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Kristian Fabricante
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    Part One
 Manasseh CutlerPastor 1st Congregational Church of Ipswich Hamlet.
 James CutlerManasseh's father.
 Mary Balch-CutlerManasseh's wife.
 Thomas BalchMary's father.
 Ephraim CutlerMary and Manasseh's son.
 Jervis CutlerMary and Manasseh's son. Ephraim's brother.
 Ezra StilesThe President of Yale.
 John JayAn American Diplomat.
 Renee R. C. D. SalleA French Explorer.
 William CrawfordThe colonel friend of George Washington.
 Benjamin TupperA general.
 Daniel ShaysA war veteran.
 Nathan DaneReverend Cutler's neighbor. A member of the congress.
 Rufus PutnamLeader of bunch of grapes. Chairman Ohio associates.
 Thomas JeffersonMember of congress. American ambassador to France.
 Winthrop SargentOne of the surveyors in Ohio. Secretary of Ohio company.
 Samuel H. ParsonsOne of the directors of Ohio Company.
 Edward CarringtonA member of the congress in Virginia.
 Henry KnoxThe secretary of war.
 John TempleThe consul general of Great Britain.
 Madam KnoxHenry's wife.
 Thomas HutchinsThe geographer of the United States.
 George CroghanA well-known Indian trader.
 John WinthropThe great puritan leader of the ship called Arbella.
 William DuerSecretary of the treasury board. Creator of Scioto Co.
 Samuel OsgoodThe head of the board of treasury.
 Benjamin FranklinThe founding father of the United States.
 Mr. GerryReverend Cutler's friend.
 Carolus LinnaeusA Swedish Naturalist.
 William BartramAn eminent naturalist who own a large and famous garden.
 Benjamin RushA man who toured Reverend Cutler in Philadelphia Hospital.
 Edward CarringtonA Virginian politician.
 William GraysonA Virginian politician.
 Richard Henry LeeA Virginian politician.
 George WashingtonThe first U.S. President. A political leader.
 William Parker-CutlerReverend Cutler's grandson.
 Albert B. HartA historian at Harvard University.
 Haffield WhiteThe head of the first pioneers.
2Elizabeth A. PutnamRufus's first wife.
 Persis Rice-PutnamRufus's first wife.
 William HeathThe Washington's general commander.
 John ForbesA British General.
 Ebenezer SproatA surveyor from Rhode Island.
 Jonathan DevolA Captain from Rhode Island.
 William MoultonA goldsmith from New Hampshire.
 Jervis CutlerReverend Cutler's son.
 Captain PipeThe Delaware Chief.
 Joseph BuellAn officer in Fort Harmar.
 Josiah HarmarA U.S. General.
 Hernando De SotoThe man who built the Great Mound.
 Isaiah ThomasA publisher in Massachusetts.
 Dr. Jabez True.Marietta's first physician.
 Paul PearingThe first attorney to join the settlement.
 Mary OwenThe first woman to join the settlement.
 Ebenezer DennyNewly assigned to Fort Harmar.
    Marietta - The settlement of Ohio Company.
 Marie AntoinetteThe Queen of France.
 Joseph VarnumThe Judge.
 Arthur St. ClairThe President of the Congress.
 Joseph BarkerA notable veteran.
 William Henry HarrisonThe current President.
 Anna SymmesWilliam's wife.
 Nabby CushingA 13-month-old ill child. Deceased.
 Cornplanter  The celebrated chief of the Senecas.
 Turk  A Wyandot.
 Jediah BagleyAn itinerant fiddler who moved out to settlements.
3Ichabod NyeThe son-in-law of General Benjamin Tupper.
 Minera Tupper-NyeIchabod's wife. General Benjamin's daughter.
 Dean TylerA cabin at Campus Martius.
 Rowena T. SargentGeneral Tupper's daughter. Winthrop's wife.
 William MoultonA blacksmith from New Hampshire.
 Lucy B. WoodbridgeA woman who arrived at Marietta in 1789.
 Dudley WoodbridgeLucy's husband. Established Marietta's first general store.
 James BackusA man who established Marietta's first general store.
 Elijah BackusLucy's younger brother.
 Daniel StoryThe new pastor at Marietta.
 John MatthewA man who led the surveying party.
 Ephraim BarkerRespected church builder. Aka: Deacon Barker.
 Joseph BarkerDeacon Barker's son. The master builder.
 Elizabeth Dana-BarkerJoseph's wife.
 Capt. William DanaElizabeth's father.
 Mary B. DanaElizabeth's mother.
 Samuel HildrethMarietta's earliest historian.
 Isaac WilliamsAn emigrant farmer from Pennsylvania.
 Rebecca WilliamsIsaac's wife.
 Mary OwenA nurse. The first woman to settle in Marietta.
 Arthur St. ClaireA governor.
 Joel BarlowThe Scioto Company sales agent.
 William PlayfairJoel's business partner.
 Josiah HarmarThe commander of the "Late Campaign".
 Little TurtleThe Miami War Chief.
 Zebulon TroopA man who fell dead in the fire.
4Caleb StrongThe governor of Massachusetts.
 Joseph RogersA veteran soldier from Pennsylvania.
