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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProGeorgeCherrieAmerican naturalist and explorer.
 TheodoreRoosevelt 26th U.S. President. Aka: Teedie.
 CandidoRondonBrazilian military officer.
 Kermit Theodore's second son.
 Samuel TaylorColeridgeEnglish poet.
 KublaKhanGrandson of the legendary Mongol conqueror.
   Part One Breaking Away
1  Defeat
 JohnBurroughsAmerican naturalist and nature essayist.
 WoodrowWilson28th U.S. President.
 WilliamHoward Taft27th U.S. President.
 VincentAstorAmerican businessman and philantropist.
 GeorgeGraham RiceA convicted stock swindler.
 HenryFordAmerican industrialist and business magnate.
 Corinne Theodore's sister.
 Monroe Candice's son.
 Mrs.ParsonsCandice's friend.
 EdithRoosevelt Theodore Roosevelt's wife.
 JohnSchrankBavarian immigrant attempted to assassinate Roosevelt.
 WilsonTaftSelected by Teddy Roosevelt to be his successor.
 Eugene V.Debs American socialist and political activist.
 Nellie William Howard Taft's wife.
 ArthurHamilton LeeEnglish soldier, diplomat, politician, philanthropist.
 William ThayerAmerican author and editor.
 Ethel Theodore's younger daughter.
 HermanHagedornAmerican author, poet and biographer.
 AlexanderLambertTheodore's physician.
 Theodore Sr. Theodore Roosevelt's father.
 MarthaRoosevelt Theodore's mother.
 BillSewallAn author.
 AliceLeeTheodore Roosevelt's first wife.
 Anna Theodore's sister.
 WilliamMcKinley Jr.25th president of the United States.
 AbrahamLincoln16th president of the United States.
 PaulMartinFormer Prime Minister of Canada.
2  Opportunity
 EmilioFrersArgentina lawyer.
 Emily Theodore's sister-in-law.
 H. M.TomlinsonBritish writer and journalist.
 John JamesAudobonAmerican ornithologist, naturalist, and painter.
 HenryOsborn"a Henry Fairfield Osborn
 FrankChapmanBritish businessman Chief Executive of the BG group.
 John ZahmA priest. Theodore's friend.
 JohnCavanaughFather Zahm's friend.
 CharlesDarwinEnglish naturalist, geologist and biologist.
 WallaceStegnerAmerican writer.
 AlbertZahmZahm's brother.
 H. J.MozansFather Zahm's pen name.
3  Preparation
 Archie One of Theodore's sons.
 Quentin One of Theodore's sons.
 AnthonyFialaAmerican explorer.
 HenryFieldenBritish explorer and naturalist.
 Roger PeetArtist and printmaker.
 FrankHarperRoosevelt's former private secretary.
 LeoMillerMuseum scientist.
4  On The Open Sea
 JamesMonroe5th U.S. President.
 LemuelQuiggFormer United States Representative.
 Ted Jr. Theodore's son.
 GeorgeTrevelyanBritish statesman and historian.
 RudyardKiplingEnglish journalist, short-story writer.
 HiramJohnsonFormer Governor of California.
 BelleWillardDaughter of the American ambassador to Spain.
 JosephWillardAmerican Congregational clergyman and academic.
 JacobSiggSwiss handyman.
 Bamie Edith Roosevelt's sister-in-law.
 GilbertGrosvenorFirst full-time editor-in-chief of National Geographic magazine.
 MargaretRoosevelt Emlen's daughter.
 Emlen Theodore's cousin.
 HenryHuntBritish radical speaker and agitator.
5  A Change of Plans
 Pedro ll Former Emperor of Brazil.
 LauroMullerBrazil's former foreign affairs minister.
 Domiciode GamaBrazil's ambassador to the United States.
 JohnHayFormer United States Secretary of State.
 Franciscode OrellanaSpanish explorer.
 Pedro de UrsuaSpanish conquistador.
 Lopede AguirreSpanish conquistador.
 Fernandode GuzmanExpedition's commander.
 JohnSpekeEnglish explorer and officer in the British Indian Army.
 RichardBurtonWelsh actor.
 Robert PearyAmerican explorer and United States Navy officer.
 MatthewHensonAmerican explorer who accompanied Robert Peary.
 RoaldAmundsenNorwegian explorer.
 Robert ScottRoyal Navy officer and explorer.
 ErnestShackletonBritish explorer.
 PhilippeBunau-VarillaFrench engineer.
 MarshallMartinezFormer Chilean ambassador to U.S.
 EleanorAlexanderTheodore's daughter-n-law.
   Part Two Into The Wilderness
6  Beyond The Frontier
 FranciscoLopezFormer President of Paraguay.
 AugusteComteFrench philosopher.
 BenjaminConstantRondon's math teacher.
 RichardByrdAmerican naval officer and explorer.
 ThomasKempisDutch-German canon and author of The Imitation of Christ.
 JulesJusserandFrench Ambassador to the United States.
