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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProAliceMullinSam's great-great grandmother. Owner: Mullin's Secret Recipe.
 LeoMullinAlice's husband.
 Mac Alice's dog.
   Part 1
 WilloBeckSam's grandma. Aka: Grandma Willo, Mom.
 AngeloMorelliSam's lover. Aka: Jersey.
 Trish Sam's friend. Pastry chef head.
 ChefDimplesThe owner of Dimples Bakery. Sam's boss. Aka: Dwight Lilliputh.
 Suzette A young dishwasher at Dimples Bakery.
2GordonBeckSam's grandfather. Willo's husband.
 Connor Sam's ex-boyfriend.
 DeanaNelsonSam's mother.
 AaronNelsonSam's brother.
 Doris Willo and Gordon's dog.
   Part 2
4Lily Sam's roommate.
 MarioBataliA famous chef.
 JimmyJenkinsThe boy who stole Sam's bike.
   Part 3
8Fred Willo's boyfriend.
 JosephSmithThe founder of Latter Day Saint.
 JamesStrangJoseph's successor.
 Heraclitus A Greek Philosopher.
 Elizabeth Clement's wife.
 Clement The Lighthouse keeper.
   Part 4
11MadgeBeckWillo's mother.
 WilburBeckWillo's father.
 Babe Madge and Wilbur's yellow Labrador.
   Part 5
14Amanda The girl who was serving apple cider.
15GaryNelsonSam's father.
16Peachy Willo and Gordon's dog.
 Mr. Essex Michigan University graduate. Owner of Essex Engineering.
   Part 7
18DonnaCupertinoThe woman who worked at the pie pantry.
 DebbieCupertinoThe woman who worked at the pie pantry.
 DedeCupertinoThe woman who worked at the pie pantry.
 JuliaChildAn American Chef.
   Part 8
21Sylvia Willo's friend.
   Part 10
27Collette Trish's boss.
   Part 11
31Dorothy Sam's acquaintance.
33SandraLeeA Baker.
34Jackson The chubby little boy.
 AudreyTautouThe French actress.
EpiAlice Sam's granddaughter.
 John Alice's husband.
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