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Remy Hale
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1  March 2002
 Nadia 1 Ruby Henderson's daughter.
2  December 1938
 RubyHendersonMarcel Benoit's wife.
 MarcelBenoitAn art dealer.
 CaryGrantAmerican actor.
 F. ScottFitzgeraldAmerican fiction writer.
 ErnestHemingwayAmerican journalist.
 GertrudeSteinAmerican novelist.
 HenryMatisseFrench artist.
 MadameLefevreA concierge.
  HitlerLeader of the Nazi Party.
3  December 1939
 CharlotteDacherRuby's friend.
 ReuvenDacherCharlotte's father.
 TheresePetitThe most beautiful girl in school.
 Jean-MarcThibodauxCharlotte's classmate.
 Micheline Charlotte's friend.
 SarahDacherCharlotte's mother.
4  January 1940
 ThomasClarkeA RAF pilot.
 HarryCormackA pilot. Thomas' friend.
 OliverSmithThomas' companion.
 JonathanWilkesThomas' flight sergeant.
5  June 1940
 FranklinRoosevelt32nd U.S. President.
 AubertMoreauMarcel's old friend.
 ZeldaFritzgeraldAmerican novelist.
 Helende PortesA Countess of France.
6  October 1940
 Charlesde GaulleFormer president of France.
7  January 1941
 Michel Monsieur Dacher's sibling.
8  January 1941
 JohnStephensThomas' acquaintance.
 Cecilia Harry's aunt.
10  April 1941
 Dexter A British pilot.
12  August 1941
 Jarvis One of Thomas' friends.
 Reeves One of Thomas' friends.
 Abbott One of Thomas' friends.
 Maxwell The flight instructor.
 Jacques A farmer.
 WinstonChurchillFormer British Prime Minister.
14  October 1941
 Lewis A pilot.
 Claude A farmer.
 Henriette Claude's wife.
 Kenneth One of Claude's acquaintances.
 Michael One of Claude's acquaintances.
19  October 1941
 Philippe Aubert's code name.
 Fleur Ruby's code name.
20  October 1941
 Laure One of Aubert's acquaintances.
 Jean-Louis One of Aubert's acquaintances.
 Lawrence B.FisherA Spitfires pilot.
 HarleyHoltA bomber pilot.
 StephenOrlandoA gunner.
21  October 1941
 NormanWimbleyOne of the pilots.
 ScottPaceOne of the pilots.
 WalterCaldwellOne of the pilots.
 Florentino One of the men who helped the pilot.
 Alesander One of the men who helped the pilot.
23  July 1942
 SamuelSullivanAmerican pilot.
25  July 1942
 Lucien Charlotte's acquaintance.
 Helene Charlotte's code name.
26  July 1942
 FredHornA squadron adjutant.
 Wellesley One of the pilots.
 Newton One of the pilots.
27  August 1942
 MadameColinRuby's acquaintance.
 GeorgesSavatierThe landlord.
28  January 1943
 EarlJohnsonAmerican fighter.
 JayCashBritish bomber.
 JonPayneA RAF pilot.
33  December 1943
 HumphreyBogartAmerican film actor.
 JohnMcCraeCanadian poet.
35  January 1944
 Marie Thomas' acquaintance.
 CaptainHamiltonAn officer-in-charge.
 Reid Thomas' acquaintance.
36  February 1944
 Refilwe One of the pilots from South Africa.
 Poloko One of the pilots from South Africa.
 Travis A pilot from New Zealand.
 Raymond A pilot from Worthington, Ohio
 Howie A pilot from Topeka.
 Terrence A pilot from Liverpool.
 Elizabeth Terrence's fiancĂ©.
 Marcus A pilot from Arlington, Texas.
 Ernest A pilot from Spring Gully, South Carolina.
 Joseph A pilot from Brockton, Massachusetts.
 Catherine Joseph's girlfriend.
 TomTroubaA pilot from St. Louis.
 Christopher An American pilot.
37  April 1944
 LeoHuetRuby's acquaintance.
38  June 1944
 RoscoeVincentA man who made pilot's schedule.
39  June 1944
 Angelique One of the inmates.
 Jacqueline One of the inmates.
 Nadia 2 Ruby's friend.
 HerrHartmannThe interviewer.
40  July 1944
 Denise An inmate.
 Gisela Herr Hartmann's daughter.
41  August 1944
 Fritz A farmer.
 Eva Fritz's wife.
44  August 1944
 FredAstaireAmerican dancer, singer, actor and choreographer.
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