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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1   Carl       Potential guardian for Lane.
    Karen       Social worker.
    Yates   Roanoke   Lane's grandfather.
    Lillian   Roanoke   Lane's grandmother.
    Allegra   Roanoke   Lane's cousin.
    Lane   Roanoke   Lived with grandparents after mother's suicide. aka: Laney-girl.
    Charlie       Works for Lane's grandfather.
    Sharon       Roanoke's maid.
    Jane   Roanoke   Sister of Lane's grandfather.
    Sophia   Roanoke   Sister of Lane's grandfather.
    Penelope   Roanoke   Jane's daughter.
    Eleanor   Roanoke   Allegra's mother.
    Camilla   Roanoke   Lane's mother.
    Emmeline   Roanoke   Lillian's daughter. Died when a baby.
2   Tommy   Kenning   A cop. Allegra's former boyfriend.
    Della   Ward   She is on her third husband.
    Cooper   Sullivan   A mechanic. He dated Lane.
    Sarah   Fincher   Tommy's wife.
    Jeff       Lane's ex-husband.
4   Beth   Van Horn   Mother of girl mistaken as Allegra.
    Mr.   Sullivan   Cooper's father.
    Holly       Cooper's sister.
6   Madame   Wright   Owner of the old house in town.
9   Kate   Levins   Allegra's friend.
10   Brandy       A waitress.
16   Maggie       Jeff's new wife.
18   Mike   Tucker   Cooper's friend.
    Kimberly       Cooper's ex-girlfriend. aka: Kim.
20   Mrs.   Sullivan   Cooper's mother.
21   Bella   James   She dated Cooper.
    Nick   Samson   A guy Lane met at a party.
    Punk       Cooper's dog.
26   Elizabeth       Lane's daughter.
29   Mills       County Sheriff.