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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProMarie CuriePhysicist discovered Radium. First woman to win Nobel Prize.
 PierreCurieA French physicist who discovered Radium.
 GeorgeB. ShawAn Irish Playwright.
   Part One - Knowledge
1KatherineSchaubA watch dial painter.
 Mr.SavoyKatherine's boss. A studio manager.
 AnnaRooneyThe forewoman. Katherine's boss.
 MaeC. CanfieldKatherine's trainer.
 JosephineSmithThe Orange's forelady.
2WoodrowWilsonThe current U.S. President.
 GraceFryerKatherine's co-worker.
 DanielFryerGrace's father.
 AdelaideFryerGrace's sister.
 IreneC. PorteKatherine's co-worker.
 MaryCorbyIrene's sister.
 Edna B. HussmanKatherine's co-worker.
 Albina M. LariceKatherine's co-worker. A daughter of an Italian immigrant.
 AmeliaMaggiaAlbina's sister. Aka: Mollie.
 EleanorEckertMollie's close friend. The first dial-painter who died in Radium.
 RayCanfieldA lab worker.
 TheodoreKuserMechanic where Katherine works. Hazel's husband.
 SabinV. SochockyThe founder of Orange Radium firm.
 GeorgeWillisSabin's co-founder of Orange Radium firm.
3QuintaM. McDonaldA new watch dial painter. Albina's sister.
 JamesMcDonaldQuinta's husband.
 SarahC. MailleferMarguerite Carlough's sister.
 MargueriteCarloughSarah's sister.
 MargueriteMailleferSarah's daughter.
 HenryMailleferSarah's husband.
 Sarah (2)CarloughSarah and Marguerite's mother.
 StephenCarloughSarah and Marguerite's father.
 JaneStockerA new watch dial painter at Orange. Aka: Jennie.
 HelenQuinlanA new watch dial painter at Orange.
 IreneRudolphKatherine's cousin.
 ArthurRoederThe Orange's new treasurer.
4HelenMcDonaldQuinta and James's daughter.
 GenevieveSmithJosephine's little sister.
 HowardBarkerThe Orange's vice-president.
 JamesLariceAlbina's husband.
   USRC - United States Radium Corporation.
5Dr. JosephKnefMollie's dentist.
 EdithMeadA trained nurse. Mollie's caregiver.
 ValerioMaggiaThe Maggia sister's father.
6JosephKellyThe President at Radium Dial company.
 LottieMurrayThe studio's superintendent at Radium Dial.
 CatherineWolfeLottie's first successful applicant. A dial painter at Radium Dial.
 BridgetWolfeCatherine's mother.
 MauriceWolfeCatherine's father.
 CharlotteNevinsCatherine's co-worker.
 MaryViciniAn Italian dial painter. Catherine's co-worker.
 RufusReedLottie's assistant superintendent.
 MercedesReedRufus's wife. The Radium Dial's instructress. Aka: Mercy.
7Dr. WalterBerryIrene's dentist.
 Dr. JamesDavidsonWalter's partner.
 Dr. AllenA doctor who reported the case of phosphorus poisoning.
 HaroldVeidtThe USRC vice-president.
 JohnRoachThe deputy commissioner of the New Jersey department.
 LilianErskineA police inspector.
 Dr.SzamatolskiThe consulting chemist of the Department of Labor.
   JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association.
8MargaretLooneyA dial painter at Radium Dial. Catherine's wife. Aka: Peg.
 Darlene Peg's niece.
 Marie BeckerA new dial painter at Radium Dial.
 BennyGoodmanAn American artist.
 Mary EllenCruseA dial painter at Radium Dial. Aka: Ella.
 DuffyRobinsonA dial painter at Radium Dial.
 RuthThompsonA dial painter at Radium Dial.
 SadiePrayA dial painter at Radium Dial.
 DelaHarvestonA dial painter at Radium Dial who died of tuberculosis.
 InezCorcoranA dial painter at Radium Dial.
9NellieQuinlanHelen's mother.
 RobertMcDonaldQuinta and James's son.
 LenoreYoungOrange's health officer.
 CatherineO'DonnellKatherine's co-worker.
 OliveWest-WittA dial painter at Radium Dial.
10FrancesGlacinskiA dial painter at Radium Dial.
 MargueriteGlacinskiFrances's sister.
 HelenMunchA dial painter.
 PearlPayneA dial painter at Radium Dial. Catherine's close friend.
 JeanLooneyPeg's sister.
 JaneLooneyPeg's sister.
11Dr. HarrisonMartlandA Newark physician.
 Dr. RobertHumphriesGrace's doctor. Head doctor at Orange Orthopedic Hospital.
 Dr. TheodoreBlumOne of America's first oral surgeons.
 TheodoreKuser Sr.Theo's father.
 AndrewMcBrideJohn Roach's boss.
 GraceVincentHazel's mother.
12Dr. CecilDrinkerA psychology professor at Harvard School of Public Health.
 Dr. KatherineDrinkerCecil's wife.