 Horace NyeIchabod's son.
 Edward BraddockThe British General.
 Blue JacketThe Shawnee War Chief.
 Simon GirtyThe infamous revolutionary war "turncoat".
 Tobias LearSecretary of George Washington.
 John AdamsThe U.S. Vice President.
 Anthony WayneThe U.S. army in command.
 George KnepperThe noted Ohio Historian.
    Part II - 1795 -1814
5Elisha AtkinsThe pastor at the church in Killingly.
 Leah A. CutlerEphraim's wife.
 Hezekiah CutlerThe cutler's youngest child. Deceased.
 Mary CutlerEphraim and Leah's eldest child.
 Daniel DavisA revolutionary war veteran.
 Alvan BinghamA judge. Aka: Judge Bingham.
 Silas BinghamJudge Bingham's brother. A deputy sheriff.
 Harman BlennerhassettAn Irish Aristocracy.
 Margaret BlennerhassettHarman's wife.
 Elijah BackusLucy Backus's brother.
 Micajah PhillipsA young black man Margaret taught to read and write.
 Charles GreeneA merchant during the 1800s.
 Abraham WippleA revolutionary naval officer.
 Jonathan DevolJoseph Barker's friend and neighbor.
 Dudley Woodbridge Jr.The son of Dudley Sr. and Lucy.
 Catherine BarkerOne of Barker's daughters.
 Sarah BarkerOne of Barker's daughters.
 John AdamsThe Federalist President.
 Thomas JeffersonA republican candidate. The current U.S. President.
 Nathan ReadManasseh's roommate.
 Edward TiffinThe Ohio House of Representatives speaker.
 John BrownThe chairman of the committee.
 Thomas WorthingtonA member of the committee.
 Charles CutlerEphraim and Jervis's younger brother.
 Meriweather LewisAn experienced soldier that Jefferson commissioned.
 William ClarkAn experienced soldier that Jefferson commissioned.
 Emanuel SwedenborgA Swedish Theologian.
6Aaron Burr Jr.The Colonel who killed Alexander Hamilton.
 James PartonAaron Burr's first biographer.
 Jonathan EdwardsAaron Burr's first grandfather.
 Aaron Burr Sr.A scholar and theologian. Aaron Burr Jr.'s father.
 Theodosia BurrAaron Burr Jr.'s wife.
 James WilkinsonGeneral-in-Chief of the armies of the United States.
 Edward TiffinThe governor of Ohio.
 John MarshallChief Justice of the United States.
 Avice BlennerhassettHarman's sister.
 Samuel P. HildrethA surgeon in Massachusetts.
 Thomas KittredgeA celebrated surgeon.
 John BroughAn Englishman.
 Abner LordThe shipbuilder.
 Rhida HIldrethSamuel's wife.
 Mary Ann HildrethSamuel and Rhoda's first child.
 Sally ParkerEphraim's 2nd wife.
7William ParkerA stockholder at Ohio Company. Sally's father.
 Joseph WarrenA revolution hero.
 Robert FultonThe inventor of the first Steamboat.
 President MadisonThe current U.S. President.
 Caleb EmersonA Marietta Lawyer.
 William HullAn American Commander.
 Oliver Hazard-PerryA young American naval officer.
 Andrew JacksonAmerican general who won the British battle in New Orleans.
    Part Three 1815 -1863
8Henry SheveWashington's builder-in-command.
 Benjamin WadsworthManasseh's friend. Reverend led Manasseh's funeral.
 Timothy BuellA criminal prisoner.
 Eliud ThomasEliza's husband.
 Eliza ThomasEliud's wife.
 David MapleThe cashier of the Muskingham Bank.
 Marquis De LafayetteA French aristocrat.
 Caleb AtwaterThe chairman of the committee.
 Nathan GuilfordThe senator from Hamilton County.
 David PutnamGrandson of Israel Putnam. Master of the Marietta Academy.
 Robert WilsonThe first President of Ohio University.
 William CutlerEphraim's youngest son.
9J.S BuckinghamA British writer.
 Harriet MartineauA British writer.
 Frances TrollopeEnglish writer. Famous for her criticism of America.
 Charles DickensAn English writer and social critic.
 John ClarkThe Philadelphia clergyman.
 Henry HoweOne of the early chroniclers of life in Ohio country.
 John MatthewsRufus Putnam's nephew.
 Julia CutlerEphraim's daughter.
 Fortescue CummingAn English man violinist.
 John JohnstonThe federal agent for the Wyandots.
 Benjamin HillmanA professor at Yale. Rhoda's friend.
 John TrumbullHillman's uncle. A celebrated painter.
 Joel Harvey-LindleyLate reverend of the Park Street Church in Boston.
10Henry Evans-SpencerThe mayor in Cincinnati.
 Jack  The black runaway slave from Virginia.
 Rose  The black runaway slave from Virginia.
 John  The black runaway slave from Virginia.
 Martin  A slave in Clarksburg.
 Sam  A slave in Clarksburg.
 Charles CoblenzMan established a dry goods store. Samuel's Brother.
 Samuel CoblenzMan established a dry goods store on. Charles's brother.
 E.B AndrewsA professor at Marietta College.
 William CutlerEphraim's son.