Characters - Alphabetical
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GwendolynBainbridgeMiss Sparks's partner. Aka: Gwen, Sophie.
HaroldBainbridgeGwen's father-in-law. Lady Carolyne's husband.
EmilyBascombeGeorge's wife. Sparks and Gwen's common friend.
GeorgeBascombeEmily's husband. Sparks and Gwen's common friend.
MorrisCannonOne of the bachelors Sparks picked for Tillie.
LadyCarolyneGwen's mother-in-law. Ronnie's mother.
PhillipCarterA reporter. Aka: Gareth Fontefract.
SydneyCollinsOne of the bachelors Sparks picked for Tillie.
RonaldColmanGwen's lover.
Mrs.CorcoranA lady jailguard.
AloysiusCornwallThe man who has debt to Sparks.
Celia MaitlandCornwallAloysius's wife.
Mrs.CorriganSparks's friend.
SalvatoreDanielliSparks and Gwen's associate.
Mrs.DowdDickie's landlady.
RonnieJr.Gwen's son.
JessieKempMiss Sparks's informant.
MikeKinseyPhilip's detective sergeant. Sparks's former lover.
MatildaLa SalleOne of Spark's clients. Aka: Tillie.
TomLa SalleTillie's uncle.
AngusMacPhersonThe Right Sort custodian.
AlfredMannersOne of Sparks's clients.
DoctorMilfordLady Carolyne's doctor.
PhilipParhamDetective Superintendent.
TomParkinsonRonnie Bainbridge's best man.
RogerPilcherTillie's former lover.
BitsySedgewickOne of Sparks's clients.
JamesSmalleyA bookshop owner.
IrisSparksOwner of the Right Sort of Marriage Bureau. Aka: Mary Elizabeth McTague.
BerylStansfieldMike's lover.
MartinTolbertA clothes shop owner. Tillie's boss.
RichardTrowersThe man Sparks and Gwen set up on a date with Tillie. Aka: Dickie.
Agnes Ronnie Jr's babysitter.
Albert Lady Carolyne's driver.
Andrew Sparks's lover.
Andy Des's dead wife.
Archie Tillie's workmate.
Becky One of Tillie's friends.
Des Tillie's cousin.
Dickins The man who was bombed during the Blitz.
Elizabeth Sparks's aunt.
Elsie Tillie's acquaintance.
Essie Des's sister.
Fanny Tillie's acquaintance.
Frank The man that Tillie met.
Geoffrey Sparks and Gwen's solicitor.
Godfrey Kinsey's constable.
Harry Roger's friend. An American G.I.
Herbert Dickie's goldfish.
Jones The man who was bombed during the Blitz.
Larkin Philip's constable.
Lucy A tall woman at Tolbert's shop.
Marilyn Gwen's friend.
Millicent Lady Caroline's maid.
Percival The Bainbridge's butler.
Poppy Andrew's wife.
Prudence The Bainbridge's cook.
Ronnie Gwen's lover.
Tony The watchman.