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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part I
1JaromirLaskaA soldier. A former piano teacher.
 OtylieBartosovaJaromir's daughter.
 JakubBartosOtylie's husband.
 WolfgangMozartAustrian composer of the Classical period.
 FranzNeubauerGerman composer and violinist of Bohemian origins.
 AntonKraftCzech composer and violoncellist.
 Franz Joseph HaydnHaydnAustrian composer.
 KarelCapekCzech writer, playwright and critic.
 EmilHachaThe third President of Czechoslovakia.
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
 FranzBittnerAustrian trade unionist.
 TomasLangA pianist. Jakub's friend.
 Irena S.DorfmanOtylie's best friend.
 Ludwig vanBeethovenGerman composer whose Symphony #5 is a beloved classic.
 Marek Jakub's shopkeeper.
 MetaTavernerA pianist.
 Jonathan Meta's boyfriend.
 ErikSatieFrench composer and pianist.
 JohnLennonEnglish singer and songwriter, founding member of The Beatles.
 DomenicoScarlattiItalian composer.
 HermannKellerGerman church musician, musicologist and music educator.
 JohannBachGerman composer and musician of the Baroque era.
 FrankZappaAmerican musician, songwriter, composer.
 Gillian Jonathan's sister. aka: Gillie.
 FrancoZeffirelliItalian director and producer of films and television.
 JimiHendrixAmerican guitarist, singer and songwriter.
 MauriceRavelFrench composer.
 AliceTullyAmerican singer of opera and recital, music promoter.
 Rembrandt Dutch draughtsman, painter, and printmaker.
 Pierre-AugusteRenoirFrench painter associated with the Impressionist movement.
 AdolfEichmannGerman high official who was hanged by the State of Israel.
 EdvardBenešCzechoslovak politician.
 JosephSatalinThe dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
 Hirohito Emperor of Japan.
 FranzKafkaBohemian novelist and short story writer.
 ReinhardHeydrichGerman SS and police official and main architect of the Holocaust.
 AntoninDvorakFirst Bohemian composer.
 JosefSukCzech composer.
 Otilie Josef Suk's wife.
2PaulMandelbaumProfessor emeritus of the Department of Music of Columbia.
 Arthur ConanDoyleScottish physician and author.
 Jan LadislavDussekCzech composer and pianist.
 JosephWolflAustrian pianist and composer.
 AntonReichaCzech-born naturalized French composer.
 C. P. E.BachGerman harpsichordist and composer.
 DanielSteibeltGerman pianist and composer.
 Franz ViktorWerfelAustrian-Bohemian novelist, playwright, and poet.
 Rainer MariaRilkeAustrian poet and writer.
 PabloNerudaChilean poet, diplomat, politician.
 KennethTavernerMeta's father.
 JanNerudaCzech poet, theater reviewer, publicist, journalist and writer.
 BobDylanAmerican singer-songwriter.
 DylanThomasWelsh poet and writer.
 JeanSibeliusFinnish composer of the late Romantic period.
3RichardWagnerGerman composer and conductor.
 AntonBrucknerAustrian composer.
 Heinz Reinhard Heydrich's brother.
 KaiserWilhelm IIGerman Emperor and King of Prussia.
 HeinrichHimmlerGerman Nazi politician; leader of the SS.
 JanHusCzech theologian and philosopher.
 LouisArmstrongAmerican jazz trumpeter, composer and singer.
 DizzyGillespieAmerican jazz trumpeter.
 JohannesKeplerGerman mathematician, astronomer and astrologer.
 KarelKohoutProfessor in the department of music at Charles University.
 IgnazPleyelAustrian-born French composer and piano builder.
 JosephGelinekCzech-born composer and pianist.
 ArturSchnabelAustrian pianist.
 SamuelKettleA musician . aka: Sam.
 Ludwig Rittervon KöchelAustrian musicologist.
 Sylvie Sam Kettle's wife.
 David Sam Kettle's son.
 Lucie Sam Kettle's daughter.
 PaulMcCartneyEnglish singer-songwriter, bassist of The Beatles.
 WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
 JohnColtraneAmerican jazz saxophonist.
 PetrWittmanMandelbaum's friend.
 FrédéricChopinPolish composer and pianist.
 Annalise Mandelbaum's wife.
 FranzSchubertAustrian composer.
 WilhelmKempffGerman pianist and composer.
 GretjaToplovaA musicologist.
