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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProJackSharpeProtagonist. A man who works at Youngstown Vindicator.
 WilmaHubbardThe 82-year-old woman who worked in Kahn's factory.
 HankGeorgeA boxer who won 14 straight boxing bouts.
 JosephBattagliaThe first soldier who arrived at the concentration camp.
 LeeKellyA congressman. Deceased. Aka: Landslide Lee.
   Part 1
1JimGibbsThe Lawrence County commissioner.
 JodyKellyLee's wife.
 EllaSmathersLee's colleague. A congresswoman.
2ThomasStantonThe new minority whip. Oliver's best friend.
 IrwinMarshallThe house speaker.
 Peewee A cameraman.
 RobStoneA reporter from Fox News.
3MaryAndresJack's managing editor.
 PamelaSolomonA respected political science professor at Marietta College.
 PresidentObamaThe current U.S. President.
 RonaldReaganThe former U.S. President.
 JimmyCarterThe politician who won Monroe County.
 WalterMondaleThe politician who won Monroe County.
 MichaelDukakisA politician who beat George Bush in the Governorial Race.
4JimMasonA man who ran Marcellus Enterprises.
5ErnieRogersThe long-time democratic chair of Monroe County.
 BillClintonThe former U.S. President.
 JohnKerryFormer United States Secretary of State.
 JoeBidenFormer Vice President of the United States.
 ErmaSmithA democratic symphatizer.
 WilliamSmithVoted for Republican.
 GeorgeSmootAn independent voter.
 JennaSmootAn independent voter. George's wife.
 BettyStruthersOne of the voters in Monroe County.
 Dottie One of the voters in Monroe County.
 Janice One of the voters in Monroe County.
 ScottSharpeJack's son.
6Elizabeth JohnsonThe current U.S. President.
7MeredithSharpeJack's sister.
   Part 2
8OlegKazarovA Russian billionaire. Owner of Siberneft.
9LiamAnderssonThe most trusted colleague of Mr. Kazarov.
11PresidentJohnsonPresident attended the signing ceremony of Energy2020.
 DanSnyderElections Administration Director. Deceased.
12Yuri Mr. Kazarov's assistant.
 Mr.RockefellerAn American oil industry business magnate.
 DwightTuckerA Democrat politician.
 PeterWarnerA little-known Colerain township trustee.
 Jana Scott's girlfriend.
16OliverAriens IIIThe creator of Energy2020. A congressman.
 Mr.RehnquistA supreme court justice.
 SandraWilliamsA house speaker.
17ReneeJonesPolSci graduate of Ohio. Political data and statistics expert.
21BorisKondrakovThe leader of Mr. Kazarov's security operations.
23JoanieSimpsonTom's secretary.
24GustavMillerThe head of Abacus.
   Part 3
31DonYoungTom's chief of staff.
 Epeius The Greek soldier who designed the Trojan horse.
 Irene R. StantonTom's wife.
 ArleneBrownTom's administrative assistant.
34PaulStantonTom's son.
38BillSantiniThe chief of Youngstown police department.
 Mr.TimkenThe U.S. Senator.
 Bridget TurnerA reporter at Republic News.
 JamesDenissonThe chief of staff of Tom Stanton.
 BarbieCollinsJack's ex-wife.
42JanetComptonThe new owner of Ariens Group firm.
 PeterKreutzerJoanie's boyfriend.
44SenatorLewisA Senator from Indiana.
 JohnnyRutherfordA criminal.
   Part 4
46DonaldTrumpThe current U.S. President.
48DennyDavisJack's publisher.
50Gladys A waitress.
 StefanHolmbergJack's security.
53JimJohnsonStanton's accomplice.