Characters - Alphabetical
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StephanieAndersScott's acquaintance.
EthanBowenRan a Professional Military Corporation in London.
AmyBreslynA chemical production engineer.
JacobBreslynAmy's son.
PaulBudressOne of the K-9 Platoon's senior assistant trainers.
BradCarterA detective.
ElvisColeA private investigator.
RoyalColinskiA radical extremist. The real Mr. Rollins.
Ms.CortezNola's friend.
JoyceCowleyA Robbery Homicide detective.
LeslieDayA boot officer.
EddieDitkoA reporter.
MaryTruEarleApartment owner.
CarlosEtanaA fugitive murder suspect.
LauraFreemanA real estate agent.
FrankGarciaA dipshit banger who made a billion dollars.
EarlGreyBrad Carter's private stash.
 HendersOne of Scott's acquaintances.
GordonHershelA clerk.
JanetHessThe real name of fake Meryl Lawrence.
WarrenHollisOne of the task force detectives.
MikeIgnacioSpecial Operations Bureau Commander.
WalterJacobiFormer owner of the Echo Park House.
ScottJamesA police officer.
HaroldJeeslerA retired surgeon.
FritzJohnsonA police sergeant.
RuthJordanElvi's friend.
JimKempA lieutenant.
MerylLawrenceAmy's friend.
DominickLelandThe Platoon Chief trainer of the Los Angeles Police department.
CarlLembeckOne of Jacob's high school classmates.
ThomasLernerA writer.
JenniferLiOne of Jacob's high school classmates.
JackLibbyBomb Squad's senior bomb technician. Aka: Jackie.
CharlesLombardAmy's acquaintance.
JeffLombardiWorked at the gun store.
 MartirezOne of Scott's acquaintances.
Juan AdolfoMedilloThe new owner of the Echo Park House.
RussellMitchellA Special Agent with Homeland Security. Aka: Russ.
Asama MusaA slave of Mr. Yemi and hostage for approximately four years.
HectorPedroiaA cook.
JoePikeOwned a Detective Agency.
EdieQuinceWorked with Dough Stinnis.
BobRedmonOne of the detectives.
AnselRiveraA lawyer.
Mr.RollinsA businessman.
ImeldaSanchezAmy's housekeeper.
RickyStanleyOne of Jacob's high school classmates.
GloryStilesA female detective.
DoughStinnisWorked at Hollywood Homicide.
JonStoneJoe Pike's friend.
EliSturgesMr. Rollins' right hand man.
MaceStyrikThe senior sergeant-supervisor.
DavidTillmanJennifer Li's husband. Aka: Dave.
Remi Jay WallachSturges's crew.
EdWatersDeputy Chief.
Sambisa YemiA member of an Islamist terrorist group in northern Nigeria.
Alvin A police officer.
Barry Ansel's acquaintance.
Dakota A black German shepherd.
Darrow ATF agent.
Donald Laura's husband. Aka: Donnie.
Evanski One of the handlers.
Everett Worked at a flower shop.
Furth One of the detectives.
Hannah A battle-ax woman.
Hari Eli's man.
Ilan Worked at a flower shop.
Jared A florist.
Kelman An athletic agent.
Maggie A black-and-tan German shepherd.
Mantz One of the Criminal Conspiracy Section detectives.
Mildred Medillo's mother.
Mirasol One of Medillo's sisters.
Nagle One of the Criminal Conspiracy Section detectives.
Nola One of Medillo's sisters.
Pete A Marine K-9 handler.
Peters One of the handlers.
Ricardo Carlos Ethana's oldest brother.
Robert Medillo's father.
Stacey Worked at a flower shop.
Timmy A customer.
VanMeter A woman lieutenant with Internal Affairs.