Characters - Alphabetical
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Cecilia HelenAbbottRose's daughter. aka: Sissy.
WilsonAbbottRose's good friend. aka Son.
GaryAllbrittanOne of Son's friends.
 BernardA priest.
GeorgeClatterbuckJune's father.
JuneClatterbuckSon's friend.
Martha RoseClintonSecretary at Simms Candy factory.
ThomasClintonRose's husband.
RobertDe NiroAmerican actor, director and producer.
JoseDiazAn employee of Big Jimmy's Restaurant.
SamDixonOne of Son's fellow marines.
Mr.FranklinSchool principal.
AvaGardnerAmerican actress.
AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party to become dictator of Germany.
CarrieHolcomeThe girl who was found dead in an alley.
AndyLeBlancSissy's acquaintance.
Mr.LiptonRose's mother's friend.
JoeLoganOne of Son's friends.
BillLovellThe corporal of the guard.
Mrs.MarnezOne of Rose's acquaintances.
LewisNelsonHorse breeder.
LouisaNelsonLewis' wife.
 O'DonnellParish priest.
AlPacinoAmerican actor and filmmaker.
Mr.PriceDrugstore owner.
Mrs.PriceMr. Price's wife.
Dr.SmithCecilia's physician.
Mrs.StewartCecilia's mother.
JimThompsonThe stranger who helped Son.
RandyToddOne of Son's friends.
Alice One of the pregnant girls. Sissy's friend.
Angela Rose's roommate. aka: Angie.
Beatrice One of the pregnant girls.
Bernadette A nun.
Betty The salesgirl who liked Dee.
Billy Rose's new acquaintance.
Calvin Rose's father.
Cecilia Son's ex-girlfriend.
Charlotte One of the pregnant girls.
Cheryl One of Sissy's acquaintances.
Clara One of the pregnant girls.
Corinne Mother superior.
Dee One of Son's fellow marines.
Duane 1 Angie's boyfriend.
Duane 2 Angie's son.
Dwight Station attendant.
Evangeline One of the nuns.
Helen 1 One of the pregnant girls.
Helen 2 Rose's mother.
Henry One of Rose's acquaintances.
Hirohito Emperor of Japan from 1926 to 1989.
Homer Lorraine's boyfriend.
Jim One of Son's fellow marines.
Joe Rose's mother's boyfriend.
Loella Lorraine's roommate.
Lolly One of the pregnant girls.
Lorraine One of the pregnant girls.
Louder One of Son's fellow marines.
Loyola One of the nuns.
Luanne One of the pregnant girls.
Madonna American singer and songwriter.
Maria Theresa Sister Bernadette's penpal.
Martha Son's sister.
Mary Carol One of the pregnant girls.
Mary Claire One of Sissy's acquaintances.
Mary Joseph A nun.
Nora One of the pregnant girls.
Paula One of the pregnant girls.
Penny Sister Evangeline's new girl.
Perry One of Son's fellow marines.
Pinsky One of Son's fellow marines.
Regina One of the pregnant girls.
Serena One of the nuns.
Sylvia Sissy's friend.