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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1PiperGoldsteinJanie's social worker.
 Janie An abandoned 6-year-old child.
 HannahBauerThe woman who adopted Janie. A nurse.
 Aubrey Hannah's co-worker.
 Stephanie Hannah's co-worker.
 Carl Hannah's co-worker.
 Christopher BauerHannah's husband. An orthopedic surgeon. Aka: Chris.
 Bianella Christopher and Hannah's adoption specialist.
2Alexis Christopher's receptionist.
 Dan Christopher's co-doctor.
3Ron A private investigator.
 Luke A police officer.
4Dr.ChrisChristopher's co-doctor.
5Allison Hannah's sister.
 Greg Allison's husband.
 Caleb Allison and Greg's son.
 Dylan Caleb's twin.
6BeckyWatsonJanie's biological mother.
12Rhonda The chief child psychologist at the hospital.
 SueWatsonBecky's mother.
15Joyce Carl's wife.
16MabelBauerChristopher's mother.
17Lilian Hannah's mother.
 Gene Hannah's father.
19Greta Sydney's best friend. Dan's former nanny.
 Sydney Greta's best friend.
 Brynn Greta's daughter.
 Violet Sydney's daughter.
 Meredith Hannah's acquaitance.
 Dr.ChandlerA psychologist of abused children. Janie's therapist.
24Mrs.AlluloThe lead teacher at Janie's preschool.
26Dr.WalshHannah's doctor.
27Elodie Janie's best friend.
 Mrs.TinneyJanie's teacher.
32Blue Janie's kitten.
34NicoleBauerChristopher's grandmother.
 ColeBauerHannah and Christopher's baby.
35Dr.GarciaCole's pediatrician.
40Dr.FlynnHannah's ob-gyne.
45Holly A hospital social worker.
51MarilynFragickPiper's colleague. A social worker.
 JoshHoffPiper's colleague. A social worker.
52Dr.PykeHannah's doctor.
 Maureen Hannah's nurse.
54Dr.SpenceHannah's chief psychologist.
59Elaine Janie's new social worker.
 Viviane House manager at Children's Services.