Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1 November 28, 1905 Princeton, New Jersey
Belle da Costa Greene The colored personal librarian to J. P. Morgan.
Miss McKenna One of the librarians.
Miss Adams One of the librarians.
Gertrude Hyde Belle's dear friend.
Charlotte Martins Esteemed head of purchasing for the library.
Woodrow Wilson 28th president of the United States.
Junius Morgan A banker. Associate librarian.
Miss Scott One of the librarians.
Virgil Ancient Roman poet.
Odysseus Legendary Greek king of Ithaca.
Aeneas A Trojan hero.
Conrad Sweynheym German cleric who was one of the first users of the printing press.
Arnold Pannartz German cleric who was one of the first users of the printing press.
J. P. Morgan Junius' uncle.
2 December 7,1905 New York, New York
Mr. Richardson The head librarian.
Gramma Fleet Belle's grandmother.
James One of Belle's uncles.
Bellini One of Belle's uncles.
Mozart One of Belle's uncles.
Louise One of Belle's sisters.
Ethel One of Belle's sisters.
Russell Belle's brother.
Clafton Uncle Mozart's son.
Genevieve Belle's mother.
Theodora Belle's youngest sister. aka: Teddy.
Richard Greener Genevieve's husband.
William McKinley 25th president of the United States.
3 December 8.1905 New York, New York
Rembrandt Dutch painter and etcher.
Theodore Irwin A composer.
George W. Vanderbilt II American art collector.
Thomas Malory English writer, author of ''Le Morte d'Arthur''.
William Caxton English merchant, diplomat, writer and printer.
King Arthur A legendary British leader.
4 January 8,1906 New York, New York
Shawn Toovey American actor.
King Mr. J. P. Morgan's business secretary.
Mr. McKim A designer.
Stanford White An architect.
Harry Thaw Ex-husband of Evelyn Nesbit.
Evelyn Nesbit American model and actress.
5 January 8, 1906 New York, New York
Bernard Berenson A writer and a curator.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Richard Greener's friend.
Frederick Douglass African-American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer.
6 May 24,1906 New York, New York
Diamond Jim Brady Mr. Morgan's acquaintance.
Lillian Russell American actress and singer.
Anne Morgan One of Mr. J. P. Morgan's daughters.
Mrs. Morgan Mr. J. P. Morgan's wife.
Juliet Morgan One of Mr. J. P. Morgan's daughters.
Louise Morgan One of Mr. J. P. Morgan's daughters.
John Pierpont Jr. Mr. J. P. Morgan's son. aka: Jack.
Elsie de Wolfe Anne Morgan's friend.
Leo Olschki A book dealer.
7 May 28, 1906 New York, New York
Mr. Smythson A fine arts dealer.
9 November 4,1906 New York, New York
Caspar Purdon Clark The director of the Metropolitan Museum.
John D. Rockefeller American business magnate and philanthropist.
Mr. Pryce Mr. Morgan's acquaintance.
Charles I The King of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Jacques Seligmann One of the most important antiquarians and art dealers in Paris.
Bessie Marbury A literary agent and producer.
Oscar Wilde Irish writer and poet.
George B. Shaw Irish playwright.
10 November 5,1906 New York, New York
Edwards A man who purchase and sale an Italian Rennaisance artwork.
Isabella S. Gardner American art collector, philanthropist, patron of the arts.
Robert Wilkinson The esteemed collector had a passion for books and manuscript.
11 February 9,1907 New York, New York
Mrs. Hamilton One of Belle's acquaintances.
Mrs. Phipps One of Belle's acquaintances.
12 October 1 - November 2,1907 New York, New York
Napoleon Bonaparte French general and emperor.
Leonardo da Vinci Italian Renaissance polymath.
William Shakespeare English playwright and poet.
Catherine II Empress of Russia. Known as Catherine the Great.
George Washington 1st president of the United States.
Andrew Carnegie American businessman and philanthropist.
Charles Dickens English writer and social critic.
Theodore Roosevelt American conservationist served as the 26th president of U. S.
13 March 20,1908 New York, New York and Washington, D.C.
Adelaide Genevieve's sister-in-law.
Minerva Genevieve's sister.
Booker T. Washington American educator and adviser to several presidents of U.S.
Marjorie Gould Anthony Drexel's wife.
Anthony J. Drexel American banker played a role in the rise of modern global finance.
14 May 2,1908 New York, New York
Edward Steichen American photographer, artist and curator.
Fedor Encke A German painter.
Alfred Steiglitz Mr. Steichen's partner in thr gallery.
Auguste Rodin French sculptor.
Henri Matisse French artist.
15 December 2 - 10, 1908 London, England
Johannes Gutenberg German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer and publisher.
Lord Amherst The keeper of Caxton's compilations.
George Durlacher A prominent dealer and curator.
Simon Bening Flemish painter and manuscript illuminator.
Arthur Banks Skinner Director of the museum.
George Williamson One of dealers and curators.
Joseph Fitzhenry One of dealers and curators.
