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Remy Hale
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Pro  November 8, 1947 London
 OslaKendallThe wartime girlfriend of Prince Philip.
 Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Full name of Elizabeth II - the Queen of the United Kingdom.
 PhilipMountbattenFormerly Prince Philip of Greece.
 GlennMillerAmerican big band musician, arranger, composer and bandleader.
   Eight Years Ago December 1939
1MabelChurtA girl striving to make a better life for her mother and young sister.
 Daphnedu MaurierBritish writer.
 ThomasHardyBritish actor, screenwriter and producer.
 Lucy 1 Mab's sister.
 Mrs.ChurtMab's mother.
 GuinevereBrodrickCountess of Midleton.
 IanFarquharBrodrick's acquaintance.
 Molyneux A designer.
 GretaGarboSwedish-American actress.
 DeborahMitfordThe Dowager Duchess of Devonshire.
 AndrewCavendish11th Duke of Devonshire.
 WilfredOwenEnglish poet and soldier.
 Francis C.GrayForeign Office official and mediocre poet.
2SarahNortonOsla's friend. aka: Sally
 WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
 BillyHartingtonFuture Duke of Devonshire.
 Henry V King of England.
 LordMountbattenBritish Royal Navy officer. He was Prince Philip's uncle.
 MissFentonSally's acquaintance.
3Napoleon French general and emperor.
 Boadicea The queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe.
 ScarlettO'HaraA protagonist in the novel Gone with the Wind.
 AlastairDennistonBritish cryptographer and Royal Navy Commander.
 AgathaChristieEnglish mystery and detective writer.
 MissMarpleOne of Christie's best-known characters.
 HerculePoirotAgatha Christie's detective.
 GilesTalbotA Bletchley Park's worker.
4BethanFinchA spinster under the thumb of her overbearing mother .aka: Beth.
 MurielFinchBeth's mother.
 Mrs.BowdenMrs. Finch's acquaintance.
 Mr.FinchBeth's father.
 WilliamThackerayA British novelist, author and illustrator.
Twelve Days Until The Royal Wedding November 8, 1947
5  Inside the Clock
 AliceLiddellThe registered name of a patient.
   Seven Years Ago June 1940
6FriedrichSchillerGerman poet, philosopher, historian, and playwright
 MissSenyardOsla's supervisor.
 Mr.BirchMiss Senyard's acquaintance.
 Hinsley One of the workers at Bletchley Park.
 WinstonChurchillBritish statesman served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
7  June 1940
 AdolfHitlerLeader of the Nazi Party.
8CharlotteBronteAn English novelist and poet.
 LewisCarrollAn English writer, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer.
 Arthur ConanDoyleScottish physician and author.
 FannyPriceThe heroine in Jane Austen's 1814 novel.
 JaneAustenAn English novelist.
9Dillwyn AlfredKnoxBeth's boss.
 Jane Osla's co-worker.
 AndrewKemptonMab's acquaintance.
 Henry Omar D.ZarbBeth's acquaintance. aka: Harry.
10Mr.BradshawA paymaster commander.
 MargaretRockBeth's supervisor. aka: Peggy.
12  September 1940
 AlanTuringMr. Zarb's acquaintance.
 Jean Beth's co-worker.
 Olive Dilly Knox's wife.
13  September 1940
 BingCrosbyAmerican singer, actor and comedian.
ThomasChalmersScottish minister, professor of theology, political economist.
 Sheila JeanMcGeeHarry Zarb's wife.
 Christopher Harry Zarb's son.
   Six Years Ago March 1941
15DaisyBuchananThe author of Insatiable.
 KenJohnsonA swing band leader and dancer. aka: Snakehips.
 Charlie A young naval officer.
16  From Bletchley Bletherings, March 1941
 Harold An officer working at BP.
 WrenStevensMab's co-worker.
 AgnusDeiThe name of the machine. aka: Aggie.
 WilfredOwenEnglish poet and soldier.
17  From Bletchley Bletherings, March 1941
 HughAlexanderAn Irish-born British cryptanalyst.
 AndrewCunninghamA British Admiral of the Fleet.
 PhyllidaKentOne of BP's workers.
   Six Years Ago April 1941
19  From Bletchley Bletherings, April 1941
 BenitoMussoliniFormer Prime Minister of Italy.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
 BramStokerIrish novelist and short story writer.
20JohnCornwellOsla's Good Samaritan. Aka: J.P.E.C.
 VeronicaLakeAmerican film, stage, and television actress.
