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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Mrs.   Frazier   Mark's mother.
    Louie       Mrs. Frazier's younger son.
    Mark       Louie's brother.
    Ness   Shelton   Law firm owner.
    Randall       Mark's supervisor.
2   Todd   Lucero   Bartender.
    Gordon   Tanner   Mark's friend. aka: Gordy.
    Brenda       Gordy's fiancĂ©.
    Zola   Maal   Gordy's girlfriend.
3   Bo       Zola's unmarried brother.
4   Hinds   Rackley   Wall Street lawyer.
    Alan   Grind   Lawyer.
    Marvin   Jockety   Rackley's managing partner.
5   Darrell   Cromley   Friendly lawyer.
6   Lee       Gordy's friend.
7   Mr.   Swayze   Detective.
8   Dr.   Karvy   Brenda's father.
    Joey   Barnes   Todd's friend.
    Mrs.   Tanner   Gordy's mother
    Joseph   Tanner   Gordy's father.
10   Abdou   Maal   Zola's father.
    Fanta       Zola's mother.
    Morris   Gibson   First agent.
    Jerry   Dunlap   Second agent.
    Phyllis   sBrown   First clerk.
    Debbie   Ackenburg   Second clerk.
    Carol   Mott   Third clerk.
    George   Mcllwaine   Supervisor.
    Travis   Watson   Third agent.
    Hon.   Baxter   A judge.
11   Gary   Chester   A reverend.
    Jimmy   Hasbro   Gordy's childhood friend.
13   Maynard       Todd's boss.
    Prestone   Kline   Attorney-at-law.
    Joseph   Cantu   A judge.
16   Morgana   Nash   Public sector representative.
    Rex   Wagner   Senior loan counselor.
17   Ronda       Zola's close friend.
    Wilson   Featherstone   Mark's friend.
18   Fiona   Dalrymple   A judge.
    Leon   Handleford   A judge.
    Benson   Taper   Mark's client.
    Hadley   Caviness   Assistant prosecutor.
19   Tildy   Carver   Senior loan adviser.
21   Ramon   Taper   Benson's cousin. aka: Digger.
    Asia       Ramon's ex-wife.
    Jackson   Taper   Ramon's dead son. aka: Jackie.
22   Frank   Jepperson   Local ambulance chaser.
    Keefe       Former cop.
    Faye   Dopey   Assistant register.
    Willis   Koonce   Retired obstetrician.
    Jeffrey   Corbett   Trial lawyer
    Diallo   Niang   Lawyer in Dakar.
    Prof.   Abernathy   Zola's teacher.
    Prof.   Zaran   Zola's teacher.
25   Edwin   Mossberg   Lawyer in Charlston.
    Sully   Perlman   Second-best medical malpractice lawyer.
26   Peter       Corbett's associate.
    Aurelia       Paralegal.
30   Mr.   Martinez   Lawyer.
31   Margaret   Sanchez   Head-disciplinary counsel.
    Chapman   Gronski   Assistant disciplinary counsel.
    Jeremy   Plankmore   Mark's client.
    Pammie       Bartender.
33   Rudy   Stassen   Lawyer.
    Jenny   Valdez   Stassen's associate.
34   Stir   Hobart   Detective.
    Idina   Sanga   Zola's family lawyer.
36   Barry   Strayhan   Rackley's chief counsel.
    Doug   Broome   Rackley's chief of security.
37   Phil   Sarrano   Lawyer from Foggy Bottom.
    Abraham   Abbott   A judge.
38   Sory       Bo's brother.
39   Mills   Reedy   Prosecutor.
41   Rudolph   Richard   Lawyer.
    Ian   Mayweather   Lawyer.
    Wynne       Special agent.
44   Pierre       Gardener.
    Christophe   Vidal   Mark Frazier's new name. aka: Chris.
    Tomas   Didier   Todd Lucero's new name. aka: Tomy.
    Alima   Pene   Zola Maal's new name. aka: Alice.