Charles H. Read The keeper of the British Museum and Mediaeval Antiquities.
16 December 17, 1908 New York, New York
Mary Berenson Bernard Berenson's wife.
17 December 22, 1908 New York, New York
Joseph Duveen A well-known art dealer.
Archer Huntington Philanthropist and art patron.
Arabella Archer Huntington's mother.
Collis Huntington Arabella's husband.
Henry Duveen Joseph Duveen's brother.
Frank Costelloe Mrs. Berenson's first husband.
Sandro Botticelli Italian painter.
Elizabeth B. Browning English poet, author.
Francesco Francia Italian painter.
Mrs. de A. Lydig Mrs. Berenson's acquaintance.
18 March 24, 1909 New York, New York
Rachel Costelloe Bernard Berenson's stepdaughter.
Niobe Mythological figure, daughter of Tantalus.
Jared Leto American actor.
Apollo God in Greek and later Roman mythology.
Artemis Greek deity.
20 April - August 1909 New York, New York
Katrina One of Belle's close friends.
Evelyn One of Belle's close friends.
Giotto Italian painter and architect.
Gabriele Veneziano Italian physicist.
22 August 8 - 14, 1910 London, England
Isadora Duncan Belle's new friend.
Marie A French maid.
Mr. Taylor Belle's new acquaintance.
Bernard Quaritch One of the most pre-eminent booksellers.
Gerard David Early Netherlandish painter.
23 August 8, 1910 Verona, Italy
Paolo Veronese Italian painter of the Renaissance.
Antonello da Messina Italian Renaissance painter.
Andrea Mantegna Italian Renaissance painter.
Aline Caroline de Rothschild French socialite.
26 October 12, 1910 London, England
Ethel Harrison Bernard Berenson's friend.
27 October 26, 1910 New York, New York
Ellen Terry One of Belle's new acquaintances.
P. G. Grant One of Belle's new acquaintances.
28 December 14, 1910 New York, New York
Giulio Gatti Casazza The Metropolitan Opera Director.
William Main A white chemistry professor.
Charles Sumner Richard Greener's friend.
W. E. B. Du Bois American sociologist, historian, philosopher, social critic, writer.
Ulysses S. Grant 18th president of the United States.
Horace Genevieve and Richard's first child.
29 April 20, 1911 New York, New York
Mary Garden Scottish opera singer.
Sarah Bernhardt French actress.
Samuel Yardley Belle's acquaintance.
Lady Johnstone One of Mr. J.P. Morgan's mistresses.
Robert Hoe A master carpenter and machinist in the United States.
Piero della Francesca Italian painter and mathematician.
Alfred Pollard The British Museum's head of print and rare books.
Henry Huntington The California railroad tycoon.
George Thaw A reporter from New York Times.
31 January 11, 1913 New York, New York
William Gibbs McAdoo American lawyer and statesman.
Harold Mestre A young banker.
Charles Read Mr. Morgan's acquaintance.
33 August 14 and September 8, 1913 New York, New York
Nancy Belle's acquaintance.
Estrelle Nancy's great-great aunt.
34 November 20, 1913 New York, New York
Sarah Hopkins Bradford American head teacher, writer and biographer.
Phillis Wheatley American poet.
Ida B. Wells American journalist.
Mary Church Terrell African American educator and activist.
Charles Katrina's brother.
Jonathan Katrina's acquaintance.
36 December 10 and 22, 1913 New York, New York
Paul Cézanne French painter.
Vincent van Gogh Dutch post-impressionist painter.
Marcel Duchamp French painter and sculptor.
Edith Wharton American novelist, short story writer, designer.
Gustav Klimt Austrian symbolist painter.
37 December 23, 1913 New York, New York
Jessie Jack Morgan's wife.
Jean-Honoré Fragonard French painter.
Louis XIV King of France and Navarra, from 1643 to 1715.
40 June 4, 1922 Hartford, Connecticut
Robert Johnson A priest.
41 June 26, 1922 Kong Island, New York
Paul Tennant Belle's new acquaintance.
Lord Elgin Took the statues from the Acropolis in Athens to London.
Amy Phipps Guest One of Belle's acquaintances.
Rudyard Kipling English short-story writer, poet, and novelist.
Junius 2 Mr. J. P. Morgan's father.
Dr. James Markoe The family friend and physician of the Morgans.
Junius 3 Jack Morgan's son.
42 March 28, 1924 New York, New York
Samuel Bennet A journalist.
Warren G. Harding 29th president of the United States.
Hans Memling A 15th century German / Flemish painter.
Macrino d'Alba Artist from Italy.
Pietro Perugino Italian Renaissance painter of the Umbrian school.
Lucas Cranach German Renaissance painter and printmaker in woodcut.
Paul César Helleu French portrait artist.
Rene Piot An artist.
Laura Coombs Hills American painter.
William Rothenstein British painter, printmaker, draughtsman, lecturer and writer on art.
Domenico Tintoretto Italian painter.
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