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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Summer 2003
 Thea Murdered.
 Ollie Thea's friend.
   Thursday 10:00 AM 2021
 LarsonCreacherThe island caretaker in 2003. The suspect on the 2003 killing spree.
   Reaper's Rock - The strange island.
   Day 1
1ElinWarnerA former agent of crime investigation unit. A detective sergeant.
 IsaacWarnerElin's brother.
 Steed A detective constable. Elin's colleague.
 Anna The HR. Elin's boss.
 WillRileyElin's boyfriend. The founder of LUMEN.
   LUMEN - The luxury retreat on the island.
2HanaLegerJo's sister. One of the island visitors.
 JoLegerHana's sister. One of the island visitors.
 BeaLegerHana and Jo's older sister.
 Liam Hana's dead boyfriend.
 Maya Hana and Jo's cousin.
 SethDelaneyJo's boyfriend.
 Caleb Bea's boyfriend.
3Hayler Murderer of Elin's brother's fiancĂ©.
 Sam Elin's sister. Deceased.
4Edd Jo's driver.
5Sofia Maya's younger sister.
6FarrahRileyWill's younger sister. The Lumen manager.
 Tobias Farrah's ex-boyfriend.
   Day 2
10MichaelZimmermanThe cleaner of the pavilion.
12Leon A CSI agent. Elin's colleague.
 Rachel Leon's partner.
13Jon The medic.
17Justin The Lumen's security guy.
19Della Bea's assistant.
21Tom The water sports instructor.
   Day 3
32RobTooleyThe missing guest.
36RonanDelaneySeth's father. The island owner.
40PorterJacksonThe island's local resident. The boatman.
45Sol Maya's ex.
47Mieke One of the forensic pathologists.
55DSJohnsonThe detective in charge in Creacher murders.
68Josh Will's friend.
 David Will's friend.
70Jared The Lumen's supervisor.
77AlainDunneThe former student at Rock House School.
   Day 4
86Christopher JacksonPorter's alleged son.
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