       Ernest's sister.
    Leicester       Trailed Ernest like a puppy. Ernest's brother.
    Prince       Rocking horse.
    Lillie Bear       Prince's nurse.
9   Dutch       Asked Ernest to teach him how to dive.
    Luman       Dutch buddy.
    Charles       Cottage owner.
10   John   Dos Passos   Pursued his marriage to Kate.
    George   Breaker   A family friend.
    Arthur   Wyman   Hadley's uncle
    Dodie       Hadley's niece.
11   Mr.   Minelo   Grocery owner.
    Tennessee       Sherwood's wife.
    Gertrude   Stein   Bumby's godmother.
    Ezra   Pound   Yeats' assistant.
    Sylvia   Beach   Famous American expatriate.
13   Paul   Poiret   Ballet dancer head.
    Chanel       Ballet dancer.
    Lewis   Galantierre   Sherwood's writer friend.
    Dorothy       Pound's English wife.
    William B.   Yeats   In an affair with Dorothy's mother.
    Scofield   Thayer   To who Ernest's poem was sent by Pound.
    Alice   Toklas   Stein's companion
14   Nick   Adams   A character in Ernest's book.
    John   Bone   Editor of the Toronto Star.
    Max   Eastman   An American editor.
    Lincoln   Steffens   Famous muckraking journalist.
    Harriet   Monroe   To who Ernest's 15 poems were sent.
    Chink D.   Smith   Ernest's old war friend.
    Millan       A beautiful nurse.
15   Benito   Mussoline   New fascist leader in town.
16   Marie   Cocotte   Does the washing and cooking.
18   John   Hadley   Editor of INS.
21   Gangwisches       A proprietor.
    Mike   Strater   Pound's painter friend.
    Maggie       Mike's wife.
    Olga   Rudge   Concert violinist. Pound's mistress.
    Edgar   O'Brien   Writer and editor.
24   Jane   Heap   Editor of Little Review.
    Bob   McAlmon   A poet.
    Annie   Ellerman   British writer.
    Nicanor   Villalta   Young torero.
25   Greg   Clark   A reporter friend.
    Harry   Marsh   Star's assistant managing editor.
    Helen       Greg's wife.
    Ralph       Owned The Canadian Chain.
    Harriet   Connable   Ernest's friend just after the war.
27   Ford       A gentleman with money and pedigree.
    Stella   Bowen   The painter.
    Julie       Stella's little girl.
    Harold   Loeb   A very good looking guy.
    Kitty   Cannell   Harold's girlfriend.
    Akipwith   Cannell   A poet. Kitty's ex-husband.
28   Donald   Stewart   Famous for screenplays.
    Duff   Twysden   A wilder girl.
29   Tiddy       Bumby's nanny.
    Walther   Lent   A retired professional skier.
    Herr   Nels   A proprietor.
    Scribner       Like a big fish.
    Henry   Doran   Scribner's buddy.
    Horace   Liveright   Offered $500 for Ernest's bullfighting novel.
30   Kiki       Most famous artist's model.
    Man   Ray   Kiki's lover.
    Flossie   Martin   Held court in front of locals.
    Pat   Gutherie   Duff's fiancĂ©.
    Pauline       Went to Paris to work for Vogue.
    Jinny   Pfeigger   Pauline's sister.
    F. Scott   Fitzgerald   A man who can't hold his liquor.
    Zelda       Scott's girl.
    Scottie       A plump daughter.
31   Bill   Smith   Ernest's old friend from Chicago.
32   Cayetano   Ordonez   Young matador.
    Juan   Belmonte   Best torero of all time.
    Romero       Young torero.
33   Matt   Herold   Pauline's cousin.
    Gerald   Murphy   A painter.
    Sarah       Gerald's partner.
    Archidbald   McLeish   A poet.
    Ada       McLeish's lovely wife.
34   Max   Perkins   Told Hadley she was a wonderful mother.
35   Fraulein   Glaser   Lent's pretty assistant.
37   Jean   Rhys   Ford's girl.
42   Beatrice   Ames   Stewart's pretty new bride.
EP   Paul   Mowrer   Foreign Editor of the Chicago Daily News.
    Mary       Ernest's other wife.