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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 FletcherRoebuckMilitary photographer.
 Olivia JamesHarperWar photographer. Jane's friend. aka: Liv.
 Britt Woman who assisted Jane in the party. aka: Britty.
 JaneTylerProtagonist. Nashville reporter.
 CharlesHarperLiv's husband.The New York Daily Press editor-in-chief.
2RuthCowanAP journalist.
 MariePageReporter from Ladies' Home Journal. Jane's friend.
 MargaretBourke-WhiteAmerican photographer.
 AnnetteRobertsNurse from Asbury Park.
 Joey Annette's patient from Toms River. Deceased.
 Mr.LugosiSurgeon. Liv and Jane's new acquaintance. aka: The Count.
 RobertCapaWar photographer.
 Mr.StahlmanOwner of a Nashville banner.
 Mrs.StahlmanMr. Stahlman's wife.
3  Chateau de Vouilly - The US's first army press camp.
 Edward (1) Fletcher's brother.
 Elizabeth H.SmytheFletcher's girlfriend.
 AlexandrineHamelA woman who provides homes to foreign journalists.
 MattHaltonCanadian reporter.
 CharlesLynchCanadian reporter.
 Edward (2) Fletcher's co-worker. Deceased.
 ErnestHemingwayCollier's reporter.
 MarthaGellhornCollier's reporter. Ernest's wife.
 GeneralMacarthurThe five-star General.
 JulienBryanEnglish photographer. Charles's former co-worker.
 A.J.LieblingAmerican journalist at the New Yorker.
4EleanorRooseveltThe President's wife.
 Geoffrey Liv's brother.
 JeromeNeffGrave registration staff. Jane's new acquaintance.
 ThomasStahlmanJane's former love. Mr. Stahlman's son. aka: Tommy.
 HelenKirkpatrickAmerican war correspondent. Sole newspaper representative.
 Mrs.ShipleyHead of US immigration and naturalization.
 HankBendObjector from Colorado Springs.
 IrisCarpenterBBC correspondent.
5Major ThomasD. HowieCommander at the 166th Infantry. Lead the attack on Saint Lo.
 CeptCecilyGirl playing dice. Someone Jane met.
 Emily Cept's friend.
 Ella Emily's friend. A girl who hasn't spoken since her mother died.
7Mrs.SerleA woman who lived on the servant's floor at Stahlmans.
 Mrs.TylerJane's mother.
8WesGallagherAssociated press North African Bureau Chief.
 GeneralBradleyThe commanding officer of the American troops.
 ErniePyleScripps-Howard columnist.
9SoniaTomaraJournalist from the Italian Front.
10John StephenWeverPhotojournalist.
 Baron vonFlashGunner. aka: The Mighty Brit.
11BedeIrvinAP photographer who died in war.
12LeeMillerPhotojournalist at the siege of St. Malo.
   W-w-w-wobbly - The finest gun in Normandy.
 BillSingletonW-w-w-wobbly's gun teammate.
 Willy Bill's gun teammate.
 Wade Bill's gun teammate.
 Walter Bill's gun teammate.
 Warren Bill's gun teammate.
13JohnMacvaneBBC radioman.
 HalBoyleAP correspondent.
 OscarMillerLiv's friend.
 Major JerryPapurtThe man Margaret hooked up with.
14AndyRooneyYoung American journalist.
 HarryHarrisStar and Stripes journalist. Andy's companion.
 BertBarndtStar and Stripes journalist. Andy's companion.
 PierreBourdanFrench journalist who was captured at his car at Rennes.
 AndreRabacheFrench journalist who was captured at his car at Rennes.
 PiereGossetFrench journalist who was captured at his car at Rennes.
 BillStringerAmerican journalist. Reuters photographer.
16Dietrichvon CholtitzGeneral commander in Paris.
  LeclercFrench general.
 TomTeanorLA Times journalist.
 BruceGrantChicago Times journalist.
18CharlesLuizetLeclerc's roommate.
19Generalder LuftwaffeGeneral in Paris.
 LouisRegameyAgent-general for the Canadian National Railway.
20Andrew Clarinet player. Fletcher's friend.
 JanetFlannerNew York columnist.
 CharlesCollingwoodCBS reporter.
21JohnMcVaneNBC reporter.
 WilliamShirerAmerican journalist from CBS.
22VirginiaIrwinSt. Louis post-dispatch journalist.
 MaryAliceJane's 3rd grade teacher.
26GeneralHobbsCommanding officer in Germany. Fletcher's new acquaintance.
27 StewartThe military officer who talked to General Hobbs.
 CaptainSixberryFletcher's new acquaintance.
 Bird Stewart's partner. Man who accompanied Jane to the caves.
28WinstonChurchillPrime minister.
30PaulSimonsDutch soldier.
 SmeetsHuynenWoman who hides in the basement.
34W. EugeneSmithPhotojournalist.
 JeremyJamesGeoffrey's grandson.
 Renny Geoffrey's sister.
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