 RobertGerringerAmerican actor.
 AntonioSalieriItalian classical composer and conductor.
 BedřichSmetanaCzech composer.
 FedericoMompouSpanish composer and pianist.
 BillEvansAmerican jazz pianist.
 GustavMahlerAustro-Bohemian Romantic composer.
 KateTavernerMeta's mother.
 AndreaHodekSam's piano student.
 Konstantinvon NeurathGerman general and Nazi war criminal.
 AloisEliášCzechoslovak general and politician.
 JozefGabčíkCzechoslovak soldier.
 JanKubišCzech soldier and martyr.
   Part II
1GerritMillsA journalist.
 MikhailGorbachevRussian and former Soviet politician.
 MargeryRainesEditor at the newspaper in New York.
 AntonPelcGerrit's friend.
 Lenka Anton's wife.
 Pavel Anton and Lenka's son.
 VěraPelcPavel's wife.
 JiříPelcA painter.
 JanOpletalA medical student shot dead by Hitler's police.
 MilosJakešCzechoslovakia's buffoonish party leader.
 TomasMasarykFirst Czechoslovak president.
 AlexanderDubčekHead of the Czechoslovak Communist Party.
 GregorSamsaBand from Virginia.
 Madonna American singer and songwriter.
 JohannesVermeer17th-century Dutch artist.
 KarlMarxGerman philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist.
 VáclavHavelPlaywright, essayist, poet,1st President of the Czech Republic.
 Adrienne Gerrit's girlfriend.
 AntoninNovákJakub and Otylie's acquaintance.
 TheloniousMonkAmerican jazz pianist and composer.
 Molly Meta's piano.
 SergeiRachmaninoffRussian composer, pianist, and conductor.
2EnricoFermiItalian physicist.
 William ButlerYeatsIrish poet, dramatist, prose writer.
 MaxBaer Jr.Film and television actor, producer and director.
 LouNovaAmerican boxer and actor.
 FranciscoFrancoRuled over Spain from a1939 until his death.
 AlbertEinsteinGerman-born theoretical physicist.
 Franklin D.Roosevelt32nd President of the United States.
 GlennMillerAmerican big-band trombonist, arranger, composer, bandleader.
 TommyDorseyAmerican big band leader and musician.
 JaneDeckerOtlie's friend.
 CaryGrantBritish-American actor.
 JoanFontaineBritish American actress.
 Karl HermannFrankCzechoslovak member of Czechoslovak national parliament.
 KarelČurdaCzech Nazi collaborator during World War II.
3Socrates A cat.
 PieterBruegelFlemish painter.
 JohanaLangovaTomas' sister.
 SamuelBeckettNovelist, playwright, poet, theatre director, essayist.
 AntonioRossiniItalian composer.
 HectorBerliozFrench Romantic composer.
4KarlFrankHeydrich's successor.
 Dwight D.EisenhowerU. S. Army general, and 34th president of the United States.
 George S.PattonA general who commanded the 7th U.S. Army in the Mediterranean.
 Douglas Otylie's acquaintance.
 AdeleSandersOtylie's new employer.
 GraceDandersAdele's daughter.
 Billy Adele's son.
 MariaCallasAmerican-born Greek operatic soprano.
 AlecBaldwinAmerican actor, writer, comedian, film aproducer.
 AntonRubinsteinRussian pianist, composer and conductor.
 Mr.SandersAdele's husband.
 FrankSinatraAmerican singer and actor.
5Marta Tomas Lang's daughter.
 JohnCageAmerican avant-garde composer.
 DmitriShostakovichRussian Soviet composer and pianist.
 MauriceRavelFrench composer.
 BelaBartókHungarian composer and pianist.
 ScottJoplinAmerican composer, musician, and pianist.
 BoDiddleyAmerican R&B musician.
 ArethaFranklinAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Ramones American punk rock band.
 MarvinGayeAmerican singer-songwriter and musician.
 Tom A new piano student.
 AlexandrVondraServed as Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic.
 JiriKřižanCzech scriptwriter, writer and university educator.
 MichaelŽantovskýCzech diplomat, translator and writer.
6ElGrecoSpanish painter, sculptor and architect.
 Jean-JacquesRousseauGenevan philosopher, writer, and composer.
 OskarKokoschkaAustrian dramatic, painter and writer.
 RobertSternbergAmerican psychologist & scholar.
 Frans Pieterde GrebberPainter from the Northern Netherlands.