 Dr.CastleDr. Drinker's colleague.
 Dr. EdwinLemanThe chief chemist at United States Radium Corporation.
14William SchaubKatherine's father.
 KarlQuimbyHazel's priest.
 Dr. AliceHamiltonThe founder of industrial toxicology. Katherine's ally.
 RufusFordyceRadium Dial's president.
 KatherineWileyThe executive secretary of Consumers League.
 CharlesHackensmithPeg's husband. Aka: Chuck.
 PatrickRossiterMarie Becker's fiancĂ©.
 EthelbertStewartA man who runs the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
 SwenKjaerEthelbert's agent. A poisoning investigator.
16FrancesSplettstotcherA dial painter. Deceased.
17FrederickHoffmanThe investigating statistician at Prudential Insurance Company.
 Mr. JosiahStrykerThe USRC company lawyer.
 Dr. FrederickFlinnA doctor who specialized in industrial hygiene.
 William BaileyMan who produced Radithor.
 GeorgeWarrenA physician. Deceased.
18StephenCarloughSarah and Marguerite's cousin.
19IsidorKalitschMarguerite's lawyer.
   Part Two - Power
20EthelBrelitzQuinta's sister-in-law.
 HenryGottfriedGrace's new lawyer.
 Dr.BelingA nerve specialist.
21Edna HussmanA dial painter. Aka: The Dresden doll.
 ElizabethDunnA dial painter at Waterbury Clock company.
 Dr.ConlonDr. Knef's colleague.
 Dr. JamesEwingA radium medicine specialist.
22ClarenceLeeThe Vice-President at USRC headquarters in New York.
23JohnO'ConnellFrances's husband.
 FrancisRobinsonMary Duffy's husband.
 JosephTonielliMary Vicini's fiancĂ©e.
 AlbertPurcellCharlotte's husband.
 ThomasDonohueCatherine's husband. Aka: Tom.
 Vincent LloydVallatThe proprietor of a gas station. Inez's husband.
 Raymond Herst-BerryA lawyer who runs the Potter & Berry firm.
 LouisHussmanEdna Bolz's husband.
26NellieCruseElla's mother.
 JamesCruseElla's father.
 JohnCruseElla's brother.
27ElizabethHughesVon Sochocky's former assistant. A physicist.
 EdwardMarkleyThe lead attorney for USRC's defense.
28JohnBackesA Vice Chancellor.
 William SchlundtA close friend of Howard. The USRC company doctor.
29FrankBradnerThe Radium Girls lawyer.
 HerveyMooreThe Radium Girls lawyer.
 WalterLippmanBerry's ally. An editor.
 NormanThomasA socialist politician.
31JudgeMountainA court judge.
 Rose Mr. Berry's secretary.
 William ClarkMr. Berry's old boss. A judge.
33Dr. LordCraverJames Ewing's friend. A committee doctor.
 Dr. EdwardKrumbhaarThe Radium Girls appointed physician.
 Dr.FaillaOne of the attending doctors.
34Dr. AaronArkinA doctor who'd done the autopsy of the body of Peg.
35Ethel Quinta's sister-in-law.
36DonaldPurcellAl and Charlotte' son.
 AlphonseViciniMary Vicini's brother.
37VincentLa PorteIrene's husband.
 CharlesLindberghThe famous aviator.
38PatriciaPurcellCharlotte's daughter.
39EbenByersA world renowned industrialist.
   FTC - Federal Trade Commission.
   Part Three - Justice
41TommyDonohueCatherine and Tom's son.
 Mary Tom's niece.
 James Catherine's nephew.
42CharlesLofflerA blood specialist.
 Dr. MarshallDavisonCharlotte's doctor.
43JayCookA Chicago lawyer.
 SusieRobinsonDuffy's mother.
44HobartPaynePearl's husband.
 Mr.TurnerA manager of a plant under Mrs. Reed.
45  IIC - Illinois Industrial Commission.
 ClarenceDarrowA famous lawyer.
 Mary JaneDonohueCatherine's daughter.
46MaryDotyA reporter at Chicago Daily Times.
 JeromeRosenthalCatherine, Charlotte, and Marie's new attorney.
 FrancesPerkinsThe secretary of labor.
 ElmerMohnTom Donohue's attorney. A state attorney.
47William GanleyThe Radium Dial's new president.
48LeonardGrossmanThe Radium Dial's new attorney.
 LenGrossmanLeonard's son.
 ArthurMagidThe leading attorney in Inez Vallat's case.
49CarolReiserLeonard's secretary.
 TrudelGrossmanLeonard's wife.
 FatherGriffinCatherine's friend. A priest.
 EleanorTaylorThe Donohue's live-in-nanny.
 Dr.WeinerAn X-ray specialist.
 ClarenceWittOlive's husband.
 GeorgeMarvelThe judge from Catherine's trial.
Epi  CHR - The Center for Human Radiobiology.
 Dolores Marie Becker's daughter in law.
   EPA - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.