Characters - Alphabetical
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CaptainAhabThe protagonist in Sopeap's story who dies in the end.
RajamBanerjeeThe author of Tiger Road.
LewisCarrollThe author of Alice in Wonderland.
DoctorChanNisay's doctor.
KhunCheanThe man who translated one of Herman's books.
LuckyFatThe abandoned child.
The HealerBa's friend.
MakaraHongThe fruit vendor.
ReakK. DevyVadamukha's wife. The Blood Goddess.
JoraniKahnOne of the female pickers.
YasunariKawabataA Japanese author.
UncleKeoSang Ly's uncle who worked at the provincial government.
JoraniKhanLena's friend.
ChendaLai SinSang Ly's new rent collector.
KiLimSang Ly's husband.
SangLyProtagonist and Narrator.
SyMaoAn author.
TevaMaoSang Ly's neighbor.
VannaMaoTeva's oldest daughter.
HermanMelvilleAn American author.
DaraNeakLena's distant cousin.
HengRangseyChimm's boss. The owner of the house where Sopeap lived.
PrakSimAn orphan child. The boy who taught Lucky to sort trash.
GrandmaSinSopeap's grandmother.
RathanaSinSopeap's sister.
SopeapSinCollects Sang Ly's rent. Aka: The Cow, The Rent Collector.
NarinSokSopeap's cousin.
Preah B.SomA Cambodian author.
SovannSonThe protagonist in Sopeap's story. A hunter.
SamnangSongSoriya's husband.
SoriyanSongThe real Sopeap Sin.
Robert LouisStevensonA Scottish Novelist.
PranTeoSang Ly's friend.
NheanUyA Cambodian writer.
Channary Samnang's sister.
Chey Sang Ly's friend.
Chimm Rangsey's guard.
Daddy Sang Ly's father.
Grandfather Sang Ly's grandfather.
Kamol The man Sarann met.
Kiri Ponleak and Rathana's son.
Lena Sang Ly's mother.
Maly Lucky's friend. The girl Lucky and Sang Ly saved.
Nisay Sang Ly's son.
Ponleak Rathana's husband.
Sarann The protagonist in Sopeap's story.
Tieb A custard apple.
Vadavamukha A Sky God with the body of a man and a head of the horse.