Characters - Alphabetical
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Baden- Baden The guy Grandmere is paying a visit.
Aaron Ben-Simon Shameeka's 7th grade boyfriend.
Boutros- Boutros Grandmere's friend.
Dave Farouq El-Abar Tina's date to the Cultural Diversity Dance. He goes to Trinity.
Carol Fernandez Reporter
Frank Gianini Mia's Algebra Teacher. Mia's mother is dating. aka: Mr. Gianini/Mr. G.
Principal Gupta Albert Einstein High's Principal.
Bobby Hakim Baba Tina's little brother.
Mr. Hakim Baba Tina's father.
Mrs. Hakim Baba Tina's mother.
Tina Hakim Baba Saudi Arabian girl from school who has a chaffeur.
Brandon Hertzenbaum A boy with schizophrenia at school.
Mrs. Hill In charge of G&T at Albert Einstein High.
Mr. Ho Owner of Ho's deli.
Mrs. Ho Owner of Ho's deli.
Mrs. Holland Mia's US History teacher.
Fat Louie Mia's cat.
Dr. Moscovitz Lilly's psychoanalyst mother.
Lilly Moscovitz Mia's best friend.
Michael Moscovitz Lilly's older brother.
Boris Pelkowski Russian kid from G&T.
Clarisse M. Renaldo Mia's grandmother. Dowager Princess of Genovia. aka: Grandmere.
Phillipe Renaldo Mia's father. Prince of Genovia. aka: Artur Grimaldi Renaldo.
Josh Ritcher Senior from school Mia has a crush on. Lana's boyfriend.
Mr. Stuart Health teacher.
Ling Su Mia's friend.
Helen Thermopolis Mia's mother.
Mia Thermopolis Protagonist. Princess of Genovia. aka: Amelia Grimaldi Renaldo.
Lana Weinberger Girl from school. Josh's girlfriend.
Mr. Wheeton The crew coach.
Allan Shameeka's boyfriend.
Antonio Delivery guy.
Bonham-Allen The one who passed out during Josh's last party.
Clifford Ling-Su's date to the Cultural Diversity Dance.
Edward Prince.
Fergus Skinny red-headed boy.
Genevieve A girl just like Lana at Grandmere's school way back when.
Grace Deceased Princess.
Grandpere Mia's grandfather.
Hans Phillipe's new driver and bodyguard.
Joe Albert Einstein High's Stone Lion.
Lars Driver and butler.
Ling-Su Mia's classmate.
Marie Grandmere's cook.
Maya The Moscovitz's Dominican maid.
Nicole One of the younger girls from the neighboring chateau.
Norman Lilly's stalker.
Paolo Grandmere's stylist.
Pavlov Michael's sheltie.
Pierce A member of Josh's entourage.
Rommel Grandmere's 15 year-old miniature poodle.
Ronnie Mia's neighbor who has fancy parties. aka: Ronald/Ronette.
Shameeka Mia's friend. Producer and Scout of Lilly Tells It Like It Is.
Sophie Edward's wife.
Steve Lilly and Michael's cousin.
Tim Helen's ex who turned out to be Republican.
Wahim Tina's bodyguard.
Wolfgang Helen's ex who turned out to be gay.