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Characters By Chapter
Gerry Andeen
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1BethHarmonOrphan who discovers chess  
 Mr. FergussenKind orphanage worker, dispenses pills  
 JoleneDeWittWorldly wise black orphan who befriends Beth  
 Mr. ShaibelJanitor who teaches Beth chess moves Scholar' mate (Fool's mate), Queen's gambit, Levenfish variation
 Mr. SchellTeacher at orphanage 
 MissHadleyScience teacher at orphanage  
 Mr. EsperoEnglish teacher at orphanage  
 Mr. GanzHigh school teacher, chess club coach Najdorf
2HelenDeardorffSevere head of orphanage  
  GladysAnother orphan 
 Shirly From the HS chess club 
 CharlesLevyOne of opponent at HS chess club  
 MissLonsdaleChapel leader 
3AlmaWheatleyAdopts Beth 
 MissFarleySocial worker Sicilian defense, Ruy Lopez opening
 Mrs.MacArthurJr. High math teacher  
 SueAnnApple Pi sorority member King's gambit
 Mr. BradleyBookstore merchant 
 Margaret Apple Pi sorority member 
4AnnettePackerFirst tournament opponent  
 HarryBeltikKentucky state champion  
  CullenBeltik's opponent 
  CookeBeth's second opponent (1500 rating)  
  KaplanBeth's third opponent (1694 rating)  
  Klein(1794 rating) 
  Townes(1724 rating) Dragon variation
  GoldmannAnother tournament opponent 
  SizmorePrior state champion 
5 RudolphA master Caro-Kann defense,
 JeanBalkePhotographer, former player  
 BennyWattsInternational grandmaster  
7Eileen Pot smoker 
 Barbara Pot smoker 
 Tim Beth's first 
8ManuelCordobaMrs. Wheatley's Mexican boyfriend  
 OctavioMarencointernational grandmaster  
 VaslilyBorgovWorld champion 
 Diedrich Australian player 
 GeorgiGirevYoung Russian player 
  SolomonAnother tournament victim Benoni defense, King's Indian defense
9PhillipResnaisMiddle aged grandmaster  
11HiltonWexlerWith Levertov 
 ArthurLevertovGrandmaster pick up game  
 Jenny BarnsWith Levertov 
12RetiOpeningDutch opponent 
 MichaelChennaultLawyer for Allston Wheatley  
 Alsoton WheatleyBeth's adoptive father  
 EdSpencerChess journalist 
13 FosterBeat Beth 
 CrawfordWalkerChristian Crusade director  
 HildaShaibelThe janitor's sister 
 Mrs.BlockerRepresentative of the Christian Crusade  
 MissDodgeRepresentative of the Christian Crusade  
  O'MalleyState Dept. for possible funding  
 Mr.BoothEscort for trip to Russia 
  LaevRussian player 
  DuhamelRussian player 
  LuchenkoRussian player 
  FlentoRussian player 
  HellstromRussian player