21  From Bletchley Bletherings, May 1941
 PrincessMargaretCountess of Snowdon.
 Boots Beth's dog.
 Johann S.BachGerman composer and musician of the Baroque era.
   Eleven Days Until The Royal Wedding November 9, 1947
22  York
 Edward Mab's son. aka: Eddie.
   Six Years Ago May 1941
24  From Bletchley Bletherings, May 1941
 GeoffreyIrvingMab's acquaintance.
25  From Bletchley Bletherings, June 1941
 NormanHartnellThe leading British fashion designer, for ladies of the royal family.
 EdwardMolyneuxParis-based British fashion designer.
26Alice of Battenberg Mother of Prince Philip and mother-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II.
27  From Bletchley Bletherings, September 1941
 BernardMontgomeryBritish Army officer, Commander of Allied forces.
28  From Bletchley Bletherings, October 1941
 Franklin D.Roosevelt32nd president of the United States from 1933 until 1945.
   Ten Days Until The Royal Wedding November 10, 1947
30  Inside the Clock
 PrincessAlexandraThe Queen's cousin and a working member of the Royal Family.
 Caroline M.Douglas-ScottDaughter of the 8th Duke of Buccleuch and Mary Lascelles.
 VladimirLeninFounder of the Soviet Union.
   Five Years Ago February 1942
31  From Bletchley Bletherings, February 1942
 CommanderTravisThe madhouse new warden.
 Angus FrankWilsonAn English novelist and short story writer.
 Lilibet Philip's cousin.
 Queen Victoria Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
32  From Bletchley Bletherings, February 1942
 PeterTwinnBeth's new boss.
33  From Bletchley Bletherings, February 1942
 CharlotteBrontëAn English novelist and poet.
34  From Bletchley Bletherings, March 1942
 David MilfordHavenPhilip's friend.
35  From Bletchley Bletherings, April 1942
 KarlDönitzGerman admiral during the Nazi era who succeeded Adolf Hitler.
36Jimmy Stevens's fiancé.
 JohnDonneEnglish poet, scholar, soldier.
 Kit One of Francis Gray's friends.
 Arthur One of Francis Gray's friends.
 Georges One of Francis Gray's friends.
 Napoleon French general and emperor.
37  From Bletchley Bletherings, May 1942
 OscarWildeIrish poet and playwright.
 Jack Sheila's lover.
38  From Bletchley Bletherings, June 1942
 Pinstripes Travis' acquaintance.
   Ten Days Until The Royal Wedding November 10, 1947
   Five Years Ago June 1942
40  From Bletchley Bletherings, June 1942
 WrenBishopA girl who was seeing an American officer.
41  From Bletchley Bletherings, June 1942
 Maurice Harry's cousin.
 Mr.ScopelliHarry's acquaintance.
49JoanClarkeEnglish cryptanalyst and numismatist.
 RolfNoskwithA cryptographer at the Bletchley Park British military base.
52A.E.HousmanBritish classical scholar and poet.
53  From Bletchley Bletherings, November 1943
 IanGrahamA journalist.
 Dame MyraHessBritish pianist.
54W.BreisbachOsla's acquaintance.
57  From Bletchley Bletherings, March 1944
 George Philip's cousin. The King of Greece.
 Marina Philip's cousin.
 Albert Prince of Consort. Queen Victoria's husband.
58  From Bletchley Bletherings, April 1944
 RobbieBlaineSheila's acquaintance.
 KeithBateyBritish cryptographer.
 ValerieGlassborowKate Middleton's grandmother. aka: Val.
63Claire Beth's co-worker.
   Nine Days Until The Royal Wedding November 11, 1947
69  Inside the Clock
 Lucy 2 Mab's daughter.
 MikeSharpeMab's second husband.
70Dr.SetonBeth's physician.
71IngridBergmanSwedish actress.
73Mrs.RileyOne of Beth's married sisters.
 Mrs.ChadwickOne of Beth's married sisters.
74Rowe A matron in the asylum.
   Five Days Until The Royal Wedding November 15, 1947
80Cohen Harry's friend.
81Asa A BP worker.
84L. FrankBaumAmerican children's writer, editor, journalist, screenwriter.
85  Secret: Intended Recipient Eyes Only 21 December 1947
 IsaacNewtonEnglish mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian.
 HerculePoirotA fictional Belgian detective by Agatha Christie.
Epi  Duchess of Cambridge Reopens Bletchley Park June 2014
 KateMiddletonDuchess Of Cambridge.
 AlexanderMcQueenBritish fashion designer and couturier.
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