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Characters By Chapter
Kimberly Hale
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1FrancescoSforzaDuke of Milan.
2Julius A Pope.
3Louis XII King of France.
 Lodovico MoroA Duke. Francesco Sforza's son.
 Beatriced'EsteFrancesco Sforza's wife.
 Philip Captain of the Soldiers.
 Charles VIII King of France.
 Alexander A pope.
 Jeanne First wife of Louis XII. Daughter of Louis XI.
 Anne Widow of Charles VIII. Second wife of Louis XII.
 Georgesd'AmboiseThe Archbishop of Rouen.
 CesareBorgiaPope Alexander's son. Duke Valentino.
4Alexander Master of Asia.
6Moses Mere executor of the will of God.
 Heiro II Prince of Syracuse.
7Bianca MariaViscontiFilippo Visconti's daughter.
 Filippo ViscontiDuke of Milan.
 Machiavelli Accredited agent of the Florentine Republic.
 Ramirod'OrcoA swift and cruel man.
 Julius II Cardinal of Pietro ad Vincula.
8Agathocles King of Syracuse.
 Amilcar The Carthaginian.
 GiovanniFogliani Alexander VI's maternal uncle.
 Pagolo VitelliAlexander VI's trainor.
 Vitellozzo Pagolo's brother.
 Vitelleschi The one who helped to seize Fermo.
9Nabis Prince of Spartans
11Leo A pope. Cardinal de 'Medici.
12Johanna II Queen of Naples.
 GiovanniAcutoAn English knight.
 Robertoda San SeverinoDuke of Austria
 Ladislao King of Naples.
 Edward III The one who knighted Giovanni Acuto.
 Domnia Bernabo Visconti's daughter.
 BernaboViscontiDomnia's father.
 Alberigoda ConioCount of Cunio/Romagna. Leader "Company of St. George".
13Ferdinand V King of Spain.
 JoannesCantacuzenusEmperor of Constantinople.
 Charles VII King Louis XI's father.
 Louis XI  Charles VII's son.
 Philip Alexander the Great's father.
14Philipoemen Prince of the Achaeans.
18Ferdinand Prince of Aragon.
19AnnibaleBentivogliPrince of Bologna.
 GiovanniBentivogliRuled Bologna from 1462 to 1506.
 Maximus The philosopher. An emperor.
 Maximinus An emperor.
 Commodus Marcus' son.
 Pertinax An emperor.
 Julian An emperor.
 Severus An emperor.
 AntoninusCarcallaAn emperor.
 Macrinus An emperor.
 Heliogabalus An emperor.
 Alexander An emperor.
 Niger Head of the Asiatic army.
20PandolfoPetrucciPrince of Sienna.
 NicoloVitelliThe one who demolished the Fortresses.
 GuidoUbaldoDuke of Urbino.
 CatherineSforzaCountess of Forli.
 Girolamo Catherine's consort.
 GeleazzoSforzaCatherine's father.
 LucreziaLandrianiCatherine's mother.
22Antonioda VenafroPandolfo Petrucci's servant.
 Maximilian I Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
 Mary Maximilian's first wife. Charles' daughter.
 Bianca SforzaMaximilian's second wife.
 TitusQuitius.The one who conquered Philip of Macedon.
26Giulianode MediciA Cardinal.
 Leo X Clement.
 Taro  A witness.
 Allesandria A witness.
 Capua A witness.
 Vaila A witness.
 Bologna A witness.
 Mestri A witness.