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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Blythe A writer.
 Cecilia Blythe's mother.
 Etta Cecilia's mother.
 Louis Etta's first love.
 Henry Etta's partner.
2Grace Blythe's friend from college.
3Violet Blythe's daughter.
 FoxConnorBlythe's husband.
6Mrs.EllingtonBlythe's neighbor and friend.
 ThomasEllington Jr.Blythe's friend.
 Daniel Thomas Jr.'s younger brother.
 George A magical gnome.
 Mr.EllingtonThomas Jr. and Daniel's father.
7Harry Son of Blythe's acquaintance.
14Lenny Seb's friend.
 SebWestA doorman. Cecilia's husband.
 Beth-Anne Cecilia's doll.
23Helen Fox's mother.
24Sam Blythe's son.
28Noah Violet's acquaintance.
29Elijah A boy who fell off the top of the slide.
30Oliver A boy whose favorite playing soccer with friends.
34MaryCassatAmerican painter.
37Benny Sam's toy.
38Gemma Fox's new assistant.
43Raffi Canadian singer-lyricist.
44Joe A coffee shop owner.
46Gina One of Blythe's acquaintances.
 Lisa One of Blythe's acquaintances.
 Maureen The name used by Blythe's when she introduced herself.
48Iris Blythe's new acquaintance.
55Jake Violet's acquaintance. aka: Jakey.
57Wesley Fox's acquaintance.
 Cynthia Fox's co-worker.
63Richard Cecilia's acquaintance.
64Sydney Unofficial leader of the mom's club.
65Sloane A member of the mom's club.
 Anne The name used by Blythe's when attending the mom's club.
68Jet Gemma's son.
70SiobhanMcAdamsFormer model-to-be turned wrestler.
 SylviaPlathAmerican poet.
 Mrs.SmithCecilia's acquaintance.
74Mr.PhilipsViolet's teacher.
82Leda A nurse.
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