 Helena Gerrit's mother.
 Alex Gerrit's father.
 Emil Gerrit's brother.
 Giovanni F.CarotoItalian painter.
 JoeJacksonA musician.
 Herbertvon KarajanAustrian conductor.
 LeonardBernsteinAmerican conductor, composer, pianist, music educator, author.
 GustavKlimtAustrian symbolist painter.
 Renata Petr Wittmann's ex-wife.
 AlphonseMuchaCzechoslovak photographer, painter and illustrator.
 PhilipGlassAmerican composer and pianist.
 AaronCoplandAmerican composer, composition teacher, writer, and conductor.
 ElliottCarterAmerican composer.
 MiltonBabbittAmerican composer.
 IgorStravinskyRussian-born composer.
 JohnTavenerBritish composer.
 MuddyWatersAmerican blues singer and guitarist.
 Mr.HodekAndrea's father.
7Jim Jane Decker Burke's husband.
   Part III
1HeinrichSchenkerA music theorist, music critic, teacher, pianist, and composer.
 ArnoldSchoenbergAustrian-American composer.
 KurtLewinGerman-American psychologist.
 CarloGesualdoItalian composer.
 GaetanoDonizettiItalian opera composer.
 RobertSchumannGerman composer.
 ArnoldDolmetschFrench musician and instrument maker in England.
 WilliamNewmanAmerican film, television and theater actor.
 CharlesRosenA production designer and art director.
 VolkmarBraunbehrensGerman musicologist and publisher.
 KarlGeiringerAustrian-American musicologist, and biographer of composers.
 FranzWegelerGerman physician and friend of composer Ludwig van Beethoven.
 OskarSchindlerGerman industrialist and a member of the Nazi Party.
 MaximilianFriedrichArchbishop-Elector of Cologne and the Bishop of Münster.
 LudwigSchiedermairGerman minister and amusicologist.
 DouglasJohnsonBritish historian.
 FerdinandWolanekA copyist.
2Jana Jaromir Laska's wife.
 FranzLisztHungarian composer, pianist, conductor, music teacher, arranger.
 JohannesBrahmsGerman composer and pianist.
 SergeiRachmaninoffRussian composer, pianist, and conductor.
 Karl vanBeethovenNephew of Ludwig van Beethoven.
 JimBurkeAustralian cricketer.
 StephenFosterAmerican songwriter.
 AntonioVivaldiItalian Baroque composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher and priest.
 HumphreyBogartAmerican film and stage actor.
 PaulHenreidAustrian-American actor and film director.
 IngridBergmanSwedish actress.
 BozenaNěmcováCzech writer.
 DanielHajekOtylie's close friend. aka: Danek.
 GaryCooperAmerican actor.
 MathiasNovakA Bohemian immigrant.
 GodfreyFluryA decorative painter and commercial artist.
 RichardNixon37th President of the United States of America.
 John F.Kennedy35th president of the United States.
 WillaCatherAmerican writer.
3Jean-PierreRampalFrench flutist.
 Johann W.von GoetheGerman writer, artist, natural scientist and politician.
 Jean-YvesThibaudetFrench-American pianist.
 MischaMaiskyLatvian-Israeli cellist.
 MarthaArgerichArgentine/Swiss pianist.
4Nat KingColeAmerican singer and jazz pianist.
 JosefKlimentDanek's new acquaintance. aka: Joe.
5Hana President Benes' wife.
 AlfredBartošA lieutenant.
 Henry Meta's new acquaintance.
 Tilly A woman who worked for the Czech government during the war.
 Max Henry's neighbor.
 MaxineKendrickMeta's new acquaintance.
 Homer The presumed author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
6PurselMooreA minister.
 WoodyGuthrieAmerican singer-songwriter and folk musician.
7JimThorpeAmerican track and field athlete and baseball player.
 CharlwsCastellWittmann's friend.
 ColinDavisBritish conductor.
 MargaretPriceWelsh opera singer.
 Tamino Belgian-Egyptian singer.
 PeterSchreierGerman tenor and conductor.
 Maria Annavon WesterholtFriend and pupil of Ludwig van Beethoven.
 LeonardBernsteinAmerican conductor, composer, pianist, music educator, author.
 AveryFisherFounder of the Philharmonic Radio.
 Herodotus 5th century BC Greek historian and author of The Histories.
 FerdinandRiesGerman composer. Close friend of Beethoven.
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