7  Disarray and Tragedy
 Amilcar deMagallanesRondon's trusted friend.
 VictorianoHuertaMexican military officer and 35th President of Mexico.
 FranciscoMaderoMexican revolutionary 33rd President of Mexico.
 Juliode LimaOne of the camaradas.
 Sergio Vieirode MelloUnited Nations diplomat of Brazil who worked for the UN.
 CiprianoCastroHigh-ranking member of the Venezuelan military.
 Arthur J.BalfourFormer British Prime Minister.
 Fernando CardosoFormer President of Brazil.
 JoseCajazeiraA doctor.
8  Hard Choices
 JoaoLyraMilitary engineer and skilled surveyor.
 Juan Miller's friend.
9  Warnings From The Dead
 JohnScott KeltieScottish geographer.
 ClaudeLevi-StraussBelgian-French anthropologist.
 PedroCabralPortuguese military commander, navigator and explorer.
 Hermannvon IheringGerman-Brazilian zoologist.
 GeorgeCusterUnited States Army officer and cavalry commander.
 FrancisLeuppCommissioner of Indian Affairs.
   Part Three The Descent
10  The Unknown
  Antonio PyrineusBrazilian lieutenant.
11  Pole and Paddle, Axe and Machete
 Howard PyleAmerican illustrator and author.
 Maxfield ParrishAmerican painter and illustrator.
 Luiz CorreiaTheodore's steersman.
 AntonioPareciOne of Roosevelt's paddlers.
 Alexander von HumboldtGerman naturalist and explorer.
 Franca A cook.
13  On the Ink-Black River
 George BoulengerBelgian ichthyologist and herpetologist.
  BachA doctor.
14  Twitching Through the Woods
 Alfred RusselWallaceBritish naturalist.
 Henry Walter BatesOne of Alfred Wallace's friends.
15  The Wild Water
 Trigueiro Kermit's dog.
16  Danger Afloat, Danger Ashore
 Lobo Rondon's favorite dog.
17  Death in the Rapids
 Simplicio One of the camaradas.
 Alice Roosevelt's oldest child.
   Part Four Iron Cruelty
18  Attack
 Stella George Cherrie's wife.
 Francisca RondonCandido Rondon's wife.
 Vulcão Rondon's first dog.
19  The Wide Belts
 Gaspar de CarvajalDominican friar.
 Charles de LaCondamineFrench naturalist and mathematician.
 Julio César AranaSon of a Peruvian hat maker.
 OrvilleWrightOne of an American aviation pioneers.
 Wilbur WrightOne of an American aviation pioneers.
21  The Myth of "Beneficent Nature"
 Paishon One of a camaradas.
22  "I Will Stop Here"
 Rixey Roosevelt's doctor.
 ArkadyFiedlerPolish explorer and writer.
 Ben ButlerA horse.
 Henry Cabot LodgeRoosevelt's friend.
 NapoleonBonaparteFrench statesman and military leader.
 OscarDavisA journalist.
   Part Five Despair
23  Missing
 Anthony FialaExpedition's outfitter.
 Irwin HooverA long-time White House employee.
 Emily Edith Roosevelt's sister.
 Endicott PeabodyThe rector.
 Elliott Roosevelt's brother.
 Anna HallElliott's wife.
 Eleanor Elliott's daughter.
 Franklin D.Roosevelt 32nd U.S. President.
 Edwin RobinsonAmerican poet.
24  The Worst in a Man
 Pedrinho One of a camaradas.
26  Judgment
 AntonioCorreiraExpedition's best paddler.
27  The Cauldron
 ThomasMoreEnglish lawyer, statesman.
 EdwardGibbonEnglish historian, writer.
 MarcusAureliusRoman Emperor and Stoic philosopher.
 Epictetus Greek Stoic philosopher.
 HenryLongfellowAmerican poet.
 Viscondede TaunayBrazilian novelist.
   Part Six Deliverance
28  The Rubber Men
 HenryFowAmerican industrialist and business magnate.
 JohnMuirAmerican naturalist.
 HenryWickhamBritish explorer.
 Joaquim AntonioPortuguese politician.
 Raymundo MarquesOld man who lived alone on the banks of the River of Doubt.
 Manoel VieiraRaymundo Marques' neighbor.
 Honorato A rubber-tapper.
29  A Pair of Flags
 Barboso Brazilian rubber gatherer.
 José Caripe"The 'king' of the rubber gatherers".
EpiClementsMarkhamPresident of England's famed Royal Geographical Society.
 Savage LandorEnglish writer, poet, and activist.
 Lord EarlGreyFormer Prime minister of the United Kingdom.
 DouglasFrshfieldPresident of the Royal Geographical Society.
 JamesAmosRoosevelt's royal valet.
 SamuelLangleySmithsonian's former director.
 AlbertEinseinTheoretical physicist.
 MuktukMarstonA major who had organized Alaska's Tundy Army.
 GeorgeMiller DyottEnglish pioneer aviator.
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